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Khazars, extinct Turkic people, who flourished from about ad 200 to about 950, living at first in the region of the Caucasus Mountains (Georgia, adjacent to Turkey N.E 43 n lat, 42 e lon) and the Caspian Sea ( North of Iran) and later on the steppes of southeastern Russia. The ethnicity of the Khazars was complicated by racial mixture and dispersion; most authorities classify them as a Turkish or, less probably, a Georgian people. In the 7th century their Khakan, or sovereign, embraced Judaism, and a large part of the population converted thereafter. Khazar power came to an end when, after a series of wars, they were assimilated by the Russians. The Khazars were a significant factor in preventing Arab expansion to the Caucasus. The name is also spelled Chazars.

In the 7th century (700 AD) they embraced Judaism and a large population converted to Judaism after that.... Around 700 AD a bunch of Turkish descendants converted to Judaism.
Khazars are not "Jews" (meaning descendants of the Israelites) but they are Turk descendants. They never converted to the religion given to the Israelites, but to the mock Judaism concocted in Europe centuries after Christ.

They were also scattered through out all the middle east nations. You can also note the Europeans calling themselves descendants of the Khazars have fair skin and blond hair that does not come out of the Turkish people. I remember some of the early pictures of Turks in back villages.. lots of straight hair, lots of curly hair but the men had thick black hair and their chests also. Many of the women had thick black eye brows with hair growing between the eye brows.

Now the goofy Russian descendants think they are descendants of the Israelites because their Turkish ancestors converted to a mock Judaism !


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