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After the NY attack out party mob bosses say Israel is right because a people must seek out all terrorist. Well terror is to live in fear of life, property and freedom. It is the bribed party mob bosses of the American government who have been accessories in the terrorist acts against the Palestinians, since 1946. Some of their brother Arabs finally thought it was about time they must seek out the terrorist and deal with them when they took their flight to NY.

Our party mob bosses say: Any one who harbors or assists a terrorist is a terrorist, then the party mob bosses of America are terrorist. These bribes bastards have been inflicting terror on the Palestinian people for over 50 years

Our party mob bosses say: There is no justification for terrorist. Then there is no justification for your complicity in the robbery, murder and terrorist acts against the Palestinian people for over 50 years.

Our party mob bosses say there is no reason for Suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians.

None of these invading bastards are innocent, they invaded and robbed the Palestinians by criminal acts. While their children may be innocent now, they are like baby snakes, they will be brainwashed and grow up to hate the babies of the Palestinians. When your bullshit propaganda presses get your heads out of the asses or our party mob bosses, the next time you tell about a poor little "Jew" killed, be sure to show the pictures of ALL the Palestinian babies / children murdered with American murder weapons.

They tell us there was a shipment of weapons that are illegal banned by one of the hoax peace agreements? Like duh, shit Jethro look at all of those American tanks, bombs, helicopters and planes the European invaders have from our mob party bosses.

Our party mob bosses say there is no reason for these suicide bombers, ok you bribed bastards we can stop this in a couple months. Just give the Palestinians the same tanks, helicopters, planes and bombs you have given the European invaders and they can fight with an Army.

Iraq, Iran and Syria inspiring and assisting, inspiring and financing. Hey you bribed bastards, it is you who are adding fuel to the fire. It is the bribed party mob bosses of our government who are supplying the fuel .. the murder weapons used against the Palestinians. The reason the Arab people help their brothers is out of a brotherhood. The reason our bribed party mob bosses give them murder weapons to kill the Palestinians is for the bribes that fill the pockets of your party mobs.

Don't be stupid Arab countries, do not rush in to help the Palestinians in an emotional fit. Begin to create your own mass murder weapon stock piles. For every tank, helicopters, plane and bomb these cult has, make sure you have 50. Make sure you all have the same a-bombs the European invaders have. If it ever comes to a need to wipe them out, make sure the bribed mob bosses of this corrupt government can not get their nose up the asses of the cult money tree.

The only way their weapons can work is if they can use them against you in the dessert. Unlike Viet Nam inferior weapons in the dessert is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Do not make the same stupid mistakes those before you had made.

No it is not America against you. Yes many Americans are with the politicians, but they have been brainwashed with the propaganda of the puppet media of the party mob bosses. Those who have seen the corruption of our own party mob bosses and who have looked at the events leading up to the present time, knows what filth the American people have been made party to.

Let me see when the UN made a resolution for Saddam to get out, they sent in mass murder weapons when he refused, but after the UN made a resolution for the bastard Europeans to get out of the Palestinians area, the UN is not going to send in murder weapons to drive them out, they are going to say... oh darn.

Blame Americans for what our party mob bosses do?

You can blame the lemmings for being brainwashed but that is typical of all people in all nations.

The brain washing tactics using of flags, national songs, ball teams, speeches and parades are designed to make the lemmings dance to the tunes of the master politicians.

The Lemmings hate you because they are ignorant and it serves their purpose to believe you are the bad guys.

Mass murder weapons we are forced to pay for to pay back the bribes of our party mob bosses.

As far as those who see the corruption of our bribed politicians, let me see. I could go out and kill some politicians... but they would catch me and their propaganda machines would dub me a traitor ... serving their propaganda machine further.

I could refuse to pay my taxes, but then they would take my home, they would take my income and put me in prison.