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Palestinian  Home Land 01

If you don't like nasty language, read no further. This exposes the game our present party mob boss is about to suck the Arabs into. Politicians are the only people on earth who can become traitors to their nation and then have others put on trial for being traitors.. because they expose their shit.

These politicians on both sides wanna hold the entire land. They will want you to live there to hold their part... and while you and your families live in terror, the big witch doctors with their holy books and the politicians will  be walking around with armed guards to keep their asses safe. That is what these asses are doing, the blabbies  are getting lemmings from outside the middle east blowing a bunch of religious smoke up their asses to get them to move there and planting their children / babies in the middle of a bullet zone, for the purpose of holding their land grab.

When ever God gets ready to make his move, these instigating witch doctors will have nothing to do with it, or to stop it... but they need your families bodies to empower their hypocritical bull shit. They want someone to live in those settlements, ok tell them you will take their houses and they can go there and live.

For political bribes, our politicians have been traitors to the American people. By making us accessories to the murder of innocent Palestinians, they have made the American people targets of terrorist. Terrorist that they put poison in and cultivated.

As for our own "holy" politicians, if you are going to play the bible game, how in the hell come you are allowing homos to keep little children in their homes?

If you are going to play the God game, then how come you have homos in the government. If you are going to play the God game, how come the government is infested with drunks, whore mongers and liars.

When you begin doing that which is written in the bible, THEN you can use it to murder and rob the Palestinians. Until then keep on protecting baby murders instead of deceiving idiots who think you have something to do with God.

You religious hypocrites can stop sucking up to the likes of Pat Robertson. He is America's Rasputin Robertson's parlor tricks of the "word of knowledge" and his vile hate is as venomous as any thing of Russia's holy witch doctor Rasputin

Don't try to play the bible game Bush, go back to public drinking and keep on sucking up the political bribes from the homosexuals. Who are you shitting.

The US party mob bosses did not help "Israel" because it was a democracy. Our bribed politicians were helping these invaders before they ever had a government. Our bribed politicians were supplying them with murder weapons to invade and take over Palestine.

NO this is NOT a civil war between "Israelis" and Palestinians. It is a war between the native people of the land and the invading Europeans.

Find out what % of the land was held by the Palestinians before the European invasion and that is the % of land that rightfully belongs to them.


Let me see how this works... If one government takes the land of another in battles ( against the decisions of the UN ) then that land belongs to them. Land taken in battles is like a prize at the county fair. If you kill people and take it, YOU HAVE WON IT and it is your prize to keep ?

Ok then Saddam took Kuwait, It was his land because HE WON HIS PRIZE BY MILITARY FORCE. Ok UN ass holes if one gets to keep their PRIZE by killing the most people, then give Saddam back Kuwait and keep the hell out of his country.

"Israel" did not win any thing. What kind of bull shit is this? Just yesterday on the History Channel one of the programs was about the development of electronic weapon equipment and the American military cat told how they flew with the Israelis when using their weapons against the Arabs.

Imagine the US politicians having the gull to bitch about Iran giving weapons to the Palestinians. All of those Apache Helicopters, those tanks and planes are American weapons or are murder weapons bought by the bribed American politicians ( using our tax dollars).

The "Israelis" did not win any thing and they are not the Israelis. They are a cult of Europeans who made themselves stink in Europe and then spilt to murder and rob the Palestinians.


These foreigners of the UN had no right to give the land of the Palestinians to the Europeans. The only reasons the European governments was in on the agreement to give that cult the land of the Palestinians was (1) to get rid of them out of their own countries and (2) for the bribes given to their grease ball politicians.


The trick of the Europeans .. British, French then Americans is simple. Divide these Arab lands into smaller countries. Get them fighting against each other then use that as an excuse to keep their fingers on their assets

The land of Palestine is just another phase of the same tactic. Note how the land was divided up in sections in different areas. This was to make sure the conflict keeps gong on to give the murdering invaders ( backed by the weapons of the US ) a reason to keep going, planting their military and importing more EUROPEANS to take MORE LAND.

We have a US senator making a video to import Russians to infest the land the Palestinians. Force the rest of the Palestinians into "refugee camps" RESERVATIONS LIKE THE NATIVE AMERICANS, while they saturate their home land with MORE of their cult members from Europe.


It took a couple days for the Russian Sharon to have their military to pull out of the land area of the Palestinians. The ONLY reason was because Bush needs the help of the rest of the Arabs.

As soon as Bush or some other party mob bosses get the stupid Arabs to take part of their invasion plans, the European cult will move their murder weapons back into the home land of the Palestinians.

NO these Europe Blights do not want the Palestinians to stop their fight. They probably have moles in the Arab groups stirring up shit so they have an excuse to keep sending more military in.... followed by more invaders from Europe to squat on their land.

They want this conflict to keep going repeat the process... a conflict, followed by their military moving in, followed by more European invaders.


Bush has harsh words for the "Israelis. Bull SHIT, before he put on his play on tv, he called Sharon and let him on the rehearsal. They laughed at their sneaky little plan that would be used to make fools of the Arabs.... thinking that SOMEDAY Palestine would get their home land.

That Someday will never come if the Arabs are sucked into this deception. It does not take 10 years, 5 years or 2 years to make this happen. This plan could be made and be in transition with in 3 months.

The bribe giving European cult won't want a division? Who in the hell cares what this cult wants. The UN, France, US and Britain didn't give a rats ass what the Palestinians wanted when the helped the "Jew" cult take their home land. The UN has the same power and authority to force the "Jews" as they did the Palestinians. The only difference is the Palestinians don't have the money to bribe the UN or government officials. If the UN members wants to stop this fighting and give both parties a home land it can be done easily. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, to make this transition.

#1 Figure out what % of the land the UN decided the Palestinians could have in 1948... this is when US, Britain, the French joined forces with the cult to screw the Palestinians. 1948 was the year the UN made that decision, so use that decision as the basis of the land area given to the Palestinians.

#2 Do not split them up in different areas, but put the Europe Blights and the Palestinians in one continuous land area.

#3 Holy Sites will be the next consideration. The Dome of the Rock and the Head bumping wall are the only actual problems. The people who get this segment of land will have to provide access to the other, BUT the two need never come in contact.

The Arabs are able to build beautiful structures. A divider would be built to petition the wall and the dome. It would function to make sure no one from the other side could cross, but it could be a magnificent master piece of art also.

A massive rail system ( like they have at airports) would provide transportation to this holy site. No one could get off or on the transport until they reached their site.

The country that gets that part of land would also make sure no one from their own people could ever get to it. Let that those sites be international holy sites under the protection of the UN.

Other Historic Mosques or Synagogues could be moved if they held some kind of religious importance. The Arabs have the power and will to get their buildings moved I suppose the Europe Blights have the ability to do the same with out bilking Americans out of billions more.

Settlements could begin to move immediately. Many poor Palestinians have nothing but mud shacks or live in a tent. Those who were homeless and /or unemployed have no strings holding them in their present gutters.


If the native Americans were still around they could tell you about all the treaties, agreements and promises made and broken by the lying governors, congressmen and presidents of the America.

Right now our party mob bosses need you to murder some more Arabs. If you are going to do that, you might have a similar interest BUT do not trust our politicians ( over 40 years ago they told us we were going to have a Federal Income tax just until WW2 was over, well we still have the tax, they have added State Taxes, City Taxes and endless other taxes ).

Politicians are liars, yours and ours, but politicians with the power to murder masses of other people while they remain save are the greatest evil that exists.

AS soon as they get what they want from you, it will be screw the Palestinians again and the Europeans Blights will be right back where they were.

BEFORE YOU AGREE TO HELP THEM, get the UN to agree that Palestine will have it's own state AND under the terms that the transition begin the first time the agreement is made.

60 Days after the transition of the movement of the Palestinians to their home land begins and AFTER all the "Jews" are out of their new home land, then help the American party bosses do what ever you have agreed to do.

If you help them before the UN agreement is made you are a bunch of idiots who will deserve the screwing these "Jew" owned American politicians will certainly stick to you.

INSTEAD OF LAND IS DIFFERENT SPOTS, divide the land so one people is all on one part and the rest on the other part.


That dividing line could be an international highway for Palestine and Jordan... a highway to a shipping port. A strip between the highway and Israel would be no man's land. It could be planted with land mines, censors and all kind of devices to blow the hell out of any trespassers The ONLY link between the countries would be the single rail system for those who wanted to visit their holy site.

No "Jews" in the Palestinians turf, No Palestinians in the "Jews" turf... NO way except a military invasion to kill the other side ( Ask our American Politicians about their land mine system in Korea )

IF these people live close enough to kill each other, they will kill each other.

IF the Arabs help the party mobs before this agreement is passed in the UN the Palestinians will continue to be screwed, robbed and murdered. Tell our "Jew" licking politicians after the deal is made in the UN to give the Palestinians their home land, you will play ball with them.

Every thing they are doing now is just a show to deceive you. IF they get what they want from you first, you deserve the screwing they will give you AGAIN !

I am going to work on this page later today. If you want the update you can join my news letter by sending a post to arabisrael-subscribe@yahoogroups,com or you can send a post to me at I know one Arab guy ( I am neither an Arab or a Muslim, just an old man who sees how the Palestinians have been oppressed and persecuted) My friend is . He speaks Arabic and has a room in Pal Talk.

The media puppets here are pretending like they would like to have a solution but all the commentators keep on pushing all the bs why nothing will work. They don't want it to work. I figure almost all of them have had business interest with the "Jews". If you saw my other pages you get the idea of how many have business deals or have taken contribution from the "Jews" and then there are those who want to use the bible excuse ( which I have debunked on other pages).

*  NO matter what happens, some pissed Palestinians will continue to kill... Well the party mob bosses in my own government do not speak for me, so there will always be those who wanna wipe some invaders out... but if there is a separation they can not blame it on the leaders of Palestine.

*  If they are separated there will be NO BS about the "Jews" not having their own culture.

*  Once they are separated, the other Arab countries can start helping them get their businesses started ( I have some ideas on that).

*  They shouldn't have to go to a "Jew" hospital, they should have their own.

*  "The Jews won't agree to this? Put a cork in our 3 billion dollar a year hand out and stop Americans from spending their money in their tourist traps and you will see the righteous hypocrites start rolling. Of course our bribed mob party bosses will lose some of their bribes for a couple of years, but don't worry, they will be back greasing your pockets in a couple of years.

*  All the reasons why this won't work are bull shit. It can be put in place immediately. Who cares what some of the people have to say in objection? Our bribed politicians sure the hell didn't object when they started providing the invaders with our American murder weapons.

If you are into the idea, clean up my wording and pass it to every media source you can find in the US or Arab countries and nations through out Europe. If you live somewhere you are not free to send links to the web site, send the e-mail addresses to me and I will send them along (removing your header info). It is ok to discuss with your buddies but then send it along to radio, tv and other publishers in the media.

The individuals living there who are tired of the gross hatred can begin on their own. If you belong to one side.... and you are going to move or start a business, simply select an area in the direction of your segment of the land parcel. 



The story of Palestine, what ignorant Americans are never told and what they want to remain ignorant about so they do not know just how evil their politicians really are:  pland00.htm


If they want to use the bible as an excuse to invade, murder and rob then why don't they obey it? In the same parts the bible speaks of the promise land, it also commands to kill your drunken sons, kill witches, kill those who work on the Sabbath, kill all those who worship in any other religion, kill your adulterous daughters, kill homosexuals, kill those who curse.. They wanna use the bible to play their game ok do these hypocritical bastards keep these commands of the same bible?

For those who wanna use the bible to push their murder? OK, see if your Rabbis or preachers will reply to these questions / assertions on national tv. 


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