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" 556 BCE Sargan II, one of the great emperors of Assyria, completes the job, and the whole northern part of the country ceases to exist as a Jewish state.
The word Jew comes from the word Jeudah or kingdom of Judah
The kingdom of Judah was about 1/3 of the land of Israel in the south eastern region.
The northern part was never part of a "Jewish state".

The pictures below is Israel with the modern day boundaries to the left and the boundaries at the time of the divided kingdom on the right.

At the time of Solomon the Israel portion was greater in the land area of Jordan, but the Judah region had less land area on the left ( Philistia was there) and on the lower right ( Edom was there)
Think of Israel along the lines as the United States during our civil war.
Samaria was to the North in the Israel division of the divided kingdom.