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Bombs for Palestinians

Top left is a United States senator who took part in a commercial to bilk Christians out of their money to give to "Jews" to come to the middle east and displace Palestinians. At one time this commercial ran a couple times a day and it has been on "Christian" channels for about 2 years.

The guy in a top right is a "rabbi" working with these big time TV preachers to bilk ignorant Christians our of their money (telling them they will be rewarded by God).

They have brought over a million Europeans to invade Palestinians in the last 10 years, and they never stop. If you have "Christian" TV in your area look for a program called "On Wings of Eagles". You can also find their web site.

The 6 "preachers" above are on the money grubbing commercials. I left the phone number on the picture so you can verify my assertions. Call them and ask them how many Arab "Jews" are allowed in and what % of these "Jews" are Europeans.

They are infesting Palestine with tens of thousands of these European descendants, because they know the Palestinians are having lots of kids. Having big families will take away their money, so they are importing a multitude of Europeans to displace the Palestinians.

Sharon is nothing but a Russian invader himself. In a public speech he said Israel must have 3 things to survive, IMMIGRANTS, IMMIGRANTS, IMMIGRANTS


If you are an Arab, Christian, Muslim or any decent person on earth, let's work together to supply the Palestinians with the bombs to fight back !

Watch the videos when the news comes on about the Palestinians to see American Tanks, American M16s, American bombs, American Shells, American Jets and American helicopters used to murder the native people in their own home land. Here is how it works, the European invaders give our party mob bosses 10 mill in political bribes and in return, they give them 3 billion dollars of the American tax payers. In return for the bribes to our party mob bosses they get massive murder weapons to invade and murder the native people in their own homes.

Catholics have been encouraged for centuries to have many children to increase their numbers. The Germans were encouraged to have as many children as possible. Tribes and nations through out history have increased their numbers by intent to give them power over their enemy.

Remember the event of the big power outage ... "The night the lights went out" and the giant increase in population 9 months later? Just think if this planned parenthood could be organized?

Let's supply the Palestinians with the bombs to fight back.

*  For ever plane that lands, schedule a time that day when a million young Palestinians take their wives to bed.

Let Muslims / Arabs who have money to contribute to the cause of their brothers.

*  Send the Palestinians with supplies of Virgra

*  Help them with birth care of their babies.

*  Instead just compensating for those who are killed, reward them for having more than the average amount of children.


*  For every Palestinian the invaders kill, have a night when young Palestinians try to conceive.

*  Help young Palestinians so they can afford to get married.

Our bomb will be a population explosion so with in 25 years, when a European looks outside their window, they will see 5 Palestinians looking back.

Make sure the Palestinians living in the "Jew" areas are especially productive.

For every Palestinian they murder, for every invader they bring into the home land of the Palestinians, let there be more babies to replace them.

Young boys throw rocks? Well, all you married Palestinian men and women go to bed and fight these bastards with a population explosion that will smother them.

Send this to every mailing group you are on. Freely copy it, translate it and publish it on web pages around the world. Fight the murder weapons of the American party mobs and the European invaders with a baby explosion !!!


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