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If you intend to discuss issues in a group or if you are going to sign a guest book, first get an alternate (free) e-mail account on the internet. If you post in a public form and get a response you do not like, what do you expect goofy.
Using an alternate e-mail box will keep your normal account from getting cluttered and you can check the account from a web page.
This will also keep all the idiots from filling your mail box with trash they are trying to sell.

 You can get hundreds of free e-mail accounts here

When you have a controversial web site, there will be many mud slingers and endless filthy language. Feel free to show your intelligence here. I will delete most of it before anyone can read at it and you will make me chuckle .

Remember if you put your e-mail in a form, get ready to receive more junk mail. If you want a response, get an alternate e-mail first and use that box.

IF you wanna be ornery you can put a fake e-mail address in the form i.e.  or you don't have to put in any e-mail address. If you want to get any feed back from people use the alternate e-mail trick.

If you want to put a reference to your own web page there, put it in the correct box so it will become a hyper link.

You can also use the guest book to report any broken links or pictures that do not load (give the page address). If you find anyone has added a hyperlink to a nasty web page or they try to sell something in this guest book. Let me know and I will throw it in the trash bin.

If you want to take me on in an open form you can join our uncensored group by sending a post to