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Poor little Jews

I was just watching the history channel about the prison camps.
There was no segregation, "Jews", Gypsies and Jehovah Witnesses were all in the same camps, but in the number of those killed in the camps, "they were ALL Jews"?

I am not sure exactly what Gypsies were, but one would have to find the total % of Gypsies to figure how many "Jews" were killed? i.e. say
10% were homosexuals?
15% were Gypsies
40% were Jehovah Witnesses
35% were "Jews"
What % of people other than "Jews" were in those prison camps? When we see all those pictures of the prison camps, we are brought to believe every one in those camps were poor little "Jews". If there were 6 million people killed in those camps, what % of that 6 million were not "Jews"?

Other than the other groups above, they also put retards, deformed people and regular German enemies of the nazis in those camps, but when the world sees those camps, the think every one there was a "Jew" !

Go to their web pages, see the big pile glasses and all those shoes, how do they know they all belonged to "Jews"? Does the feet of the Jews have a different smell than those of Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, Gypsies and retarded people?

Where is America's tax payer, sponsored holocaust museum for Gypsies and the other one for Jehovah Witnesses?

There are only a very small concentration of "Jewish" populations through out the US, Britain or any where in the world, but there is probably no county in the nation that does not have Jehovah Witnesses.

Yes every thing is about the poor little "Jews", the 8 million killed were all Jews and when the German government paid millions for all the wealth stolen... EVERY DIME WENT TO THE "JEWS".

Every thing is for all the "Jews" and all suffering ever was the suffering of the poor "Jews".
In that same war, there were more Chinese imprisoned and killed than "Jews" and there were over 11 million Russians slaughtered in the same war.

Where is our Holocaust center for the Chinese, where is our Holocaust center for the Russians killed by the Germans?
Oh, yeah and why don't we read all the documents of the "Jewish" soldiers and "Jewish" leaders in the nazi army?

Well I guess only the suffering of the "Jews" matters and when "Jews" are involved in the murder of others, that is not worth wasting ink on.

Get a note pad and put it by your chair
* Every time you hear about the  Holocaust of the Jews write 1
* Every time you hear about the Holocaust of the Jehovah Witnesses write 1
* Every time you hear about the Holocaust of the Gypsies write 1
* Every time you hear about the Holocaust of the Russians write 1
* Every time you hear about the suffering / Holocaust of the Chinese write 1

The first and only time I ever saw a program about the prison camps, human experiments and mass slaughter of the Chinese was a few months ago... More than all the "Jews" together.

At the end of your year of observations send a post to this list so we can see if only the poor little "Jews" were the victims of concentration camps.
I hope to send some of these on the same day they are on tv so if any readers are watching, they can read these post and brand this information in their memories.

These programs are on more than once in the same day some times.
The name of this program is Hitler's Henchmen, the whole set of tapes 1-800-1776 Big buck .
In the documentary they revealed how the Germans with "Jewish wives were given special status.

They also told of how people could escape the camps if ANY of their relatives were not Jews.

What does this mean?

It means the Germans were a big stew who were all packed full of "Jews"
The German military was packed with "Jews"
"Jewish" transition to man hood at 12, nazi soldiers / officers at 20 !

* The guy in the upper left is a German declaring a move against Catholics.
* To the upper right is a Catholic nun in the concentration camp.



* The nazi in the lower left is "Jew" and his wife as he proudly puts on his German uniform with sword.
* The lower Right was a Jehovah Witness of the prison camps.


Today Zola's subject is the Holocaust and the evil nazis.
In the picture is a "Jewish" School teacher, some nazi stuff and the "Jew" declaration of independence. or the German cult declaration of independence.


Today Zola mentioned the Jehovah Witnesses but according to him, it was their own fault they were killed because they could have left.
All those calling themselves Jews had the same chance to leave as the Jehovah witnesses. According to PBS Einstein left to avoid going into the German Army.

While Zola blames the Jehovah Witnesses for their own murder, he never thought to mention that the people in the camps and gas chambers were not just "Jews", the Jehovah Witnesses were part of those people.
... And poor forgetful Zola completely forgot about the Catholics, the homosexuals, the Gypsies and all the German criminals who were shipped to the camps.

In all the years I have been seeing people being put on those trains, I have yet to see them point out one of the Catholics, homos, Gypsies, German criminals or Jehovah Witnesses put on the trains. I guess all these people put in the prison camps and in the gas chambers must have rode the buss.

I have seen people put on the trains with out the "star of David", but I have never heard any comments about them.
There were more Catholics, homos, Gypsies, German criminals and Jehovah witnesses in those camps then all the "Jews" combined.


When you see the films of those kids with numbers on their arms it really gets to you. For most of my life I thought all those children were Jewish children, no one ever bothered to mention all the other people in those camps.

When you see those marks, you are made to believe those marks were created for the extermination of the Jews. No one bothers to say those were identifying marks given to all the prisoners in those camps !

Is the things that happened to those children perverted, yeah but like all such innocent victims, there is someone else who may have had a hand in getting them where they are. Children pay for the idiocy or evil of their parents. Consider the children who endured that disaster for a couple of months before they were burned alive in Waco.

Being burned after death in Germany doesn't make those people Israelites no more than being burned alive in Waco proved that Koresh was really Jesus Christ.

Below is a list of places where the "Jews" have been booted out. I do not know about most of these accounts. I can not verify them. If you find the list to be bs or the truth, let me know.


250: Carthage
415: Alexandria
554: Diocese of Clement (France)
561: Diocese of Uzzes (France)
612: Visigoth Spain
642: Visigoth Empire
855: Italy
876: Sens
1012: Mayence
1181: France
1290: England
1306: France
1348: Switzerland
1349: Hielbronn (Germany)
1349: Hungary
1388 - Strasbourg
1394 - Germany
1394 - France
1422 - Austria
1424: Fribourg & Zurich
1426: Cologne
1432: Savory
1438: Mainz
1439: Augsburg
1446: Bavaria
1453: Franconis
1453: Breslau
1454: Wurzburg
1485: Vincenza (Italy)
1492: Spain
1495: Lithuania
1497: Portugal
1499: Germany
1514: Strasbourg
1519: Regensburg
1540: Naples
1542: Bohemia
1550: Genoa
1551: Bavaria
1555: Pesaro
1559: Austria
1561: Prague
1567: Wurzburg
1569: Papal States
1571: Brandenburg
1582: Netherlands
1593: Brandenburg, Austria
1597: Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
1614: Frankfort
1615: Worms
1619: Kiev
1649: Ukraine
1654: Little Russia
1656: Lithuania
1669: Oran (North Africa)
1670: Vienna
1712: Sandomir
1727: Russia
1738: Wurtemburg
1740: Little Russia
1744: Bohemia
1744: Livonia
1745: Moravia
1753: Kovad (Lithuania)
1761: Bordeaux
1772: Jews deported to the Pale of Settlement (Russia)
1775: Warsaw
1789: Alace
1804: Villages in Russia
1808: Villages & Country sides (Russia)
1815: Lubeck & Bremen
1815: Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
1820: Bremes
1843: Russian Border Austria & Prussia
1862: Area in the U.S. under Grant's Jurisdiction
1866: Galatz, Romania
1919: Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
1938-45: Nazi Controlled Areas
1948: Arab Countries

Let me see, being persecuted in the Nazi death camps proves they are Israelites right?

Ok the Jehovah Witnesses claim they are the 144,000 stated in Revelations. The 144,000 were all Israelites and the Jehovah Witnesses were murdered in Nazi death camps, Ah so, the Jehovah Witnesses are the true descendants of the Israelites.

If you ever talk to any of those "Jews" who put that Holocaust museum together, I have to know. Did they sniff those shoes or exactly how did they know which shoes belonged to whizzes, homosexuals, Gypsies, Jews or Jehova Witnesses.


Today Zola's topic was the holocaust and one of his guest was one of the American soldiers (who was not a Jew) which told how it was when the American army first entered into the prison camps.
He went on to say how Adolph Eichman hated the Jews because "Eichman had a little bit of Jewish blood in him"?
Regardless of their German mix, all of those in the camps were Jews, but the Jews that killed "Jews" are only part Jewish?
If a Jew is a descendant of the man Israel, there is NO such thing as being part Jew, a little bit Jew, you either are or you are not a descendant of the man Israel.
Every "Jew" in the nazi army, every "Jew" in the nazi party is as "Jewish" as anyone on earth who profess to be Jews.
Imagine that, Adolph Eichman, the famous "Jew butcher" a Jew himself.

Before doing this part of Eichman, I first posted the part Jewish assertion and the "Jews" say there is no such thing?

What a great service to the world, some journalist with the guts and brains to search through the rosters of the nazis and German military and reveal to the world how the Jew nazis murdered millions.