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I say only Arabs lived in the middle east for about 8000 years before the flood and for centuries after the flood (by adding the life spans of those listed in geologies). The first Israelite did not exist until after Israel produced his first son.

The Israelites were not a different people than the rest of the Arabs but indeed they were a composite of Chaldeans, Syrians, Hittites, Havites, Canaanites, Moabites, Midianites, Philistines, Jebusites, Egyptians. The Israelites were nothing but a composite of the Arab tribes / nations they all came from. The never ceased to marry all the Arabs around them to produce their children. Israelites lived in the Arab nations through out the old testament (where their sons and daughters married their Arab host). The Israelites sent a multitude of their children to live in Arab nations (where they produced their children with those Arabs). The Israelites were scattered into named Arab nations at the end of the old testament and by prophecy the multitude of all Israelite descendants will be gathered out of those named Arab nations.

When you dare to present your case in any controversial form, those who can not respond to your proofs can only attack you instead of keeping to the issues. Below is just some stuff about me. If you will study the bible issues and assertions I make, forget about me and go to the index now The identity of the bible Israelites

I am neither an Arab nor a Muslim. I am an Anglo Saxon, American. I make you case that every Israelite in the bible was an Arab. This enrages many who have found ways to get my sites yanked, bomb my e-mail box, issue threats and the whole bag of tricks.

I had a profile on Yahoo, but it seems the sneaks in those who call themselves Jews, know how to destroy your e-mail address and web sites on Geo Cities.

When you establish a web page on Geo Cities, it has the very same name as your e-mail address. In the last 3 years, they have been able to get 5 of my web sites yanked in order to keep the public from reading my assertions and looking up the info in their own bible.
Using one word (no spaces) ArabIsraeelites, if you go to Google and search for this key word, you will find some of those links no longer work. These are web sites the cult organization have been able to get yanked.

You see by looking at any of my pages I write nothing illegal. I make no threats. My arguments are created on assertions, teachings that come out of the mouth of these pretend Jews, anthropology, archeology, forensic science and the scriptures. Every web provider who has yanked my pages has thousands of web sites full of filth, name calling and hate filled mud slinging, but they will not remove those sites?
By bribery, threats of deceitful tricks this cult is able to control the web providers. In the last site a homosexual group of "Jews" found a way of getting into my e-mail, then they began to send endless junk mail, threats and filth from my e-mail account. BEFORE Yahoo gave me any warning, I reported this problem and one Yahoo said he would record this complaint. Yahoo did nothing and the cult continued to send trash from my e-mail account.... then Yahoo had the gull to yank my web site on the excuse that I was spamming or sending trash e-mail. No matter how many times I asked they would not give me the specifics.

I have the array of sneak tricks this cult has used to shut me up. At first it enraged me, then I thought IF they must go through all this trouble to shut me up ( I make no threats, I write nothing illegal) I must indeed have the facts they know will destroy their false cult. If what I said were a lot of lies, there would be no reason for them to destroy my web sites. They would welcome them so they could expose the lies.
I do not want to destroy their web sites. I want them to exist so I can give people their links and tell them to read what they say and what my counter arguments are.
i.e. They say you are a Jew if your mother is a Jew. None of the original Israelites married Jews. They married Egyptians, Canaanites, non Jews, so none of the Israelites could have been Jews.
i.e. They say Isaac was a Jew, so if a Jew is one who's father is a Jew, then the Edomites were also Jews because Esau had the same father and Mother as Isaac.
I have no desire to ever destroy any of their web pages. Every thing I argue is based on counter arguments of what they say.
If my web pages consisted of assertions they could prove false, they would not need have them censored. They would leave them there to laugh at and expose my assertions as lies.
The ONLY reason why they must use their attempted censorship to shut me up is because I present the arguments and scriptures they can not, they will not respond to.
I am neither a Muslim nor an Arab. I am an Anglo Saxon born in the U.S.A. Me from a pup to an old man


Guys bottom left were Egyptian friends.

I do not make my case from the Koran / Quran. Every thing I write about the Israelites comes from your bible.
You say, Oh you can't believe what you read what you read on a web page?
What I write is neither true nor false because it is on a web page. The scriptures I use are copied and pasted out of the bible. If something is false because it is on a web page, then the bible is a lie because the bible is on thousands of web pages.
a) GENESIS 41:45 And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnathpaaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.
b) The tribe of Joseph came out of the womb of the Egyptian Asenath. Joseph and his siblings were the first Israelites on earth. He was 30 years old when married and when the 7 years of plenty started. His brothers did not come to Egypt until the famine.
Asenath was no Israelite, she was the Egyptian daughter of the Egyptian priest of On. Joseph was the first and only Israelite ever to live in Egypt.

My web pages consist of these kinds of arguments. I give the scriptures pasted from your bible and my assertions. What I write is not true or false because it is on a web page. It is false if I concocted it. It is false if the bible proves it false. It is true if the bible verifies it.
Why must this European cult of false Jews use their sneak tricks to destroy my web pages, simple because they know they have no counter arguments. They know what I write is backed up by scriptures. They know that those who read my pages, check the scriptures and decide for their own selves will know the truth.

This is my Camel and me at the pyramid job many years ago.


First I was enraged when they used their sneak tricks to censor my web pages, then I was delighted, knowing I have the truth they will know will destroy their lies.
It takes them weeks or months to yank a page usually. In the last 3 years I have learned the ropes. While it takes them weeks to yank a web site, I can publish a new web site every hour.
I have written a little program that will change all the variables in the links, e-mail addresses or even new names for a web page.
For those who will think for themselves, it is quite all right to call me a liar, say I am full of ... , but then after you spit wad, take these verses and assertions and prove me to be a liar, or face the facts.
Blanket rebuttals are easy, they cover every argument the other guy makes and do not respond to one single argument.
My pages are not for the name callers.
My pages are not for the brainwashed.
My pages are not for those who say the things I write are true because it fits their fancy
My pages are for those who read my assertions and examine them for holes.

Feel free to copy any web page you want. In time the junior Nazis will get each site yanked. Do your search on Google and look for the key word (no spaces) Arabisraelites. Fix up the grammar or spelling and publish any of my pages on your own sites.

The identity of the bible Israelites Begin here

My current e-mail address till they bomb this one