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04-35-16 to 35


35:16 But if he hits him with an instrument of iron, so that he
dies, he is a murderer;
the murderer shall surely be put to

Death, the Hebrew text / word is 

Here are 5 verses they seemed to have left out of their "613" commandments.
35:17 And if he hits him by hand with a stone, whereby he
may die, he is a murderer;
the murderer shall surely be put
to death
35:18 Or if he hits him with a weapon of wood in his hand,
whereby he may die, and he dies, he is a murderer;
murderer shall surely be put to death
35:21 Or if in enmity he hits him with his hand, so that he dies;
he who hit him shall surely be put to death, for he is a
The avenger of blood shall slay the murderer
when he meets him.
35:31 Moreover,
you shall take no ransom for the life of a
, who is guilty of death, but he shall surely be put
to death

Strong's Ref. # 4191, Romanized muwth, Pronounced mooth
A primitive root: to die (literally or figuratively); causatively,
to kill:
put to death, destroy, cause to die, kill

Under the laws of Judaism, the death penalty is mandatory for murders. They can not get off by paying bribes or fines (ransom).
Explain how a "Jew" murdered a kid in California, got on a plane went to Israel and is not in their protection in a prison where he plays tennis?
Explain to me about all the murderers in their prisons, who will live there and die of natural causes?
Explain to me how a "Jew" murdered their own "Jew" president and now he is kept alive in their prisons and will not be executed?
This government is a government of "Jews" you can see them all wearing their beanies. These "Jews" claim to follow the laws of Judaism?
NO, this cult has no connections to the Israelites and they have nothing to do with the religion of Judaism.
They have no religion except the concoctions of their blabbies.. (false rabbis)