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Rabbinical Judaism 

Terms used

Rabbi one who studies and teaches the Old Testament ( or Torah ) Vs Blabbi = one who pretends to teach the word of God while they teach their own concoctions.

Israelites = descendants of the man Israel Vs Blabbites = ignorant or lying Europeans who follow the concoctions of their Blabbis.

Judaism = the religion given to the Israelites through Moses Vs Blabism = the cult religion concocted by Blabbis and followed by their Lemmings the Blabites.

What is Rabbinical Judaism? It all depends which Blabbite or Blabbi is telling the story. Truth is a constant. There is no truth is the assertions of this cult so there can be no constant.

From a "Jew" web page

{ In the 6th century BC Israel was conquered by Assyria and ten tribes were scattered into the Arab countries ( 2 Kings 17), leaving 2 tribes in the kingdom of Judah . The people of the kingdom of Judah called themselves Yehudim (Jews), and that name continues to be used today. }

Of course there were no people on earth who called themselves Jews until after the split of the kingdoms and 10 of the tribes of the Israelites were scattered into the Arab countries. IF the 2 tribes that remained in Judah were the "Jews" then of course the 10 tribes scattered outside of Israel were not "Jews" ... but then again, we find where the Babylonians simply made themselves Jews in the book of Esther.

I was up before daylight Saturday morning and flipped on abc to see a thingy on rabbis.
It seems the "Jews" need rabbis real bad, it told how all the women were now coming in. Like catholic priest who had no such thing for 1900 years, but men are not interested so they are getting women to do it.. unlike mike-y women will swallow any thing?
Well don't know about that, but I really giggled when they had a farm girl who got into the Blabbi BS. They need em so bad they are bringing in lowly goy women who grew up on a farm milking cows.

I would say it won't be long until they have sodomite rabbis, but that has long been the case.

These Blabbis.. told how hard this study was... never will be done ... their task is to read Hebrews and interpret what some rabbi wrote?
Wait a minute, what are they doing spending all that time learning what some rabbi wrote.
Do ya mean them thar Blabbites are really ah learning the word of Blabbis instead of the word of the scriptures?
Rabbinical study ... like duh learning what some Blabbi said, kind of like some big Christian cult 2000 years from now creating universities to study the words of Jim baker, Swaggart, pat Robertson, Jim Jones, Billy Gram n the wacco from waco...
As I have already stated these people do not follow and worship God, they are a cult of Blabbites who worship their Blabbis in their religion of Blabbism


The Rabbinical interpretations of what the Talmud or Torah states. Instead of the study of what is written in the Old Testament ( Torah ) states, "Rabbinical Judaism" is the study of what some other Blabbi says.
There are hundreds of Babbis and "Jew" books on the studies of what those Blabbis said.
The Torah is the Blabbites word for Old Testament. The Torah is not the Talmud. I will give those links below.
"Rabbinical Judaism" is supposed to be the study of the Talmud ( Unwritten laws that God gave to Moses" and the study of Rabbis commentaries on the Talmud. 

The best number I could find so far is that the Talmud is about 2,500 pages long. ( Most of those calling themselves "Jews" don't have a clue themselves.)
Rabbinical Judaism is no less than the worship of dead Blabbis. It is not the study of the scriptures, it is the study and praise of what some Blabbi ( now rotten in the earth ) said.
Like little trained robots they memorize word for word what another Blabbi said. They learn the Hebrew phrases and words then interpret into the language of the nation they are living in. It would seem that after it was interpreted 10, 20 or 100 times that would be enough, but then their silly game could not exist.

If they live in a society that speaks and writes Hebrew then their only fame can come by being among the best robots to memorize what the dead Blabbis said.
This cult comes in the rats who run through the maze over and over until they can quote what the dead Blabbis said by heart and then there are the Blabbites ( congregation ). The Blabbites do not bother to memorize but they worship their Blabbis in awe because they are such great robots who have memorized what the dead Blabbis had said.
These Blabbi studies are never ending, they are not applied, they are not directions which they follow. Blabbi studies consist of a life time study of useless information ( with the exception of worshipping dead Blabbis and being worshipped because of their own vast knowledge of useless information ).

"Rabbinical Judaism" has nothing to do with the worship and study of the word of God, it is the self worship of Blabbis and study of what Blabbis have said.
So they spend 50 years studying what a bunch of Blabbis said and tell how wonderful they were. (1) they will never be able to pass this useless info to their Blabbites (2) they will not save any souls with it (3) they will not use it to help the sick or the hungry.

Well I can't say it is a useless waste of time. Like a man who practice over and over until he can pick a bugar with his tongue, it is useful to impress your peers.
Other than the praise and worship of his peers, the Blabbite gets paid cash by his congregation of Blabbites for spending his life learning information that is worth nothing but to impress others of what he knows about what some other dead Blabbis said.

The movie "Yentel" did reflect the historic record that there were no such thing as women Blabbis and that Rabbinical Judaism is nothing more than the study and worship of dead Blabbis.
In the tv info-commercial to get women ( even goy women ) to become "Rabbis" it did mention something about spending a year in Israel. The only thing I can guess was that they are getting desperate for tourist money so they are using this farce to bring American dollars into their pockets.
Instead of worship of Blabbis, what could that time and study accomplish if they would use it on something like medical research?


What is called Judaism today has nothing to do with the Judaism of the Israelites. There is nothing orthodox about what is now called "Orthodox Judaism".
It appears that the movie "Yental" ( what ever) will serve the Blabbites well to usher in women / lesbian Blabbis.
In this movie Strisdan sneaks into a Rabbinical school pretending to be a boy. She ends up in a situation where she is married to a woman. As the lesbians sat watching the movie, their imaginations and lust were stimulated by the thought of such a wonderful fantasy where their young bride would beg them to come into their bed.

Her little kiss while her bride slept, the lovely little scene when they parted and her ending words of how she loved both the man and the young girl, what more could a lesbian dream of than to become a "Jewish Rabbi"?