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Rabbi: One who teaches the scriptures <> Blabbi: One who professes to teach the word of God while selling their own concocted BS as the will of God.
Blabbism: The concocted laws, rituals or ceremonies concocted by Blabbis.
Blabbites: The gullible Lemmings who worship their Blabbis and follow their concocted religion of Blabbism.

Jewish Tradition

"Jewish Tradition" are from :
#1 Anglo Saxon Europeans who have no more proof of being descendants of the Israelites than Porky Pig.
These rituals and the attire is concocted by Europeans.
There are NO God given commands or support for these man concoctions.
There is no more records of any Israelites ever taking part in these ceremonies / rituals than records that the Israelites went bowling.
#5 The BLABBIES of this sect cult would deceive their Lemmings that they are the descendants of the Israelites and they are involved in practicing the ceremonies of the Israelites which are commanded in the Torah.

Know that these cult or their fabricated rituals have nothing to do with the Scriptures or the Israelites. To believe any of this BS had any thing to do with the commands of God would be like believing God commanded Christians to wear coon skin coats and eat gold fish. (Raccoon coats & swallowing goldfish )

No Israelite wore the attire of this cult. The dances, the attire they wear and all of these practices are made up by Europeans several hundred years AD. There is nothing Jewish about them, they are the concoctions of Pollock's, Russians, Germans ... Europeans.

Every religion and culture has it's traditions, "So what"  you say?

How are "Jewish traditions" any different than fireworks on the 4th of July or Easter egg hunting?

Those of us who follow traditions do so because our parents were dressing us up, taking us places and making us jump through the hoops of those traditions before we could reason or had any knowledge base to reason with. Our parents conditioned us to run through the rat maze because they themselves were conditioned by their parents.

Some here in the past that tradition had it's beginning. How did the fad of swallowing gold fish start? All traditions start with single events. People present think it is groovy so they begin to do it and it spreads. I remember hearing a joke in grade school. Once when doing my laundry in another state hundreds of miles away I heard kids telling the same joke.

Traditions start with a single event, they spread and being the social creatures we are, we join in and become Lemmings on the band wagon. If you don't get with it you are square, you are a stick in the mud ... You are out of it man.
Being on the band wagon is fun. We get to bounce up and down on dad's shoulders for everyone to see when the band plays a beat do make us dance on it's strings. When we get older we get to scope out those smiling things of the opposite sex ... then of course there is always the smells and the great food. There is no rat in his right mind who would not be conditioned to such stimulus.

So what is the difference in "Jewish traditions" than those of any other culture?
Imagine some preacher telling the people in their congregation that they are THE REAL DESCENDANTS OF THE ISRAELITES and there are specific ceremonies that they MUST take part of.


a) Thus saith the Lord: The first day following the last Sabbath of the 4th month is the day that thou shall set aside as a Holy day.
b) Thy sons shalt be dressed in the skins of sheep. The trousers shall begin at the belly button and end at the top of the knees.
The shirt shalt be full length with the collar extending to the chin with one roll.
c) Thy daughters shalt also wear clothing of sheep skins. Thy dress must be one piece. The sleeves will extend fully to the hands. The bottom of the dress shalt extend fully to the ground. On the back, shall be 7 buttons made of buckeyes. On dressing the buttons must be fastened in the sequence (The bottom being button 1) 3. 7, 1, 5, 2, 4
d) Thou shalt prepare only the eggs of white chickens. They must be kosher eggs verified by a holy sect of preachers. They shalt be colored with all colors except the color of green, for that is the color of grass.
e) Thou shalt then hide those colored eggs in random places. In the morning of that Holy Day, when the sun dial is at 35 degrees, thy children shalt put their right index finger on the top of their heads, make 3 full turns clock wise, sneeze once and take 3 elephant steps forward. At that time the egg hunt shalt begin.
f) These are the commands to your ancestors who were given to Moses by God at Mt Sinai. This is a perpetual commandment through out your generations.
g) These commands are written in the book of MeSez 22:13 and 35:18

Many of these concoctions billed as "Jewish traditions" are not traditions. By they teach they are doing what the Israelites did because God commanded them to do it.
It is not a tradition, but there are specific requirements that MUST be followed and these specifics are given to them in the scriptures. Commandments of God are not traditions, they are ordinances / laws of God.

What "kosher" means to this cult is something made by or approved by a Blabbi. and of course these Blabbis cash in on their positions of being "kosher" approvers. In addition these Blabbis must be present to head the ceremonies. Either they get paid by some offering set up or you have to pay that Blabbi to be at that event.


The fact that these things are NOT written in the scriptures makes those who teach this hoax to be liars and those who follow are followers of liars.
It must be done a specific way and you must have this specific thing
approved of or made by a Blabbi ... or these lying BLABBIES fill their pockets with the deceived Lemmings. Making themselves necessary to this cult religion, makes their Lemmings dependant on them, gives them self importance, popularity and stuffs their piggy banks.

#1 They do not follow the commandments of Judaism: Kill those who work on the Sabbath, kill those who curse, have burnt offerings, no woman on her period allowed in the congregation, kill your adulterous daughters, no bastard/mamazer allowed in the congregation, kill your drunken sons, paint your door post with lambs blood, stay home for a 24 hour period on the Sabbath, kill sodomites ... NO ONE on earth follows the laws given to the Israelites.
#2 They have NO physical proof of any connection to the Israelites.
#3 All Israelites came from Canaanites, Chaldeans, Moabites, Midianites, Syrians, Philistines, Jebusites, Zidonians, Hittites, Havites, Egyptians ... native people of the middle east with different physical features than Europeans, and yet no one can pick out a family of "Jews" in a line up of any other Europeans.
They have NO connection to the Israelites by religion nor by heredity. They are not Jews by religion nor by heredity and therefore NONE of these concocted traditions are Jewish traditions in the first place.

Jewish traditions - NO <> Euro Blabbite concoctions YES

Using the trick of word association they deceive the world. Jew, Jewish, Israeli, Zionist ... Bible words. By taking bible identifications and applying to themselves over and over for centuries, the world has come to associate them with people of the bible.
Breaking a glass at a wedding is a "Jewish tradition". No bible Jews or Israelites had any glass to break. These concocted traditions have no connection to any native people of the middle east. They are the concoction of the Europeans, who are the descendants of those scattered out of the middle east from the tower of Babel (before any Israelite ever existed)
Word association, concocted traditions and attire, all given the title Jewish and repeated over and over.
Their circle dance is Greek, their beanies are Greek. Their music is Russian, Yiddish is European slang just like Ebonics. Their instructions "thou shalt not fart" is the concoction of a Euro Blabbi. There is NOTHING "Jewish" about any of these European concoctions.

Jewish traditions - NO <> Euro Blabbite concoctions YES

They say they wear the beanies because of scriptural commandments to cover the head. Such commands were instructions to cover your head in prayer (Not to wear like a ball hat). These beanies do not even fulfill that commandment. They do not cover the head, they only cover a small patch of the head. It would appear this tradition was concocted by a Blabbite who wanted to cover his bald spot. They can put their names on the beanies but the fact they are not "Jew" anything, they are beanies they copied from the Greeks.
Ignorant people think... Hmmm they do all these thing of the Jews, so they must be the descendants of the Israelites. Well, NONE of these things were ever done by the Jews or the Israelites.
They have no connection to the Israelites but forensic science proves they are not descendants of natives of the middle east. They do not follow Judaism and they do not follow Jewish traditions. Their traditions are only the traditions of a European cult of Anglo Saxons.

Jewish traditions - NO <> Euro Blabbite concoctions YES

"Jewish Traditions" = shove the actual scriptures where the light does not shine. Never mind the actual scriptures, you do and believe what ever we tell you.


It does not matter what reason you or the concoct as to why they do not keep the laws of Judaism, when you cite any reason why they do not follow Judaism, you establish the fact that they do not follow Judaism ... no matter the reason.

Here is a sample of the laws God gave to the Israelites through Moses. If you think these Europeans follow Judaism, tell me if they keep these laws of Judaism
Kill those who work on the Sabbath, kill those who curse, have burnt offerings, no woman on her period allowed in the congregation, kill your adulterous daughters, no bastard/mamazer allowed in the congregation, kill your drunken sons, paint your door post with lambs blood, stay home for a 24 hour period on the Sabbath, kill sodomites ...

Do these Europeans keep the laws of Judaism
Yes or No