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I'm also curious about your thoughts on the dna evidence that continues to come forth concerning the Jews and their distinctive markers that actually put them more closely related to the Kurds then to Arabs?
I just caught this one....

The false Jew cult and party mob bosses in the US are now trying to stir up conflict between several major tribes in Iraq. It is the same old trick our party mob bosses did in Vietnam, South America and in other Arab nations. Pretend to be peace makers while they stir up conflict to get them to cut each other's throats then supply both sides with murder weapons to kill each other (like Iran and Iraq).
The American news loves to show the Kurds murdered by Sadam, but they continue to neglect to tell ignorant American's it is the gas the American politicians gave to them to kill the people of Iran .. ( our technology. )
Then they neglect to tell about the mass murder weapons they sold to Iran.


Of course the Kurds of this day is saturated with European descendants, gust like the (once pure brown/black face) native Americans before the Europeans infested their lands.

Kurds, seminomadic, tribal peoples who have for centuries inhabited a mountainous region of southwestern Asia. Although accurate population figures are difficult to attain, the Kurdish population was estimated at nearly 26 million in the 1990s.

There were no people calling themselves Kurds until centuries AD.
The ancestors of the Kurds were people of Iran, Iraq, Turkey ...
They are not a different race and have no distinctive markers different than the people they came from in the first place.
This is a picture of Kurd refugees in the back ground and in the foreground a couple of European "Jews"

What can you do but giggle.

Tribal people are not a different race. With in Iran / Iraq there are thousands of different tribes and multiple factions of religions. NOT a different race .. ONE race divided in gobs of religious and political factions.

The above must be a very early color picture of a Kurdish woman (I think it is a woman). It must have been taken in a studio. When I saw the whole outfit I giggled.
IF the bible is true, every one started out from Iraq. The Kurds ancestors would have been descendants of the Chaldeans or Hittites.
The "Kurds" are nothing but a clan of Iraqis, just like the Hatfields and McCoys they began with a hillbilly clan or tribe.
The very idea that the pale face "whites" of Europe (like the Ann Frank family) are related to the native people of the middle east is quite laughable.
"The Jews and their distinctive markers that actually put them more closely related to the Kurds then to Arabs?"
Every one the Israelites fought against is exactly who they were descendants of. In the beginning there were no Israelites. In the history time line of Egypt, there were millions of Egyptians when Abraham traveled there with Sarah.
Abraham never lived long enough to see the first Israelite (Ruben). The scriptures do not give the dates or accurate generations, but there had to be enough time from the end of the flood... until the descendants of the sons of Noah spread out and created all the kingdoms that Abraham and Isaac traveled to.
Isaac was no Israelite, he was a Chaldean (ancient Iraqi) by physical heredity and a Canaanite by nationality.
After the Israelites came into existence they were not the descendants of any one of their ancestors, but they were the product of every ancestor of every nation they came from.
Chaldeans, Canaanites, Moabites, Midiaites, Jebusites, Hitttites, Havites, Philistines, Egyptians, Syrians, Zideonians, Ammoites, Amorites ... and on and on ... and yet this guy says the "Jews" are closer to the Kurds than the Arabs?
That is all the Israelites were a pot luck of Arabs. I can't understand why the "Jews" would not be like all the rest of the Europeans they came from in the first place?