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I began by scanning a map of Rome. Of course empire maps do not have boundaries of modern day nations so it is hard to be sure to know exactly what modern day nations were part of that kingdom
Next I took a modern day map and visually sketched the same boundaries of the Roman Empire on it. By my guess it appears all or part of these modern day nations were in the Roman empire.

Israel is not much more than a speck in the Roman Empire (about 1/50th - guess). I used bright yellow to give the location of Israel.
By the given number of Israelites in the military (males over 19) it is easy to project the total population to be about 15 million Israelites in the life time of David. Of course my figures are a wild guess.
I can give you a site that deals with math and is versed in ever field including population expansion.
You need not use my figures, I will give you the scriptures and you are welcome to post your own projection here.. showing your figures.

Before the Romans invaded I would guess there were about 18 million Israelite descendants in the middle east, and before the Europeans invaded... after 2 Kings it gives the specific nations the Israelites were scattered into and they were ALL middle east nations.

There was NOTHING SPECIAL about Israel. The Romans were not picking on the Israelites, they were only a trivial part of Europe and the middle east the Romans took to make them tributaries.
The Romans were not in the business of moving entire populations from one country to another.
The goal of an empire is to go into an area, take over the government, put locals in power who would be puppets and keep the people there producing the wealth they could take.

The ONLY people removed from a country were men they could put in their military, young girls or boys they wanted to keep for their beds or those with special building skills.
The Romans (all empires) had capitals, forts, houses in every province of their empire. Those taken for their military, special skills or sex would have ended up through out the whole empire.. any where they were needed.
Before the Romans came almost all Israelites were scattered out of Israel. When they returned less than 1/50th of them ever returned, then they were scattered back into those middle east nations again.
On the History channel they had a segment about Spartacus and his gang. In that rebellion one of the groups of gladiators with him was Germans... and of course the empire extended as far north as Britain.

Do you suppose the Romans took the Germans to Egypt, took the Brits to Greece, took the Libyans to Spain, took the Turks to Greece or the Syrians to Britain? That is how idiotic the assertion "The Romans took the Israelites to Spain is.
By the time the Romans entered Israel the great multitude of them had already been scattered into the identified Arab nations and had been assimilated there for centuries.
In one History Channel segment, the Romans set up their gods in the temple of Israel and a 'Jew' traveled to Rome to complain. He did not travel from Israel but from his home land in Egypt.

Only those with special skills, soldiers or sex partners were taken out of any of these nations and they were taken to every province of that empire they had use for them. i.e.
If a Roman officer found a cute young Israelite, Syrian, Chaldean and his post was in Gull (France) or Morocco, that is where that young boy would have been taken.
If the Romans had a conflict in Egypt, they would take the Israelites, Syrians of Jordanians to that part of their empire to fight or to build structures.

Israel (the little yellow highlighted area) was a small fraction of the people the Romans were controlling.

Imagine the Romans moving millions of people from the nations of their empire to another nation in some kind of musical chairs is idiotic.
Those who control empires do not want to flood their home land with millions who hate them. They want to keep them in their own lands, producing wealth for tribute, which will end up on their home turf.

Any skilled Israelite worker or soldier was not taken to any of these provinces with their family. The best chance they had with sex was by poking other men where ever they were or the women of the province they were taken into. (If they bred other women in any of the provinces they were in, of course all the children of all those provinces would have been descendants of Jacob... Israelites.

Any Israelite woman taken by the Romans was not practicing Judaism, she was hanging out with her master worshipping his gods, bearing the Roman's children... (which would be descendants of Jacob and grow up worshipping the gods of his father)

The young boys taken by the Romans were not producing any children. The Romans shaved their legs, greased them up and bent them over. Some of the young boys were castrated to keep their squeaky voices and keep them from growing hair.


The very idea that the Romans were picking on the Israelites or they were any thing special is quite laughable. The Israelites were just meat (like every other people they controlled) to be used to serve the Romans and nothing else... and those taken ended up in EVERY province they were needed ... while the multitude remained in their home lands.. which most all Israelites were living through out the middle east nations by the time the Romans came.

The Israelites were already scattered and assimilated through the middle east 300 years before the Romans ever came to Israel.


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