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Discovered in desert caves from several locations. The first was accidentally discovered by a Bedouin shepherd (1947) in a cave.
Thought to be part of the Essenes Jewish sect lived at Qumran from the mid-2nd century BC to AD 68.
Scholars think the scrolls were not the work of Essene but were a collected library of important Jewish works that was hidden during the Roman invasion of AD 67 to 73.
The scrolls date around 200 BC to 100 AD , the majority were composed during the 1st century BC and 1st century AD.

The Scrolls contain some copies of Old Testament text and all the rest has nothing to do with any thing in the Torah / Old Testament.
The only value these scrolls really have is the fact that "they are very old". Even original copies of letters of a shopping list or fictional stories are priceless to those who collect such things.
Accounts like the Jews in a suicidal revolt against Rome in AD 132-135 was debunked last week on the History channel. The writer of that letter revealed he was not present at the event but he got the info from the few who escaped. By their own words ( in the guy's letter) they were hiding and so it would not have been possible for them to give testimony about something they did not see.

Regardless of any actual validity of the info in the scrolls they are worth big money. I suppose if someone had the original Donald Duck subscription I took in the 1950's in 2000 years from now , it would be worth millions.

I have always considered the possibility that they were forged and planted. Carbon 14 seems to be a tool of research but even that can be fudged. i.e. a life form subjected to water dripping out of coal will give it a false reading. Anyone with big money and science knowledge could fake such a thing and get away with it.

Consider the curiosity and paying tourist these scrolls have brought in just 10 years. If they would have paid 10 million bucks for them, they got their cash back in spades in just a few years.
"Discovered by a Bedouin shepherd (1947) ". Imagine this. It would be like finding Aladdin's cave of gold. The boy makes one of the greatest historical finds of the century and he is almost unknown.
His face would be plastered on major magazines around the world. He would be interviewed by radio talk shows and would be flown around the world to meet endless big wigs. but this kid "finds the great Dead Sea Scrolls" and he vanishes from the radar of public knowledge?

Except their age, they are not the text written by Moses. they are not some new commandments given to any by God. At best the scriptural part of the scrolls are nothing more than the hand copied bible text of the Catholic monks.
The Essenes themselves were a group like the Branch Divinations ( Koresh gang ). They separated themselves from all others to do their thing. In the time frame ( if not faked ) these scrolls were recorded, Israel was no longer in power. They were under the rule of the Romans & such.
In this transition period till the time of Christ, most of the Israelites had already been scattered through out the Arab nations ( primarily Egypt ).
The text is not the writings of Moses, they were written over 1000 years after the death of Moses.
The scrolls were nothing given to them by God. At best they were an outcast group like the Branch Divinations who hand copied some of the scriptures and recorded events / ceremonies / rules they had made up between themselves.
At the worst, they are just a bunch of concocted fakes to bilk the Lemmings of the world of their money.
The scrolls do nothing to give creditability to the pretend Anglo Saxon European invaders calling themselves Jews, but the little fragments have and will continue to put million$ in their pocket$.

If I live long enough I expect them to find text in their magic scrolls that God commanded we lowly goys must lick between their toes to be accepted into heaven.


After watching the Antique Road Show, I observed how many fakes people had bought. When archeologist make some great find, ask yourself:
#1 What kind of fame and finical benefit would this guy obtain by a great find.
When experts look for a forgery, they have a big list of test to make. If they can create a forgery that will meet the required test results, bingo they are an instant hero in the archeology world.
Such finds bring fame, speaking engagements, book sales, paying tourist to the great find, training / classes to students that want to know all about the amazing boggle, curiosity and a place in some history book.
#2 How hard would it be for someone with a lot of money and contacts in the scientific field to create a forgery.
#3 Other than your curiosity and the romance of touching or seeing something that belonged to some famous or ancient people of the past, what other real value does the magical boggle have?

Christians are no more idiots than anyone else. They are just trusting and accepting of such things because of their imagination.
Even experts are deceived. Stern magazine paid thousands of dollars to purchase Hitler's personal diary.

This people "Jews" who evolved out of a cult of European Anglo Saxon / Aryan have already conned the religious world into believing they are descendants of the native people of the middle east. They are very good at the con game.
They ( who's religious book states Christ was a bastard and it is a service to God to kill Christians - Talmud ) have an old boat and they named it "The Jesus Boat" ( after "the bastard" Jesus I guess ).



MASADA In this account about 1000 Jews held out against the Romans for three years. The event was supposed to have taken place about 50-75 AD. Finally the Romans got other Jews to climb up the bank first so those on top could not throw stones down on them. In the story at the end the Jews committed mass suicide.
The problem is those who told the story said they were in hiding and where they were in hiding, they could not have been a witness to the account they were "witness to".
At this time in history most of the Israelites had already been dispersed into the Arab countries.

Hmmm about 1000 people living on this big rock. It doesn't like a garden would grow up there. I wonder where 1000 people would get their groceries for three years... call out for pizza?


One of their most absurd tricks to bring idiot "Christians" to spend their money was nothing but a rock. They declared this to be the rock Mary sat on when she was pregnant with Jesus. This crock must have been seen through by even the most idiotic "Christians" because I have not heard any more about this farce for several years. How did they know Mary sat there when she was pregnant with Jesus? Did she leave her buttocks print in the rock? If so, how did they verify the buttock print belonged to Mary?


What ever "great find" pops up next, real or another concoction, ask yourself what actual importance does it have in this life or the next and are those who produce the magic show gonna use it to fill their pocket$.