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Palestinians use their children?
Hiding behind Children?

This post has nothing to do with the identity of the Israelites. It is a response to the attacks on Palestinians with claims of how they are cowards sending their children out to throw rocks.
The reason why this attacks on the Palestinians are needed is to take the heat off the murdering Babelites.
Kill a bunch of people and instead of blaming the Babelites pulling the trigger or launching the bombs, blame the murder on Palestinian parents?
This con works well with the prejudice and idiots who want to depict the European invaders as poor little victims.

As I continue to make the case that the Palestinians and other Arabs are the Israelites of the scriptures, you will continue to hear this smear against them and lose site of the fact that they are the descendants of the Israelites.
Remember this unholy war, robbery and rape of the Palestinians is based on the identity of the Israelites and who God gave the land to, so, let me deal with the con to defame Palestinians by the trick of blaming them for the death of their kids instead of those who are killing them.

We hear how the evil Palestinians are sending their children to throw rocks and be killed?

#1 "Palestinian parents send their children to be killed"
Out of that insignificant fraction of Palestinian children throw rocks, how many parents have sent their children to throw rocks and how many children act against the will of their parents?

I figure there is over a half million Palestinian children, but when I see the rock throwers there are 15 or 20 rock throwers at most? Many of the rock throwers are the same kids time after time, so less than 1/100th of 1% of the Palestinian children throw rocks.

#2 If the Euro Babelites did not make themselves stink in Europe, they would not have needed to invade the homes of the Palestinians.

If the Euro Babelites were not in the territory of the Palestinians, children would have to be able to throw rocks 5 miles to hit a Euro Babelite soldier. If the invaders were not invading the space of the Palestinians, it would be impossible for the Palestinian children to throw rocks to Europe.


56 Number of Palestinians killed under the age of fifteen
20 Number of Palestinians killed over the age of fifty:
Reason throwing rocks? If they kill Palestinian children just for throwing rocks, then why didn't they execute the "Jew" who murdered the Israeli president?
32 Number of Palestinians murdered by Israeli security forces AFTER being captured, or simply shot at close range without any provocation whatsoever
22 Number of Palestinians murdered by Israeli settlers
8 Number of Palestinians who died because they were not allowed to get medical treatment:
10 Number of Palestinians who were officially targeted for assassination by the Israeli Army
5 Number of innocent bystanders who were killed during these assassinations
44 Number of journalists either shot at or beaten up by Israeli soldiers or settlers
68% Percent of Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances hit by live ammunition
109 Number of cases in which Palestinian ambulances were not allowed to go through a roadblock:
25,00 Number of Palestinian Olive trees and Fruit trees uprooted
368 As of 2/13/01, number of Palestinians killed since the beginning.
In over 4 months the Palestinians have killed about 25 Babelites.
In over 4 months the Euro Babelites have 368 Palestinians to squash their attempt to have their own home land.
The total number of people killed in the conflict over the right of Palestinians to have a home land of their own (in a four month periods) is less then the number of unborn babies murdered in a week in America.

As far as parents sending their children to do things:
American parents send their children to shop lift
American parents send their children to break into people's houses
American parents send their children to and they sell their daughters in prostitution.

Why do American parents endanger their own children, for some great cause of freedom, for their own home land? NO, American parents send their children into danger to get money to buy dope.
In 11 days, American males murder more American women than the total number of Arab women killed in every Arab nation in a whole year.

As far as how children are treated in America, last night they reported that over 20,000 children in the state of Florida come up missing every year.

In foster homes and in homes where non fathers live, hundreds of thousands of little girls and boys are raped in America every month... some times it is by consent.
Some times a man moves in with a woman and her children, begins to have sex with the daughter and then splits and marries the daughters.

Today I saw where there is an all time high in VD and how does one get VD. America is a nation of whores, child molesters and dope users.

What the Palestinians do, they do out of pure desperation for freedom and their own home land. What the American people do is out of their pure filth.

Nice little "Jewish" kids in America can get away with murder, all they need do is kill an American kid and flee to Israel and claim they are Israelis.

Are there good people in America... Yes, Are there good Palestinians ... Yes
I say only before you point your finger at Palestinians compare their situation with your own and compare their filth with that of the American people.

If you want to examine a people who abuse and murder their children, let's look at the American people and the counterfeit "Jews". I have not even began to scratch the surface of the filth.

Left top was a program on drunks. The young girl killed by a drunk, was killed by a drunk arrested for dwi 3 times, lost his license and was still free in society to get drunk and kill this kid. God bless America.
The program was full of such cases. The killing of people is common by drunks in America, they are just as dead as any killed by bullets but American drunks kill more people in a month then killed by all criminals in all Arab countries in a year.

The right top and right bottom is a 16 year old American girl who was arrested for murdering her baby and putting her in a dumpster. Women / young girls murder so many of their babies in America, a law is being considered to allow women to take their unwanted babies to any fire station and drop it off with no questions asked.

American mothers murder their babies: The bottom left is a picture of Susan Smith and her two little boys. She had a new boy friend and wanted to get away from her husband but her little boys were in the way.
She made up a story that a black man high jacked her car with the boys in it, but then she fessed up that she fastened her little boys in their seat belts and drowned them alive.

If you want to talk about what evil Palestinians do, that is fair, but if your assertion that Americans are a great loving people in comparison, then you will have to take notes on the evil Palestinians and the kind and loving American people.
In every county of every state in America they have women's protection groups and in the case files of every county of America the cops and the sheriffs have files with photos of beaten, mutilated and murdered women. Some by their husbands and some by their boy friends. Women beaten with ball bats, fists or their throats cut just because the man / boy was in a jealous rage or he was just on a drunk or on dope.
If our American reporters are going to do justice then let them pull out the records and compare Americans with Palestinians or any other people on earth.
Let's look at Arab families and see how many of their teen age children are beating the hell out of mommy, calling her a bitch and robbing her.
Let's look at our criminal files and see how many American children have murdered their parents.
Let's look at programs like COPS and see how many times we can see American mommy or American daddy selling their daughter in a motel to buy dope.
Oh, yeah, some of what you say about some Palestinians will be true, but if you are looking for the greatest amount of evil in a society, let's compare them with our own American mommys and daddies and our little American children.
What nation or people on earth murder more of their own toddlers than American mommies and American daddies?
Palestinian parents send their children to ... How many American parents send their own children out to rob, rape, murder, sell dope, assault victims and to torture animals. Their kids are doing it more than any Arabs, so indeed we know their parents are sending their children to do these things.
If you would like to play Palestine parents do this and Palestinian children do this, that will be a fun game we can play. You get all the accounts on Palestinians you can document and I will gather the accounts on American children and parents I can document.
Let's see what people Americans or Palestinians are the greatest filth.

Oh here we go. Our American parents did not send these children out to throw rocks like the evil Palestinians. Our American mommies and daddies just murdered their own toddlers.

Yes, there are filthy / evil people in all nations of the world, but if you are going to assert your people is better than theirs then you will have to get ALL the information you can find on both people before you draw your chart.