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These "Israelis" are not Israelis, they are a cult of European invaders. They use the word Israelis as word association with Israelites. When people hear the words Jew of Israelis they equate it with the Israelites.
Go to the home page and (1) Read the series on family trees to know no one on earth can track their heredity to the Israelites (2) Track the Israelite families to know they all came from a composite of Arabs (3) Track the families to know this composite of Arabs never ceased to bread with all the other Arabs around them and (4) Read on the prophecy of the time God returns to live on a mountain on earth and know he will gather the Israelite descendants from the Arab nations which are specifically named.
Yeah anyone can write a web page, so all you have to do is look at the web page, then look at your own scriptures. I produce the references, all you have to do is to prove me a liar by finding any scripture I concocted.
How many times have you heard about the poor little "Jews" in Germany? Begin to do your own research, watch the History Channel and look into the % of nazi officers / German soldiers who were themselves "Jews". Look into the marriage records that still exist between the "Jews" and the rest of the Germans. When you are looking at sob stories, the first thing to look for is the parts they leave out by intent.

If what I say is written in your bibles, then you will have to look at other faces to find your liars.
Why do our party mob bosses continue to refer to the European invaders as Israelis? To deceive the ignorant, to make people think this is some kind of age old civil war. It is not an age old civil war and this cult are not Jews or Israelis, they are a hated cult of Europeans who have made themselves stink in nations through out Europe for the last 800 years.
This is not a civil war it is a war between the native people of the land and a cult of hated Europeans who have been empowered with mass murder weapons by the bribery of our political mob bosses.


The idiot farce I heard our American propaganda pushers talk about is "Jews" compensating the Arab property owners for their losses.
Imagine that. a pack of invaders from Europe, murder the native people and drive them out of their homes with American tanks, bombs, helicopters and planes.
To those they did not murder this cult of counterfeit "Jews" are talking about "compensating" them for their property.
It is our American media bulls hitters discussing this idea among themselves, so they are fully aware that the invaders have robed the Palestinians of their homes. If they were reporting the news why wouldn't they be reporting the theft of their homes and be calling for the return of the property to the rightful owners?
Individual citizens never actually own their homes, they rent them for the government for the price of taxes. If you don't believe this, let anyone in any country refuse to pay taxes and see how long they are still living in that home.
Imagine the average price of an acre of land being $2000, but some foreigner buys it for $5000. How much would that nation of people gain by such a sale? In 100 years that land would be selling for $10,000 an acre and it would be sold over and over generation after generation... but if someone could actually sell their property to foreigners, one sale would strip that parcel of land from the nation forever !
The individual Palestinians do not have the sovereign ownership of their property no more than any American has the sovereign ownership of their own property.
The idea of these scum ball invaders or propaganda press asserting that any Palestine could sell their home to a "Jew" is quite the crock.
If it is legal for an individual Palestinian to sell their property to the murdering invaders then it would be legal for me to sell my property to Saddam Husane, a North Korean or a Russian... and then after I sold my property to these foreigners... their nation would own this piece of property in America.
There has never been any sale of land of any Palestinian to these invaders which was legal nor can there ever be. The land of Palestine is the nation of the Palestinians and can never be sold to a counterfeit Jew,.
Imagine the period of WW2 and an American selling his property to a Japanese who murdered a bunch of Americans to get here.
How stupid are these counterfeit "Jew" crack sniffers? Or just how stupid do they think the people of the world are?