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If you are an Arab living in the middle east and have a digital camera.


In a pyramid between Egypt and Israel archeologists Pumpkin Pigpen found maps of the middle east and ancient Polaroid pictures of the Israelites. What is really amazing is there will probably be people who read this page and tell their friends about the Polaroid pictures of the Israelites which were found.
I (my self a European Anglo Saxon of some mix) have giggled for years about all the Hollywood movies which use "white" actors to play Orientals, natives of the middle east, natives of America.

I guess I first giggled as a kid when I watched a weekly jungle show made inside of a studio... "White guys" with skin tint playing African natives.
Here I will take people's names from the bible and find people from those middle east nations to use as a representative of those in the scriptures.
Copy any pictures freely.

I also bought a map program to create maps of the bible. You do not need 500 maps to represent those places of the bible, you only need middle east country maps with the longitude and latitude grids... then create an alphabetical list of places with the grids on them. (More about maps later).
Most people still use dial connection and it is a pain to wait for pictures to load. Copy these maps to your hard drive. You should create a folder or directory and store all your maps in one place.

If you live in the middle east and have a digital camera, here is a project you can help me with. Instead of all the fair skin Germans, Russians and Pollocks calling themselves "Jews", I am looking for brown to black face natives of the middle east for my photo album.
If you have some dark (non-European) Arab friends who will volunteer to be your model, I will add them to the web page album.
I will pick out the major players of the bible and assign their photo name. I.E. ellijah.jpg

They should be dressed in traditional middle east clothing and it should be a head and shoulder shot.
The picture should be a .jpg and 400 to 620 kb. Resolution 75.dpi
I get most of my pictures from TV and usually have to work on them because they are such low quality.
joshua. this guy got to be my Joshua. The TV shot had him as he blinked and I had to give him a new set of eyes.

All the eyes of models must be brown. (the original natives of the middle east before the influx of Europeans).
I don't know if or how many contributors will come. I don't want hundreds of megs to come to my in box, so take your shots, put them on your own web page, then send me a link.
Send a post to and after you are subscribed send a post to with the link to your picture.
In your post tell me to put you in NO e-mail, so I can change your options so you do not receive mail from the group.

Those I publish to the web site will be given a symbolic name of the bible.
jezebel.jpg is a girl from Lebanon.. the actual jezebel was from Lebanon.
The pictures will be public domain so others creating web sites can use actual pictures of native people of the middle east to represent people of the bible.
If you want to contact me send a post to

I have started my album here

Paul Newman playing the part of a native of the middle east? Playing the part of a native American? John Wayne playing the part of a China man? Give me a break.