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How to stop a suicide bomber / terrorist

First I guess we must know what a terrorist is. Terror: Intense fear, Terrorist: an individual or group who terrorizes others.

Unless our mob party bosses have concocted some new word, a terrorist is simply those who cause others to suffer intense fear. This fear can be for one's life, property, way of life or freedom.

The Palestinians had been terrorized by the Turks for hundreds of years. The Turks did not have any rightful ownership of their land. Anyone who invades the native land of another, murders them and robs them or controls them by threats, does not have any right to that land.

 Next the Brits promised the Palestinians / Arabs that they would help them get their home land back if they would help fight against the Turks and Germans.

After the Palestinians help them whip the asses of the Brits / French enemies, the Brits betrayed them and became their next oppressors. The Brits had no more right to hold or control the land of the Palestinians than the invading Turks. 

The Brits were the next set of terrorist to rule the native of Palestine with their murder weapons.


Because a cult of Europeans concocted the bull shit that they were the descendants of the Israelites. Because their bull shitting blabbies told them they were better than every one else and the rest of the people on earth were only put here to lick the "Jew" asses, the lemmings in their congregations became the first nazi ( super race ) in Europe. 

The only problem was they were just a bunch of Europeans like any other, except they had a bunch of smoke blown up their ass and began to believe they were better than all other people on earth.

Their "holy book" Mishna is packed with such teachings as:

Hilkhoth Akum(X,2) --Baptized Jews are to be put to death :
Abhodah Zarah (22a): Christians have intercourse with animals. :
Abhodah Zarah (22a): Do not associate with gentiles, they shed blood. :
Abhodah Zarah (25b)T: Even the best of the Goim [Christians] should be

Hilkoth Akum (V. 12): Quote Scriptures forbid mentioning the Christian God.
Hilkoth Melakhim: Attempt to prove Christians err in worship of Jesus. :
Iore Dea (148, 12H): Jews are to hide their hatred for Christians. :
Talmud Abhodah Zarah II: Christ referred to as the son of Pandira, a Roman soldier, a Prostitute Mother

Alkut Simoni (245c): A Jew shedding the blood of a Christian is offering a
sacrifice to God.

Babha Bathra (54b): Christian property belongs to the first Jew claiming it.
Babha Kama (113a): Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Christian.
These are not the tip of the ice burg and their teachings of hate, murder and robbery applied to all goy... that is anyone who was not part of their cult.

[ If you say this shit is not in their "holy Talmud" I will give you a chance to prove me a liar or expose these bastard racist as liars in the Talmud web page ]

Through out Europe they conspired together to cheat, lie and screw the inferior gentiles / goys out of their property. The males wanted to screw the lowly goy girls and spit on them when they got knocked up.... well this cult made themselves stink through out Europe.

No it was not the nazis, this cult of counterfeit Jews infested Europe hundreds of years before any such thing as a nazi ever existed. They like the nazis claimed they were the super race and like the nazis they did not / do not have a shred of evidence that they are any thing other than just another pot of Europeans.

For centuries their counterfeit Blabies used the bible stories and their concocted Talmud to blow smoke up the asses of their lemmings. The fools actually believed they were the descendants of the Israelites.

( "Israeli , Jew" are words of association to make people identify them as the descendants of the Israelites) The Israelites are God's chosen people and of course all lowly goys on earth exist only to lick the sweat off of their asses.

By the time WW2 started to come around, some of them saw the shit was about to hit the fan and split to Palestine.

The Brits still illegally controlled the Palestinians with their superior terrorist tactics ( superior weapons ) and the European Blights began to seep into the home land of the Palestinians.

After WW2 was over the Brits continued to use their murder weapons to keep the native people in check while the hated cult of Euro Blights infested the home land of the Palestinians... ( it is these invading Europeans our bastard politicians call "Israelis" )

As these new invaders swarmed in illegally, they came in with tons of weapons... British weapons, American weapons, French weapons.

The French kept the rightful owners of their own native home land in check with murder weapons while the hated European cult slithered into their land with the murder weapons of Europe / America.

When they had their masses of illegal invaders in the home land of the Palestinians with the masses of our murder weapons, the Brits pulled out.

Terrorist: an individual or group who terrorizes others.

Now this hated European cult ( who was driven out of over 50 times because the European hated them ) began to use their terrorist means to murder the rightful owners / native people of the land.

From 1946 to the present it has been our American mob party bosses who have furnished this invading cult with murder weapons to murder and rob the native people of the land.

He who harbors or helps a terrorist, is a terrorist... it is our own bribed party bosses who are co-terrorist with the invading cult of Europeans. 

( Over 90% of all the snakes calling themselves Israelis have came from Europe in the last 100 years). This is not a civil war between the descendants of the Israelites and the Palestinians. This is NOTHING other than a fight against the native people of the land against an invading EUROPEAN CULT ! ( i.e. Sharon is a Russian)

It is American bombs, American tanks, American planes, American helicopters and American money which has sponsored the terrorism of this hated cult from Europe.

Imagine our mob party bosses calling Arabs terrorist for helping their brothers defend their rightful home land when it is they who have provided the terrorist murder weapons and murder money 1000 folds !

Our party mob bosses did not help Israel invade, murder and rob the Palestinians because they had some kind of democracy. When they invaded they had no government democracy they had no elections.... and further more America is neither a democracy nor a republic. Our government is a dictatorship in which those who can bribe our politicians are our rulers.

During these "Arab Israeli) wars, I see on the history channel that Americans flew with the "Jews" who flew in our American fighter planes when they were killing Arabs.

For over 1000 years the Palestinians have been invaded and terrorized by murdering invaders. They do not have to live in fear of going to public places. They have to live in terror of being in their own homes while the invading terrorist knock down their homes with American bulldozers, backed by American tanks and American helicopters.

I see our bribed politicians and the puppet media now suggesting some Arab be tortured to get information. I think the same tactics should be used on our own politician crooks like Oliver North of the people at Enron who gave millions to our bribed politicians.

One fat blonde European claiming to be a Jew is the editor of one of their newspapers. He suggested killing, expelling or bulldozing down the houses of someone who blows up the members of the invading cult.... and now our media puppets look like they are pushing the idea.

Oh a little use of terrorism? That is ok may be some of the Palestinians might kidnap the friends and members of this mouth or maybe they would like to get the family members and friends of our own blow heart media puppets  or they might to get the family members and friends of our bribed party mob bosses and keep them alive for a few years to torture them?

Oh, does that enrage you? Here is the way you can tell what you are. When ever something is ok to do to others but it is not ok to do to you or your family, that is because you are a worthless bastard. Let me see, let's start creating a data base of all the names and addresses of all the friends and family members of our politician ass licking media... What do you think ? You mean it is ok for you to spew your intimidation / terrorist tactics but when they do it... they are naughty ?

What is all of these fire fights we are hearing our bull shiters talk about? The Palestinians can not penetrate those American armored cars, the Palestinians can not harm those tanks. The only fire that is going on in Palestinians fleeing so these butchers to not murder them. They are using our American murder weapons to shoot fish in the barrel. They are using those machine guns in those tanks to shoot through the walls of the homes of the Palestinians. It is not cross fire. It is the deliberate murder of helpless people.

When American troops went into combat, photographers were sent with them to record what was going on. When these bastard Europeans are going into the Palestinian's homes now, they are expelling all media to hide what they are doing. Right now they are murdering unarmed men, women and children in Palestine. Our bribed politicians not only know about this mass murder of unharmed Palestinians, it would not surpass me if they were in on the plan.

I see where Bush had his head up the ass of Sharon on a trip before he took office. Do you suppose Bush really thinks he has some kind of bible connection with Sharon? If so ask Sharon if he accepts the "Jewish" teaching that Jesus Christ was the bastard son of a Roman soldier. Ask Sharon if Jesus really hung around all those apostles because he was a queer. Let me get you some of the Talmud quotes, you have your own experts look them up and let's see of your bible buddy Bush and Sharon will reply to these questions on camera.

If you wanna play the bible game, Bushy boy, then you will have to stop taking all that money from the sodomites, you are going to have to implement some laws to kill adulterers.

If you wanna use the bible to murder Palestinians, let's play and see how many people will buy your shit. We will have to get a more righteous politician if we are going to play the bible game.. I know let's get Clinton back and he can get head jobs from Mona when he is not being photographed wearing a Jewish beanie or carrying a bible.

If you wanna play the bible game, get your favorite preachers and let me ask some bible questions in the public eye of the whole nation and by the bible let's see who your preachers say the actual Israelis descendants of the Israelites are.

You are just another scum ball politician using emotional Christians to hold power. It is not God nor Christianity you embrace, it is power and the bribes of the European cult of counterfeit Jews.

Abhodah Zarah (26b)T: Even the best of the Goim [non-Jews] should be killed.
Abhodah Zarah 26b Tosephoth: "A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin,
but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God."

"Jew" Talmud Jesus Christ was a bastard, a homosexual, a liar and his mother Mary was a whore...  This is just a tip out of the "holy book" of this racist cult you are using my tax dollars to provide them to murder the native people of the land.

The next time you are playing Christian in some "church" and the preacher is talking about Jesus.. remember Jesus was the bastard son of a Roman by the doctrine of your buddy "Jews". Remember even the best Christian should be killed, it is a gift acceptable by God.

You have a lot of gull accusing Arab countries of supporting terrorism by furnishing weapons to the Palestinians to defend themselves, when the world can see on national tv, the AMERICAN BOMB FRAGMENTS, AMERICAN SHELLS, AMERICAN TANKS, M16s, APACHE HELICOPTERS AND AMERICAN FIGHTERS / BOMBERS being used to murder the Arab people.

Arabs kill in their attempt to have their own home land, you are an accessory to the murder of the Palestinians for the bribes of the Christian/Christ haters.

Iore Dea (148, 12H): Jews are to hide their hatred for Christians. :
Babha Kama (113a): Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Christian.
But when it is time for this cult to cash in on the tourist money if the idiot Christians, these bastards will smile and show them all the places where "the bastard" Christ walked.

Babha Kama (113b): It is permitted for a Jew to deceive Christians.


It is simple mob party bosses. If you want to stop the Arabs from being suicide bombers, use my tax dollars and give them the same AMERICAN BOMBS, AMERICAN SHELLS, AMERICAN TANKS, M16s, APACHE HELICOPTERS AND AMERICAN FIGHTERS / BOMBERS ... Until you stop supporting the terrorism of the cult Europeans and you stop furnishing these invaders with murder weapons to kill the native people of the land, I guess they will have to use the only means they can figure out.


God bless America, our party mob bosses using our tax dollars to murder the native people of Palestine to make way for a cult of Europeans who make fools out of would be Christians.

Using religion in wars... how terrible.. Oh, our kids can not read a bible is school or they can't have public prayers in school, but our government has government built churches on military bases. We tax payers have to pay for chaplains in out military and I see all of those war films where our military is having all those religious services... Let me see what the message is... It is ok to die serving your country because when you die you get a peace of the pie in the sky. The only different in their promises they get a piece of pie and some nice girls for the topping.

When I was in the 5th grade I remember reading about the idiot suicide bombers of the Japanese and on the history channel I saw some of the WW2 propaganda films calling them all kind of idiot names ... and then at a later time we read the account of Colin Kelley.

Colin Kelley was an American pilot who killed himself by dive bombing his plane into a Jap ship.

When the Japs did that they were suicidal manic, but when Colin Kelly dived bombed his plane into a Jap ship, he was not a suicidal manic, he was a great American who got the congregational medal of honor.

I hear some of those families are getting 20,000 and great honor if one of their kids dies killing their enemy... hmmm There are hundreds ( if not thousands) of American soldiers who went in to blow up their enemy ( knowing they were gonna die). When our own Lemmings "die for their cause", our government gives them honor, but instead of the $20,000 they give them a chunk of metal worth about $5.00


What does this movie have to do with the Palestinians?

This Land is Mine (1943) stars Charles Laughton as a meek schoolteacher who is accused of being a Nazi sympathizer when the German army invades his village. This was Jean Renoir's second American film and is fascinating for its realistic view of Europeans forced to live under the German Occupation of their homelands during World War II.

I saw this move years ago. It has been played in every movie in America and Britain.
The movie was about the resistance of ordinary people in WW2 who fought against the occupiers of their home land

The beautiful young girl was about to be married to a leader in her town and her brother was part of the resistance.
When her future husband told her it is better for resisters to get caught than for people in the town to be executed, she gave back the ring.
The man who thought it would be better to comply, ended up killing himself.

The guy who played the cowardly school teacher ended up having himself killed so he could say his piece and insight other natives of their home land to resist.
This movie was made by Hollywood in the midst of the 2nd world war to boost the moral of the American and British people.
What a great and noble act to resist the occupiers knowing that innocent people would pay with their lives. When we Anglo Saxons use bombs and sneak methods to kill the enemy, that is honorable resistance and when the Palestinians do the same, that is terrorism? What scum ball hypocrites our media, politicians are.
The history channel has had many pieces on about the French resistance. It is quite educational to see how the French "resisters" laughed how they fooled the Nazis. Knowing they would be searched where ever they went, they had their children carry the explosives to the location before they got there.
Here is other info about the movie

When we Anglo Saxons kill those occupying us, that is resistance and such a great movie is worth the Academy Award, when the Palestinians do the very same thing against foreigners who invaded them from Europe, they are Terrorist.

No the Palestinians are not terrorist, they are victims who live in terror of the murder waged on them by the party mob bosses of our government and the hand of the Europeans. Those people who strap a bomb to themselves or plant bombs are the heroic resistors of the 1943 movie, This Land is Mine. The nazis of the Palestinian story are out own bribed party mob bosses. NOTE how the news channels have stopped showing the live action of the mass murder. The murder weapons are supplied by our bribed politicians. They have pimped out the American people and made all of us the accessories to the invasion, robbery and murder of the native people in their own home land.


I saw a picture of that little Arab girl who blew up her self with something in Arabic. I can't read Arabic but I think it said something like "Give me liberty or give me death."

To debunk the whole crock that this European cult is the descendants of the Israelites, this will do it read the series on family trees.