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Look at the faces of those who get off the planes to saturate the homeland of the Palestinians. How many faces of the native people of the middle east do you see in this pot?

Go to the Ethiopian "Jew" pages and you will see some of these white faces peppered in, but when you look at a hundred of their gatherings, you won't find 2% of blacks in those pictures and less than 1% Arab faces.

Russians imported by the thousands to invade the home land of the Palestinians

"Working to strengthen Christian-Jewish understanding on shared bible concern" ... The only thing they share with gullible Christians is give us your money and you get to be "a righteous gentile".

This cult has even been able to make money off of one of the Nazi slave owners. They took that events of WW2 and made a movie Schindler's List. Here they worked in an ammo factory making weapons to kill Americans and their allies. As for them to do exactly what they were told to save their families, there was nothing wrong with that.. BUT they turned it into a fraud by making it appear they were destroying their work, so they did not produce any weapons to murder the allies.

The ONLY thing that saved The Schindler rat pack from the prison camps was their mass production of murder weapons used to kill Americans and allies. In another segment they showed Schindler kissing a little "Jewish" girl on the mouth at a birth day party. They leave out the part where they sent their daughters to service Schindler?

Why do they have a place for righteous gentiles and there is a place there to honor Schindler? To bilk ignorant Christians out of their money.

The fact is Schindler was not a righteous gentile who saved the "Jews". Those who went to his factories were FREE slave labor he could use to get rich off.

As for the lie they "pulled out their teeth to make a gold ring for Schindler", these asses will stoop to any level to deceive idiots and bilk their money. (1) They were slave labor (2) who made murder weapons to kill Americans (3) and they sent their little girls to bed with Schindler, to save themselves.

From this filth and evil, they make Schindler a "righteous gentile" to make fools of Christians to bilk their money.

Here is a picture of the white face Europeans coming into the homelands of the Palestinians to displace them.

Remember all Israelites of the bible were composed of brown face Arabs, Iraqis, Egyptians, Syrians, Moabites... and these invading Europeans swarm into the middle east under the fraud they are descendants of the natives of the middle east.


Here they use young girls (Russians) to get ignorant Christians to feel sorry for them and send them their money.

All these pictures come from a film they use to bilk ignorant Christians of their money. Christians are duped into believing that they are helping the descendants of the Israelites to return to Israel. Look at their faces and know these ignorant Christians are doing nothing but helping descendants of the Druids, Anglo Saxon Europeans infest and take over the home land of the actual homeland of the native people of the middle east.

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