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Security for the European immigrants

A home for the Palestinians

We hear bs like the Palestinians just came to Israel just 50 years ago. There are thousands of pages of text from the middle east and European nations calling that place Palestine and the name of the people was Palestinians. These records are hundreds of years old.
The bible records people called Hittites, Havites, Canaanites, Jebusites, Philistines... a whole bunch of native people who lived in that land, in fact by the bible there were 7 named Arab nations in Canaan before ABRAHAM ever got there. ( Abraham himself was a native of the land we now call Iraq(
In my links tracing the family trees of the Israelites (1) The Israelites came from a composite of these Arabs in the first place and (2) they never ceased to marry all the Arabs around them ... and of course all the children of those Israelites would have been descendants of Israel ... Israelites ( see the Hittite link ).
Through the centuries they were invaded by armies from Rome, Europe and many other lands. Those soldiers took the women they wanted and when they returned to Europe, they did not take those children back with them.
In the book of Acts in the account of the cloven tongues, there is a whole list of people from many nations living there. Today's Palestinians are the composite of the Israelites, the native people of the land and every people who ever invaded that land.
What they are called does not mean they did not exist. It only means that the controlling powers who controlled the land gave it a name that fit their fancy.
Mexico, Texas, the United States... the very same land area has had these 3 national names. The name of the land only depends on what political jerks controlled it.
Through out the last 2000 years there has never been any time when the land of Palestine has not been populated. What they may have been called does not change the fact of their existence. What the land has been called does not change the location of the Land.
By their own numbers those calling themselves Jews had recorded that they were less than 10-% of the population at the beginning of the 1900s.
When the Turks controlled the land, they did not bring their families and settle the land. When the Brits controlled the land they did not bring their families to settle. Those who controlled the Palestinians up to the time of the Brits only deployed soldiers and governors to control the land.
It was not until the invasion of the European "Jews" that massive infestations of family took place.

The Turks had no right to the land, the native people did.
The Brits had no right to the land, the native people did.
The invaders from Europe have no right to the land.

The rightful owners of any land are the native people... not those who invade, murder and rob the land of their ancestors.
You say the "Jews" are the descendants of the Israelites? Get your preachers and rabbis to bring their holy books and let them respond to my questions on a national talk show. Using the bible, anthropology, marriage records of Europeans and historical documents, let me ask them questions and you decide for yourself what they are.
In the prophecy of Israel becoming a nation again... in that time God will come to earth, live on a mountain in Saudi Arabia, there will be no sin, there will be no violence, babies will play with poisonous snakes and God will gather the Israelites out of the Arab nations ( not Europe ) which are specifically named. In the accounts of the Israelites being scattered, the scriptures state the specific Arab nations they were scatted into.
If by the scriptures (1) The Israelites were scattered into the Arab nations (2) The Israelites produced children with all the Arabs around them (who went back to their Arab relatives and (3) God will gather the Israelite descendants out of named Arab nations when he comes down to live on the mountain.... it kind of looks like The Israelites of the bible are hanging out in the Arab nations today.. ( all of this covered by specific scriptures in the other links )

The existence of the Palestinians did not happen in our life time. The people we now call Palestinians are the descendants of the original native people, the Israelites and every nation which ever invaded that people.
We in this period of time know they were there before the 1900s. We know the French and Brits employed them to help fight against the Turks and Germans.
The Palestinians are simply a composite of people who began with the original native people and became a mix of every invading people of their land.
They are descendants of the Israelites because of their claims? Hmmm the Masons say they are the "lost tribe of Israel", the Jehovah Witnesses say they are the 144,000 stated in Revelations ( making them descendants of the Israelites) and Christian identity say they are the true Israelites... All a bunch of Europeans who are the real Israelites, based on the fact they are, because their mommy told them they are.
No such thing as a Palestinian BS. People in this nation came from every nation on earth, there fore there is no such thing as an American? The Germans were a composite of "Jews", French, Dutch, English, Russians... therefore there was no such thing as Germans ?
The people we now call Palestinians are the descendants of the people who have lived in the land in the beginning. As for those who call themselves "Jews" they have no possible way to trace their family tree back to the Israelites... and by anthropology studies there are questions that they can not / will not respond to. Sammy Davis converted to Judaism. He married a blond from Sweden. They both became "Jews",? If so they had nothing to do with being descendants of the Israelites.
According to the scriptures the Israelites were scattered into the Arab nations, The Israelites produced with the Arabs around them ( making those children Israelites) and God will gather the Israelites out of those named Arab countries.
The Palestinians have a much greater chance of being the descendants of the Israelites than the Blond hair, blue eye Europeans who do not have a shred of evidence of their family trees to the Israelites.
What ever you want to call the Palestinians they are descendants of the native people of that land and the Israelites scattered the seed of Israel into every Arab around them in the Old Testament.
When the Europeans began to invade after WW2, the native people consisted of over 85% of "Palestinians".
Now if the Palestinians made up over 85% of the native people of the land, why should they be given 20% of the land area in a dispute land settlement...
(a) Because they bribe our American politicians and in return our bribed politicians give them our murder weapons and 3 billion dollars a year.
(b) And for what other reason should invaders from foreign nations be awarded 80% of the land of the native people they invaded, murdered and robbed?
(c) What % of the land area should over 80% of the native population receive in a dispute of their home land?

The Brits controlled the land by betrayal of an agreement they made with the Arabs. The Brits had no legal or rightful control of the land of the Palestine.
The invaders of Europe who murdered and robbed the Palestinians have no rightful claim to the land of the native people.
The rightful division of Palestine is to find the % of land owned by the native Palestinians before all illegal invaders from Europe, murdered and robbed them. What ever % of land owned before the illegal infestation of Europeans is the % of land they should rightfully get in an international settlement.

What would the "Jews" have to say if the Japaneese began to buy land from "Jew" land owners. Would the "Jew" government agree that those parcels of land then belonged to the nation of Japan? Hell no. No individual has any right to sell land of a nation to foreigners... and expecially to foreign invaders who murdered the native people to rob it in the first place.