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 Jews are an ethnic group or a culture... BS

Ethnic group
At least 35 percent of Canada's inhabitants trace their ancestry to the British Isles, and another 25 percent are of French background

Mexicoís population is composed primarily of mestizos, who are approximately 60 percent of the population. Indigenous peoples make up approximately 30 percent of the population, and people of European ancestry,
I looked up ethnic group in the encyclopedia and ethnic group is
a* a reference to where they came from

American Heritage dictionary
1 Of or relating to sizable groups of people sharing a common
b* racial
c* national
d* religious
e* linguistic (study of nature or human speech)
f* cultural heritage
2. Relating to a people who are NOT g* who are not Christian or h* who are not Jewish;
Those people who are not Christian or Jewish
I* heathen. --eth∑nic n. A member of a particular ethnic group, especially one who maintains the language or customs of the group.

2 Here the dictionary defines an ethnic group  a large group who are NOT Christians or Jews as heathens.

Not in any subset, but in the set of people who call themselves Jews which of these definitions apply to that set?

Which of the above meanings makes "Jews" an ethnic group