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I have nothing to sell, copy and publish any page freely.
Mistakes... grammar, spelling, words left out. Of course I make lots of mistakes. Some times I find them and correct them. If you have read any of my pages you know you can understand the points / information I am making.
When my adversaries can not argue with the facts I present, their only recourse is personal attacks like junior high kids use.
#1 i.e.
Genesis 41:45 Pharaoh called Joseph and and gave him to wife Asanath the daughter of the priest of On...
#2 Conclusion:
The mother of the two sons of Joseph was an Egyptian girl.
If anyone is interested in the information / point then my grammar / spelling mistakes mean nothing.
If you copy any page and find mistakes, fix them because when the cons can not argue with the point / facts presented, they will use personal attacks to take the eyes of the readers from the information of the topic and turn it to a personal attack on the person(s) presenting it.
If you read any debates by any persons on any topic
(a) Look at the point the author is trying to make (
The mother of the two sons of Joseph was an Egyptian girl )
(b) Look at the opposing input .. "He is ignorant, he used and twice and didn't even spell Asenath correctly)
If it is facts / truth / evidence you seek, simply ask yourself if the information presented by the original author is true or false and if the counter arguments disprove the point made by the original author.

* He used and twice and misspelled Asenath
does that prove the mother of the sons of Joseph were not an Egyptian...
does this counter argument only prove the challenger has NO arguments that discount the point made by the original author
... the challenger has NOTHING but junior high mud slinging tactics ... and the original author has the facts?
As for my grammar and spelling, someone must be able to understand what I say because I have over 70,000 pages read every year.
If you publish any of the pages, correct any mistakes you find so the adversaries can not use their snot nose junior high mud slinging tactics.
Our American media has their noses up the cracks of our party mob bosses. Most Americans (with out satellite TV) don't have a clue of what is going on. Only by seeing such events broadcast on European TV stations (not Arab stations), would Americans have a clue to the filth of our bribed politicians.
Arab radio / TV stations may be a good source to find contacts. Of course many of the Arabs in that media will not have the basis to understand all the points I make from the bible, but they do know that the European cult of invaders are justifying their robbery and murder of Arabs based on a holy war.
If you find links / contacts to the Arab media, your e-mail to them should be:
Those who call themselves Jews get billions of dollars and mass murder weapons through the bribery of the party mob bosses in the American government. The party bosses get millions of dollars from Christians and they get their votes.
Christians support the "Jews" because they think they are connected with the bible Israelites.
I believe the way to stop the unholy wars against Arabs is to debunk the farce.
You probably do not have the back ground to understand the information on this web page, but if you have contacts or associates who are scholars of the bible, please pass them this link for their research.

If you have a CD burner, feel free to copy the whole web site to CD. Now a CD is less than a buck. You can send the CD to anyone you wish.

When you are in any live chat form, of course you can give the links to friends and both of you can visit the pages and discuss the assertions.. and look up the verses in the bible for yourselves.

If you are in any discussion groups, you can publish the links in those groups.

Before you sign a guest book, do not give your regular e-mail address or your in box will be trashed with junk mail and who knows what. Use an alternate e-mail address or do not give any.
When you are in a guest book, you can paste the links to this site there.

This takes a little time to figure out, but you can save any web page to your hard drive and publish by e-mail u0010.htm

If you know anyone who can translate into other foreign language, feel free to publish and create web pages so people of every language can read these pages.

When you visit other web sites with similar interest, you might be able to find an e-mail address of the site author and send them the links.
On some web sites they have a place to submit your links.

Of course you can copy any page or take any parts you wish and add them to your own web site. If you want to know how to get free web space and create a site, ask me in the uncensored group.
If you want to challenge me
If you want anything explained
If you want to contribute anything
I suggest you
use the no mail option when you sign up to the group. This will allow you to send any input you have to the group with out getting your in box filled with mail from the group.
When you send mail to the group, it goes to the in boxes to those who chooses that option and it goes to the archives.
If you chose the no-mail option, then you send your input by e-mail and read what you (and others) write by reading it from the archives index.

If you have a web site, a publication or a discussion group that exposes false Jews, FREELY post it to this group.
How to Join

ARAB GUYS WITH SOME EXTRA CHANGE... How about a trust fund?

Some of you guys have more change in your pockets than I have saved all my life. I do not want a nickel of your cash, but here is something you could do.
I am an old man, pretty healthy as far as I know. I will be hanging out for a while, but when I finally bite the dust, my paid site will vanish.
These pages allow people to copy pages with out ads and gives the web providers a reason to keep the web site on their hard drives.
If some Arab buddies would like to go together you could find a lawyer who knows how to set up a trust fund. The trust fund would need only generate less than $10.00 a month now, but it should be created with future inflation in consideration.
The trust fund would have to specify no part of it could be used for any purpose than the payment to the web site provider.
This "Jewish" farce began centuries before I was ever born and I will not be able to educate the world in the time I have left on earth.
The trust fund would have to be locked in so no one could get their fingers in the cookie jar in future years.
I will have NO part in any dealings with money. What I write is because I think the Arab people are getting the shaft by people ignorant of their own scriptures. I will have nothing that would involve me in any possible money grubbing.
If such a trust fund could be set up by some guys who have some extra change and protected against grubby fingers, this is one contribution you could make to keep the bunny running after I am no longer to put a nickel in the meter.


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