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In 2 Samuel it gives the number of males of fighting age (20 and over) that existed in Israel at that time. Plug in your own variables
20 / average age expectancy ______ = (a) ______ The % of the male population these fighting men made up.
(b) After figuring the % the fighting men made up, it is easy to calculate the total males.
(c) Multiply the total males by 2 and then you will get the approximate population.. male and female.

Looking at the number of Israelites who went into Egypt and the number that came out 430 years later, there were about a million and a half. Using 1/10th of this birth rate for the next 400 years... by the time of David there would have been millions of Israelites in Israel... but if you look there were over 12 million Israelites missing.. living in the other Arab nations.
I do not expect you to take my numbers. If you are an egg head and like to play with numbers, do your own.
I have also found a web site called Mr. Math. They seem to be educated oriented? Any way they have all kind of info on any math topic, population growth included.
I indeed could be a trickster or just make mistakes. I will let you have the scriptures with the numbers... and then you use those numbers and publish your findings (show your work) to the group.
By the numbers given in 2 Samuel, the great majority of Israelites were living outside of Israel in the other Arab nations at the time of David.
By the end of 2 Kings, God had scattered the great multitude of Israel and Judah in these middle east nations.
The last information we have on Judah and Israel at the end of 2 Kings is only a remnant was left in Israel.
The king of Babylon had made (an Israelite) Gedaliah governor over the remnant.
Gedaliah.. gathered the remains of the people and said.. can't we just all get along. Serve the Babylonians and it will be cool.
Ishmael an Israelite (one of 5 Israelites named Ishmael) and his buddies had a small disagreement and then they murdered some Babylonians, they murdered Gedaliah and they murdered the "Jews" who were on the band wagon with Gedaliah (2 Kings 25:25)
They then said... Oooops we are in big trouble now and all the people, both small and great, and the captains of the armies, arose, and came to Egypt: for they were afraid of the Chaldees
Almost all of Judah and Israel were either in captivity in other Arab nations or they fled to Egypt around 700 B.C. Except for a trivial fraction, almost NO Israelites lived in Israel when the Romans invaded. The word ! DESOLATE ! is used to identify the places in Israel where the Israelites lived before they were scattered into the middle east nations.
The number of Jews or Israel which returned to Israel were not a drop in the bucket of the total Israelite population living in the other middle east nations.

Both Israel and Judah were living in the other Arab nations centuries before any invasion of Europeans and were assimilated where they lost track of their heritage.
Those you call Sephardim or Ashkenazim Jews did not appear in Europe until centuries A.D.

In the time line of history when the Israelites were traveling from Egypt to Israel, people through out the rest of the world existed and have their own history.
While the Israelites were in wilderness, great populations of people lived in Spain... NO connection to the Israelites.


Khazars N Sephardic JEWS

As the Roman Empire spread, captives from Europe and the middle east were brought into Rome as slaves.

Here is where the Spaniards and Khazars first encountered followers of Judaism and Christianity. The middle east religions never existed until about 300 AD when  Constine came to town and made Christianity the official Roman religion. This opened the door for Judaism and endless variations of Christianity.

The Romans also captured Germans. In the accounts of Spartacus's revolt we read of the Germans who fought with Spartacus.

Before any people of central or northern Europe encountered the Christians and Jews, the Spaniards and Khazars were captured first.

All the first Christians were Arabs (see the churches listed and their locations in the Arab nations.)

All the Israelites were nothing more than a composite of Arabs ( as I have given scripture after scripture to track their family lines)

When the Khazars and Spaniards encountered Christians and Jews, many of them adopted their religion. ( that did not make them natives of the middle east.)

We know some descendants of the Israelites became Christians, but those Israelites were nothing more than a composite of Arabs.

The original Jews, Christians and Muslims were all native people of the middle east. After the Europeans adopted their religion, they were still just Europeans who followed the religions of the middle east.

In the first centuries after Christ I don't figure most Spaniards and Khazars claimed to be descendants of the Israelites. The Jews knew they were Europeans who followed the religions of the native people of the middle east.


Some where along the line, some subtle religious leader figured out how to cash in on racism. When people think they are special, better than every one else, it creates a bond.

The white supremacist movements began centuries before groups like the Nazis. I figure the cult of pretend Jews were the first racist group in Europe.

The Khazars and Spaniards first encountered middle east Jews and Christians when the Romans brought them together. They took on their religions and in turn those religions spread through out Europe.

Some of the Khazars and Spaniards would have migrated as far as Russia, but the religions spread to Europeans who never even encountered an Arab Christian or an Arab Muslim or an Arab Israelite.

All original Muslims, Christians and Israelites were a combination of native Arabs from the middle east, but being a Jew, Christian or Muslim does not make anyone a descendant of the people of the middle east.

Claiming to be a descendant of someone you have no possible evidence of, does make you a blatant liar.


After some one finds information from some one making money by selling books that there were people in Europeans calling them selves, Jews, the only thing they have is hearsay from dead men who could not prove their own heritage ... dead men who could have simply have been European converts ... dead men they have no tangible link to the Israelites. Any dead men's records of Jews being in Europe is as worthless as tits on a bore except to prove there were people in Europe calling themselves Jews (no different than those calling themselves Christians, it proved nothing about their heredity).

Of course in the bible prophecy of God's return to live on a mountain in the middle east, --> IN THAT DAY <--- when God gathers the Israelites back to Israel, the only actual places listed where the Israelites will be gathered out of are the Arab nations and not Europe.

Sephardic & Khazars IN THE COLISEUM

Spaniard: I saw some bull fights back home and so I bribed a Roman for his armor and sword.

Khazar: You see that dumb dead Christian's skull? Hee hee, I bribed a Roman for a Lion suit. That goofy lion will think I am lady a lion (hope he doesn't get horny).

Hey I just got another great idea, when I get back to Khazarville, we-uns can also make people think we are descendants of the Israelites.


The "Jews" of Rome and Spain were scattered into Europe? NO, not the descendants of the Israelites but those Europeans who adopted the Religion of the middle east. Religions spread through out the world. Khazars, Romans ... those who called themselves Jews were no more the descendants of the natives of the middle east than Christians are because they follow a middle east religion. When you read about "Jews" in Europe, know you are reading about European converts. The Sephardic & Khazars "Jews" of 1500 years could have nothing tying them to the Israelites and no one today can prove their connection to the Sephardic & Khazars of 1500 years ago. Following a religion does not make you a descendant of anyone. The real joke is they don't even follow that religion. 

We never cease to hear about all the "evidence" by Dr. Me Smart or professor know it all. When we see the big ol fancy titles in front of the author's name, gee whizy, we know it is some kind of factual book ?

Duh, First of all Mr. Know It All was not on earth when those authors wrote what ever, 1500 years, so it would not matter if they had an IQ of 1000 and graduated from 100 universities. 

*  Mr. Know It All has put together nothing but the hearsay of dead man who can not be cross examined.

*  Next Mr. Know It All would have to find the names of the dead men who wrote what ever, and then Mr. Know It All would then have to provide factual evidence of the dead author and every one of his ancestors for 700 years to verify that family was the descendants of the Israelites.

* In the next step, everyone calling themselves Jews (who use what some dead author wrote 1500 years ago) would then have to be able to trace their own family heritage in EVERY GENERATION BACK 1500 YEARS in order to prove they are descendants of any of those dead authors.

*  If you trace your heritage through grandfathers, then how would you be able to prove they were your grandfathers, because married women have committed adultery since the beginning of time. If you could trace your heritage 50 generations, then you would have to come up with the dna of all those ancestors to prove not one of those 50 grandmothers produced their children out of whoredom. Tracing one's family tree is like a chain, if any one of those links is broken, the baby and bath water goes out of the window ( as far as proving who your grandfathers were).

*  Oh yeah and if you can trace your heritage back a few hundred years to an ancestor calling themselves a Jew, did they become "Jews" by conversion in which case none of those ancestors were ever descendants of the Israelites in the first place.

When anyone asserts they can trace their ancestors for 2700 years, their first excuse could only be total ignorance of family trees. If they took time to understand what would be involved and they still asset they are descendants of the Israelites, it could only be because they are conditioned beyond common sense before they can reason. 


Every Israelite came from black/brown face natives of the middle east and yet you can not tell those who call themselves "Jews" from any other Europeans in a line up.
There is NO record of any boom in population in Spain or Portugal.
There is NO record of any mass migration from the middle east into Europe.

There were more Catholics in Europe than the entire population of all nations that lived in Israel. Catholics got their religion from people of the middle east.. Christians got their religion from the people of the middle east... does this mean they are descendants of the native people of the middle east.. NO, it only means they adopted a middle east religion.
There were far more Catholics in Spain than "Jews" and the "Jews" are no more connected by heredity to people of the middle east than the Catholics.

Following a religion had nothing to do with your heredity.
Following "Judaism" no more makes one a descendant of an Israelite than following "Buddhism" makes some one a China man.
Follow different religious that have spread through out the world. They are like VD. They start out in one area of the world and spread to people of all races and nationality.
There was never a mass migration from the middle east to Spain.
There was never a mass population growth in Spain.
No such thing as anyone calling themselves "Jews" existed in Europe until centuries after the Israelites were scattered into the Arab nations.

No people in Spain (or Europe) ever called themselves Jews or Christians until AFTER the Romans brought people from different cultures of the middle east together in Rome where they "converted" or adopted their beliefs and took to their home lands and introduced them.
The Romans took Arabs and Negroes as far north as England and France. The descendants of those people still exist and their faces did not all turn white like Europeans.
Gypsies migrated into Europe from Iran and India before Christ where they have lived there for centuries and they did not all turn white like Europeans.
Gypsies, Arabs and Negroes have lived in Europe for centuries and have retained a great population of brown/black faces...
But the population of European "Jews" all look just like the rest of the Europeans, you can not pick them out of a line up from any other Nazi or European.
Being a "Jew" makes you a descendant of the Israelites  is like being a Christian makes you a descendant of Peter or Paul.
Those who call themselves Sephardim or Ashkenazim Jews are nothing more, then descendants of Europeans who adopted a mutation of the religion given to the Israelites. Not even the actual descendants of the Israelites have followed the laws of Moses for over 2,300 years.


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