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Calling the Europeans "Jews" Zionist or Israelis  is a farce in it's self.


By religion they are Blabites. They do not follow the religion of the Israelites, but their religion is following the blabbering of their false rabbis = Blabbies. Their religion is not Judaism, but it is Blabbism. When you call them, "Jews" you support their farce. I will use the proper term for them here. 

( Judaism being the religion of the bible Israelites = If you happen to be a real Rabbi that teaches the commands of the Torah and you actually go by them, this does not apply to you .. Kill rebellious sons, kill adulteress daughters, have burnt offerings, no woman on her period allowed in the congregation, kill homosexuals, kill people who work on the Sabbath ... )


The man who professes his great love for a woman... The man who would murder others who would love that woman, how great is his love?

If that man profess such a great love for a woman, but he lives in another house with another woman (by choice) and raises up his children in that house, which woman does he love?

How is it that these Blabites profess such a great love for Israel and blab how it is their God given land, but they sit here in our countries around the world, raise their kids in our countries and sponge up our assets?

Oh, to make themselves feel good, they might go visit their lay a couple times for a quickie, but they will always return to their true love.

This greedy cult does not want to live in Israel, they are just instigators who want to hog the land for themselves and own the rest of the land around the world.

Here are some rich Blabites having a money raising party go equip their military with more weapons to murder the poor people of Palestine. These rich fat cats in America will sit here in comfort and safety and laugh with delight as they watch the Palestinian's homes being knocked down to make way for more Blabites they have imported from Russia to displace them.


No this is not a civil war, this began with a mass invasion of a hated European cult in the 1940's.

BEFORE they took control of the invaded home land of the Palestinians, the American politicians made themselves accessories to their invasion of the middle east. (Why the ship "The Exodus" they floated there was an American ship.)

Have weapons experts look at the footage of that invasion and inform you who's weapons they were.

Remember the "Israeli / Arab war", those were American planes and American bombs used to kill the Arabs.

No the American politicians were not backing one side in a civil war, the bribed American politicians were using our tax dollars to support cult members in their European Invasion.  Our American assets helped these false Jews  invade, rob and murder the native people of Palestine.


"Isralis" considering allowing American observers in? After years of the Palestinians begging for international observers and after the recent violence the Blights are finally thinking about letting observers in the land?.. but not INTERNATIONAL OBSERVERS, only American observers?

Like Duh isn't it the "Jews" who got the American government to enact the "Jew" Noahide laws as an act of congress? 

Don't our party mob bosses take millions in political bribes from the "Jews". The pret4endd Jew, Sharon hit it on the head.... "The Jews own America" ... that is this cult controls our politicians through bribery and our politicians control the American people through laws ( intimidation, imprisonment, fines or execution )

Only American observers to be allowed in the land? Only the paid puppets of the Blight cult will be allowed to observe and report. Only those owned by the European cult allowed to see what is going on. How stupid do they think the world is... they don't think it, it is a fact how lemmings can be sucked into their farce.

There is no separation between the main stream media and the politicians, may people in the media have relatives holding office and when politicians leave office, they get plush jobs working for the media.

( Kassic & Stefenao ... what ever are the latest I can think of )



Always talking about the Israelis fighting with the Palestinians?

Why do our politicians use the term Israelis to call these invaders from Europe? Because the word Israeli makes ignorant people think of Israelites ... and by this magnus trick, our politicians can take their bribes with full support of ignorant Christians.

* If an Israeli is a cult of European Anglo Saxons / Aryans who invaded the home land of the Palestinians, then this pack of Babelites are Israelis.

* If an Israeli is one of the people living in that land, then there are no Palestinians, they are all Israelis.

* If an Israeli is a native of the land, then the Palestinians are the Israelis.


Can you imagine a United States senator sitting in his office making a promo to saturate Palestine with Russians? Don't imagine it, it is a fact. That is what happens when we have politicians who's loyalty is to another country.


How did the British have control of Palestine in WW2 ? For hundreds of years the Turks had invaded and held Palestine. In WW1 the Turks had joined forces with the Germans and France / Britain were in a heap of trouble.

Read the accounts of Lawrence of Arabia   

The Arabs began to fight with the British and French to whip the Germans and Turks... and while the Arabs were fighting and dying on their side, France and Britain conspired secretly how they were going to divide the middle east up after the war... and so the scum bag Britain and France did just that... That is how the Brits had control of Palestine in WW2.

PBS had a film made by Blabites as they laughed about how they had brought Blabites from all over Europe in British military trucks. When they got to Palestine the Brits pretended like they could not hold the European invaders back on their ship with out guns.

Imagine that, the Brits could sink the Bismarck but they could not stop "Jew" ships from running their "blockade". When they were bringing in thousands of European invaders on their ships, they were also bringing in British and French weapons.

The Brits restrained the Palestinians until their land was infested with thousands of European invaders, armed with British weapons. After the Brits held back the Palestinians and saturated their home land with these armed European invaders, they pulled out.

Now look at the films of the conflicts, look at the weapons and know this invasion was another sneaky trick of the scum bag Brits.

Tony Blair ... the mouth wants to do what is right, ok take these European invaders back to England and give them your own country. I can't imagine the Brits having the gull to speak out about terror, invasions and murder. They are the number 1 terrorist / invaders of the last 2 centuries.

Yes, that is how Britain had control of Palestine in the 2nd world war, by taking over the countries that helped them and the French fight against the Germans and Turks.



Where did the UN get it's authority to take half of the land of the native people and give it to a hated cult fleeing from Europe? If indeed the nations of the world, have the authority to divide the land of the Palestinians, then why hasn't the UN enforced that vote and used it's might to ensure that that division be upheld?

If the UN has the authority to stick it's nose in what Iraq was doing and the authority to use our war machines to enforce the decision of the UN, then why isn't the UN upholding the decision they made in 1948 and use their tanks and planes to force the invading Babelites back to the section appointed to them and protect the Palestinian's land rights that they ( the UN ) gave to them?

How does this UN work, it only uses it's murder machines when a country with enough money to bribe them is involved? By the same authority they had to divide the land of Palestine, that is the authority they have to enforce the boundaries of 1948... So other than being bribed by the pretend Jews, what is keeping them from enforcing those boundaries?


No God did not give the Arabs the land outside of Israel. The only land God revealed was the land now called Israel and God gave it to those specified in the scriptures... the scriptures pretend Jews never mention.

If the Torah is true, then God gave Israel to the Arabs, below are the scriptures.



Are these German and Russian Europeans (who took the Palestinians homes) the descendants of the Israelites? Other than their mouth, what proof does any of them have that they are not the descendants who were scattered into the world from the tower of Babel?

Is the exodus of 1948 a movement of Israelite descendants being brought to Israel by God?

God told the Israelites he would bring them back when they returned to him. Look at the perverts who hold power in Israel today. Forget the pretty pictures you see on travel brochures of Israel.

Send your own investigators who do not follow in the maze established by the propaganda of the government.

God did not bring back these people because they have returned to him. Today this land is infested with pornography, abortions, drunks, dope users, sodomites. Today these impostors who call themselves Jews are as perverse as the city of Sodom.


The pretend Jews cry: "The Arabs have all of that land and now they want the tiny nation of the Jews"?

#1 God never gave Israel to the Jews, he gave it to the seed of Abraham.

#2 "The Arabs do not want that tiny piece of land", only the native people of that land want the home land they have been living in for 2000 years.

#3 The multitude of counterfeit Jews do not want to live in that place. They want to live in our countries all over the world, bribe our politicians, live in under our governments, own our land and wealth AND they want to hog the only land the poor Palestinians have to live in.

If these greedy instigators really want to live in that land, let's ask our governments if we can have an exchange. They will all go to the land they are willing to murder Palestinians for and we will bring the Palestinians to our countries.

Ok Mr. "Jew", do you really want that land, or are you greedy instigators who want to hog it all ?



Part of the land area that was held by the Israelites in the Old Testament was named Israel in 1948, but it is not the nation of the Israelites as found in the prophecy.

Note how they call themselves Israelis ... to make ignorant people of the world think they are descendants of the Israelites.

* Below is the land area held by the Israelites. This present government does not hold the land of the Israelites, only a segment of it.

* In the prophecy of Israel becoming a nation again, in one day God will gather the Israelites from all corners of the world.

If these people calling themselves "Jews" are actually descendants of the Israelites, then God is getting senile because the multitude of them were not returned to Israel, they are still in our countries.

* In the prophecy of Israel becoming a nation again. There will not be a sinner left in the whole land. Did that prophecy come true in 1948?

* In the prophecy of Israel becoming a nation, there will be no more conflict in the whole nation. Did that prophecy come true in 1948?

* In the prophecy of Israel becoming a nation again, it will happen in one day, (in general) the Israelites will be gathered from all corners of the world, (but specifically) the Israelites will be gathered out of the named Arab nations.

Did that happen in 1948 or did that happen over a period of years, with Anglo Saxon, Aryan Germans, Russians and Pollock's invading from Europe?

* The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lay down with the kid, the calf and lion shall lie down together lead by a child.

* The cow and bear shall lie together and eat straw.

* Babies shall play on the hole of the snake and the child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den.

Did this prophecy of Isaiah 11 come to pass in 1948?

I will create a file with all the verses about Israel becoming a nation again and show either the author of the bible was smoking dope or that event has not yet happened.

Those who call themselves Jews do not follow the Judaism of the Israelites. They are no more a descendant of the Israelites than an Eskimo.

This cult is nothing more than a racist sect of Europeans like the kkk who claim they are 



Those living in Israel today are as perverse as any of those people who were driven out by God for the same perversions.

God did not bring back these perverse Europeans to Israel in 1948 because they have returned to him. These European invaders are "Jew" impostors who as evil as the greatest perverts who lived there before them.


This bogus nation, is not the land area held by the Israelites. God did not say this event would take place over 10, 50 or 100 years. It is written that Israel will become a nation again in 1 day.


Now, Abraham was given the land, "....from the river of Egypt unto a great river, the river Euphrates...." --

Genesis 15:18. Egypt is from 4714, from 4692-4693, meaning in the sense of a limit, a siege, a fastness, a defense, stronghold, tower. Euphrates is from 6578: to break forth, rushing; also 6509 -- to bear fruit, bring forth (fruit), grow, increase.

Northward -- from 6828 from 6845 -- hidden, secret.

Southward -- 5045 -- drought, parched.

Eastward -- 6924 -- front, as a place; antiquity, as of time; eternal, everlasting, old, past.

Westward -- 3220 -- to roar, a sea as a noisy surf, or a large body of water, large river.

Genesis 13:14-15 -- "And the Lord said unto Abram, after that Lot was separated from him, 'Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to they seed forever.'"

* Above is the physical location of the promise land

* It is given to the seed / descendants of Abraham.

* It is given to them forever.

First we must look through the scriptures and find out who the descendants of Abraham and then we will ask they who call themselves "Christians" if they will drive out the rightful owners who received this land by God.



* God did not give the promise land to anyone on the basis that they would "convert to Judaism", God gave that land to THE SEED OF ABRAHAM ... ABRAHAM'S DESCENDANTS.




If this is a fact, then blow up the whole place and make it an atomic waste dump, because there is not one person on earth who follows the laws given through Moses:



Kill witches, kill your adulteress daughters, kill homosexuals, kill your drunken sons, have burnt offerings, no bastard is allowed in the congregation, kill those who follow any other religion ..

Not one person on earth keeps or follows the religion of Judaism, so on the basis of following the religion of the Israelites, this land belongs to no one on earth..


Every time you see the news in Pretend Israel about the land dispute, the Jews are screaming "God gave this land to the "Jews". They keep on screaming it and ignorant Christians believe them and give them billions of dollars in support. These deceived "Christians" think they are getting in good with God by helping the Blabites?

God gave Israel to the "Jews"? Give that scripture chapter and verse or know you are a liar. This is not written any where in the bible.

The Jews of the bible were not the Israelites, only 3 tribes were involved in the bible Jew organization and a multitude of NON Israelites simply made themselves Jews..

Being a Jew is like being a Mouseketeer, anyone can be one by joining the club.

God did not give Israel to the Jews, he gave it to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Canaanites, Syrians, Hittites, Havites, Moabites, Jebusites, Midianites, Iraqis, Egyptians ... ARABS ! not Anglo Saxon / Aryan Europeans who are descendants of the Babelites.


If the bible is the word of God then let them know who God gave the land to according to the scriptures:


GENESIS 12:7 And the Lord appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy SEED will I give this *LAND* ( Thy seed are all a composite of Arabs )

GENESIS 13:15 For all the *LAND* which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy *SEED* *FOR EVER*. ( Thy seed are all a composite of Arabs )

GENESIS 15:18 In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy *SEED* have I given this *LAND*. ( Thy seed are all a composite of Arabs )

GENESIS 17:8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy *SEED* after thee, the *LAND* wherein thou art a stranger, all the *LAND* of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.

Now in the name of God "Christians" and the mongrel pile of Europeans are ripping the God given land away from the SEED of Abraham?



The Ishmaelites, the Edomites, all of his descendants with Keturah and the Israelites are all the seed/descendants of Abraham !

The seed of Isaac is a whole bag of mixed Arabs.

The seed of Jacob is a whole bag of mixed Arabs. Iraqis, Canaanites, Syrians, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites, the Jabeshigileadites who were murdered to get their women, the kidnapped Arab women of Shiloh, Perizzites, Ammoites, Moabites, Egyptians and Amorites... and many more Arabs not here ( see the tribes of Benjamin, Levi and Judah ) See the tribes of Israelites as they are tracked through the scriptures.



By any name these things are agreements by one or more parties.

The only way such a covenant may be broken is if:

a) There is a provision in the original contract as to why the contract may be voided, or If there is a later contract that makes the first contract void.

A contractor agreed with a man to build a barn for $1000

Later the contractor agreed with the man to put in a sidewalk for $200.

It does not matter how many additional contracts are made, no additional contract makes the first contract void UNLESS a later contract voids the previous.

The seed of Abraham is his descendants. Where in the scriptures did God void the contract and take the inheritance of Israel from the descendants of Abraham?




God made many covenants, so if a covenant becomes void when he made the next, then even the land covenant is void.

According to a guy on TV who calls himself Zola Levite, there a great many covenants, in fact he sells a book that covers them.

The first recorded covenant is the rain bow covenant. (made to gentiles).


3) The land covenant/agreement was not given to Isaac, the children of Judah... but to "THE SEED of Abraham." = Ishmael, Isaac and all the sons of Keturah.


4) The next covenant (AFTER THE LAND COVENANT) to come along was the laws/ordinances covenant.

This second agreement/covenant was handed down through Isaac. In exchange for keeping this covenant God would give them physical protection and make them prosper.


5) Because these Israelites never ceased to mock the will of God, they broke the LAW covenant, God made it void, he scattered them into all nations.

What is a covenant? It is a bargain or promise made. As you look the Torah, there are gobs of covenants.

If you tell your child...

#1 If you pick up your clothes I will get you a new bike.

A few months later you make another covenant/agreement with the child:

#2 if you get all A's, I will take you to Disney Land...

Does it mean that when you make the second agreement, the first is no longer valid?

If every later covenant voids the previous covenants, then the Israelites have no claim to the land of Israel, because there were many covenants of God after that.

Seed = offspring's children, grand children

In the story of Abraham, God made several agreements with him..


17:002 And I will make my covenant between me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly. (1 many offspring's)

17:010 This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised. (2 circumcision) Ishmael and Isaac was included )

The rain bow covenant, the land covenant, the law covenant ...

When searching for the word covenant, my results were over 1400 lines.

A covenant is an agreement or a contract, so tell me the answer to this little story.


1) When a man had his first son, he promised that his children (seed) would inherit his farm.

2) When the second son came along, he made another agreement with him.

The man made a list of things he wanted done and told the second son IF these agreements were kept, he and his seed would be well taken care.

How many contracts are involved in this story?

In the Torah, there are two covenants, the covenant of LAWS handed down through Isaac AND the covenant for the LAND deal given to "THE SEED OF ABRAHAM"

The LAND covenant was given to the SEED of Abraham and the first of his SEED was Ishmael.


Because the LAW / protection covenant was only given through Isaac, the rest of Abraham's seed were not under this contract/covenant with God.


Because this ARAB segment of Abraham's seed was not included in the LAW covenant, they could not break the covenant, they could not make a mockery of the will of God as the seed of Isaac continued to do until God got fed up with them and scattered them over the earth..


Gen 12:15 God promised Abraham that he would give all that land to his seed (children/grand children)

It would not have mattered if Hagar was just some woman Abraham had sex with because any child he produces is his seed...

But Hagar was not just some woman, she was the wife of Abraham.

Gen 16:3 Sarah gave Abraham Hagar to be his *wife* !

Gen 16:4 and Hagar conceived ... Ishmael was the first seed of Abraham..

Ishmael, Isaac, the Edomites and all the descendants of Keturah (Abraham's 3rd wife) are the seed of Abraham !

I will give to "the descendants of Isaac"? Is that what it says?

NO !

I will give your seed (Abraham's descendants) this land.

Unless there is no God or God is a liar, the promise land belongs to the descendants of Abraham.

As we travel through the scriptures, we will find exactly who they are.

The seed of Isaac and Jacob are NOTHING more or less than a composite of Arabs. Every Israelite was a composite of Arabs and the Israelites never ceased to breed with all the other Arab people around them... and all of those descendants are the seed of Abraham, Isaac AND Jacob.



DEUTERONOMY 29:07 And when you came to this place, Sihon the king of Heshbon, and Og the king of Bashan, came out against us to battle, and we smote them:
DEUTERONOMY 29:08 And we took their land, and gave it for an inheritance to the Reubenites, and to the Gadites, and to the half tribe of Manasseh.

DEUTERONOMY 29:09 Keep therefore the words of this covenant, and do them, that you may prosper in all that you do.

The context here is telling how God gave the land to those who crossed the river and the covenant here is about the land.

DEUTERONOMY 29:10 Ye stand this day all of you before the Lord your God; your captains of your tribes, your elders, and your officers, with all the men of Israel,
DEUTERONOMY 29:11 Your little ones, your wives, and thy stranger that is in thy camp, from the hewer of thy wood to the drawer of thy water:

Who are these strangers? When the Israelites split from Egypt other slaves left with them. These non Israelites / Arabs married the Israelites and had their children .. thus the descendants of these Arabs were also Israelites.

( Ye / You here includes the wives and children of the Israelites as well as the strangers / gentiles that are with them. The strangers that are with them are Arabs and Ethiopians)

DEUTERONOMY 29:12 That you shouldest enter into covenant with the Lord thy God, and into his oath, which the Lord thy God maketh with you this day:
( The covenant here is keeping the commandments of Judaism in exchange for land)

DEUTERONOMY 29:13 That he may establish you to day for a people to himself, and that he may be to you a God, as he hath said to you, and as he hath sworn to thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.
( The people mentioned in this context, God will establish as a people to HIMSELF .. and he will be their God)

DEUTERONOMY 29:14 Neither with you only do I make this covenant and this oath;
DEUTERONOMY 29:15 But with him that stands here with us this day before the Lord our God, and also with him that is not here with us this day:
The context is about the land agreement and God will make a covenant about this deal.

Deut 29:14 Neither you ONLY do I make this covenant (you speaking to the Israelites)

Deut 29:15 BUT --> ALSO<-- with him that stands here with us (the Israelites) and those who were not there.

Those ALSO standing with the Israelites were other Arabs and Ethiopians.

Before they crossed over from the river Jordan into Israel, God promised the land of Israel to the Israelites AND the ARABS and the Ethiopians.

 These people God will establish as a people to himself and they are included in the covenant of the promise land.



A liar is someone who has the intent of making someone believe something false. i.e.

People who do not like me could spread around the information that the back of my truck is full of beer cans. By leaving out part of that information (ROOT beer cans) you would be lead to believe a lie.

Those who are cunning in deceit know well how to leave out parts of scripture to lie by deception.

In all of your years of listening to Blabites and preachers, how many times have you heard them include the parts of the scriptures that God gave those living AMONG the Israelites, inheritance in Israel?

EZEKIEL 47:13 Thus said the Lord God; This shall be the border, whereby you shall inherit the land according to the twelve tribes of Israel: Joseph shall have two portions.

EZEKIEL 47:21 So shall you divide this land to you according to the tribes of Israel.

Who were the strangers living among the Israelites?

They were not Europeans









 EZEKIEL 47:22 And it shall come to pass, that you shall divide it by lot for an inheritance to you, and to the strangers that sojourn among you, which shall beget children among you: and they shall be to you as born in the country among the children of Israel; they shall have inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.

EZEKIEL 47:23 And it shall come to pass, that in what tribe the stranger sojourns, there SHALL YOU GIVE HIM HIS INHERITANCE,


God did NOT give the land of Israel to those who would "convert" to Judaism" !

Who is given inheritance in the promise land?

#1 The seed of Abraham:

a) All the descendants of Ishmael.

b) The descendants of Isaac...

c) This includes the Edomites.

The children of Abraham's 3rd wife Keturah.

Solomon had a thousand women from many Arab nations and every one of those descendants who live today in the Arab lands are the seed of Abraham.

In NEHEMIAH the Israelites had many Arab wives they had to put away along with their children. Today all the Arab

descendants of those people living in Arab lands are the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

GENESIS 17:04 (God speaking to Abraham) behold, my covenant is with you, and you shalt be a father of many nations.

As we travel through the scriptures we will find all the Arabs the Israelites bred with and establish ALL their descendants to be the seed of Abraham.

Not are the millions of Arabs out of the tribes of Israel,

descendants of Abraham, but also all the descendants of Ishmael and the sons of Keturah...

And every one of the millions of those people in Arab nations are the seed of Abraham !

#2 The strangers / Arabs living among the Israelites. God gave inheritance in the land of Israel to the Arabs who lived among the Israelites.

Imagine that a "Christian" giving money to Blabites / Christ haters and deniers.

According to the scriptures God gave the promise land to all the Arabs/Seed of Abraham ... and yet those who claim to be "Christians" give money and weapons to this sect of Europeans to drive the seed of Abraham out of their God given land?

The bible Israelites were not a separate people from the Arabs, the Israelites of the bible were a composite of Philistines, Canaanites, Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptians, Midianites, Moabites, Ammonites, Amorites, Jebusites The bible Israelites were ALL Arabs.


Here our "Jew" US senator who was filmed in his public office raising money to send the Russian Blabites to "Israel" on a plane.

This commercial ran on "Christian" tv 2 or 3 times a day, week after week for about a year.

Yes our American government has and continues to take part in this racist / religious invasion of this religious cult of Europeans.

Over a year after they stopped running the commercial to raise money to get plane tickets for these Jews, I watched another "Jewish" program with a guy named Zola.

Ol Zola told people not to give money to those raising money for these plane tickets because "Israel has an open FREE ticket for any Jew who wants to move to Israel."

Imagine that our US "Jew" Senator taking part of a "Jew" sham.

... but wait, there is more ... "Israel has an open FREE ticket for any Jew who wants to move to Israel.", duh like that means that the "Israeli" government is a racist / bigot government which is trying to create their exclusive nation of their relatives / religion !.


These old women and kids are now forced to live in a tent. The Blabites bulldozed down their homes.


The wrist watch on this "Jew" cost more than the homes of the poor Palestinians.

While the imported Blabites from Russia live in new housing projects ( with billions of dollars of American's tax dollars) this little Palestinian plays in the mud with a bicycle wheel.

God gave Israel to the members in the family of Arabs called Israelites and God gave Israel to the other Arabs that lived among them.

Now we have an Anglo Saxon, Aryan European pack of racist deceiving the world that they are descendants of the Israelites and are using the bible to rob and murder the heirs that God gave the promise land to.

This sick farce is a gross evil in it’s self, but to take it to the bottom of the out house we have ignorant would be Christians who are supporting this racist cult of Europeans.



Bayezid II (reigned 1481-1512) The Ottoman Empire invaded Syria and Palestine.


During 1915-16, World War I Sir Henry McMahon (British) plotted with the Ottoman governor of Mecca and Medina.

McMahon convinced Husayn to lead an Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire, which helped Germany fight Britain and France in the war.

(A) McMahon promised that if the Arabs supported Britain in the war, the British government would support the establishment of an independent Arab state under Hashemite rule in the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire, including Palestine.

The Arab revolt, led by T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") and Husayn's son Faysal, was successful in defeating the Ottomans, and Britain took control over much of this area during World War I.

The Ottoman Empire { Turkey ) were allies of the Germans in WWI. The Brits and French were getting slaughtered by the Turks, So they made a deal with the Arabs that Britain would support an independent Arab state.

Britain made other promises during the war that conflicted with the Husayn-McMahon agreement.
(B) In 1917, the British Foreign Minister issued a declaration (the Balfour Declaration) announcing Britain's support for the establishment of "a Blabites national home in Palestine."

(C) A third promise, in the form of a secret agreement, was a deal that Britain and France struck between themselves to carve up the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire and divide control of the region.


France obtained control over Syria, carving out Lebanon as a separate state with a (slight) Christian majority.

Britain obtained control over the areas which now comprise Blabites, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jordan.

Arabs opposed British and French control as a violation of their right to self- determination.

In Palestine, the situation was more complicated because of the British promise to support the creation of a Blabites national home. The rising tide of European Blabites immigration, land purchases and settlement in Palestine generated increasing resistance by Palestinians.


IMAGINE THIS: Your people were invaded and controlled for hundreds of years. The Brits and French are getting slaughtered by the Turks and so they tell you if you help them defeat the Turks, they will support your independent Arab nation... So multitudes of your Arab families die in the fight to help them.

After the smoke is cleared, these bastards take over your native home land and sell your homeland to a pack of hated European cult members.


In the 1920s, when the Blabites National Fund purchased large tracts of land from absentee Arab landowners, the Arabs living in these areas were evicted.


If you or I ( Americans) sold our property to the Chinese, Russians or Arabs, how valid would that sale be?

Try selling your property to foreigners of a foreign nation, and see how soon they invade from another country and take possession of it.


European Blabites immigration to Palestine increased dramatically after Hitler's rise to power in 1933, leading to new land purchases and Blabites settlements. Palestinian resistance to British control and Zionist settlement climaxed with the Arab revolt of 1936-39, which Britain suppressed with the help of Zionist militias.


They were not buying this land from the Palestinians, they were buying land from the British ( who's land it did not belong to).

Note the British were murdering the Arabs while the hated Europeans invaded the Arab land and took possession of Arab property.


After crushing the Arab revolt, the British issued a statement of political policy limiting future Blabites immigration and land purchases... and the Blabites wiped with it.

#1 Before the Brits / French entered WWI less than 5% of the population of Palestine were native Palestinian Jew.

These Jews were no different than any other native people of the land except for the religion they professed to follow. It is like the Jehovah Witnesses in America. Except for their religion, that was the only difference.

Because they made themselves stink in Europe, the European cult that followed this religion began to migrate into Palestine because the Europeans hated them.

#2 When the Arabs where helping the Brits and French fight against the Turks in 1917, more than 90% of the population of Palestine were Arabs, and that there were at that time no more than 56,000 Jews in Palestine?


These Palestinian Jews were just as much Palestinians as any other Palestinian. The only thing that made them Jews was their lies about following Judaism.


#3 The rest of the Arabs of Palestine at that time owned 97.5% of the land, while the religious cult of Blabites owned only 2.5% of the land.

#4 During the thirty years of British occupation and rule, the Blabites were able to purchase only 3.5% of the land of Palestine ... And that
much of this land was transferred to Zionist bodies by the British Government directly, and was not sold by Arab owners !

#5 In 1947, Blabites owned no more than 6% of the total land area of Palestine.

#6 The United Nations granted 54% of the total area of the country for the Blabites !

#7 The Blabites immediately occupied (and still occupies) 80.48% of the total land area of Palestine?

When the Brits betrayed the Arabs who died in the fight against the Turks and took over their lands... The people of that land were the native people there. The Blabites only difference from any other Palestinian was the farce religion.

At that time the Palestinians who did follow the religion of their Blabites was 2.5%. The rest of the Arabs owned 78.5 % of the land.

The European cult that invaded could not buy land from the British. It was not their land to sell. They could not buy land from the Palestinians because they did not have any authority to sell land to foreigners from another nation.

The only fair solution is to give the Blabites 2.5% of the land.

Give the 97.5% to the other Arabs.

Send those Europeans back to the lands they fled from and let them face the hate they have brought on themselves.

At last hold trials for any living war criminals who took part in this robbery and murder of the native people of Palestine.