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Confederates, Jews, dinosaurs, Spartans n Scalawags

I am often told "The bible translators knew much more than you do". I agree.
There are 7 different Hebrew words with 7 different meanings which was replaced with the English word Jew.
Consider the English word bug
* Don't bug me.
* He drives a bug.
* There is a bug in the program.
* There is a bug in your soup.
* Bug off.
While the word Jew is through out the text, the words it replaces are different words with different meanings.
To know what the original meaning was, you must go to each verse, find out what the original word was and what it's actual meaning is.
They continue to cry.. But the bible says Jew... ok great, now what did the word Jew mean to the translators who put it in the English text.
Either they just concocted their own made up meanings or the word Jew held the SAME meaning as the actual Hebrew word.
The problem is not with the translators of the English text, but with the idiots who have perverted the word "Jew" to mean descendants of Israel or those who follow the laws of Moses.
The word Jew by the English translators has been perverted like the word sodomite means gay. In my own life time, this word NEVER had such a meaning. Those of us who were born before 1960 have no problem understanding how the word gay was completely perverted and it is quite easy to see how the word Jew has been perverted in the last 200 years.
Yeah the bible says Jew, Yeah the translators put it there. Yeah the translators were more educated than me ... Now the question is where did they get the word Jew
and what did the word Jew mean before it was perverted into "descendant of the Israelites"


The subset of people who came under the definitions of the 7 words translated to Jews, did not exist until the kingdom split. The translators did not use any of the sources of the word Jew until the beginning of the big split.
NO one except those living in the land area of the southern split or loyalist are identified under this identification by your bible translators.


Jeroboam, tribe of Ephriam. Became king of the 10 northern tribes (It says).
We find three tribes (Levite, Judah, Benjamin) became part of the southern split.
There were only 12 tribes, so if there were 10 tribes in the house of Israel.. it could only have been 9 and part of another tribe in the House of Israel.
I don't know where this "information" comes from yet, but on gobs of web sites, the tribe of Benjamin is listed as one of the 10 northern tribes. By the scriptures we do know the tribe of Benjamin was involved in the southern kingdom also, so it appears part of the tribe of Benjamin was split in the north and in the south.
This means the kingdom of Judah was only made up of the tribe of Judah and Levi and part of the tribe of Benjamin.
Similar to America's civil war: The Benjamites - brothers and cousins fighting against each other.

Rehoboam was the only known son of Solomon. He was of the tribe of Judah. His mother was an Ammonitess (Syrian).
Rehoboam was the king of the "Jews" / Southern split.
Rehoboam and Jefferson Davis are the same.
Rehoboam seceded from the united states of Israel
Jefferson Davis seceded from the united states of America


Jeroboam was the king of the existing nation of Israel
Abraham Lincoln was the president of the existing nation of America.

To distinguish themselves from each other
Rehoboam's group identified them with the 7 Hebrew words translated to the English word Jew.
Davis Jefferson's group identified themselves with the word Confederate.


Jeroboam's group identified themselves as Israel or the house of Israel
Lincoln's group identified themselves as Yankees

Long after the divided nation of Judah failed people living in that land area continued to be identified by the 7 Hebrew words translated to the English word Jew.
Long after the nation of the Confederates failed, they continued to be identified as Confederates.
Though those identifications no longer applied, the labels stuck. People who were born in the failed southern kingdom, those who lived there or those who had ancestors there used that label.
Though there is no longer any Confederate nation, the states continue to fly the Confederate flag under the national flag in their capitals. They still wear hats with the Confederate flags and they still call the people of the North, Yankees.
Though the title "Jew" or "Confederate" does NOT apply to any of these people, they use the label to identify themselves.
No person on earth today are "Jews" or "Confederates" but they like to be associated with those long dead and take on a identity that does NOT apply to them.
It is kind of like the title Spartans who are considered to be some tough cookies of the long past. There are thousands of groups who use the Spartan name to apply to themselves, while their only connection is in name.
No one calling themselves "Jews" or "Confederates" have any more connection with those ancient people than some ball team has to do with Spartans.

"Jews" do not exist..
Rebuttal.. but they are mentioned through out my bible/Tanakah
Reply... There are endless books that mention dinosaurs. They did exist (past tense) but like "Jews" the only thing that remains of them are their bones.
Those who took on that label of the group which ceased to exist were/are like people today using Confederate or Spartan to identify themselves.


The legislature of South Carolina convened. In a unanimous vote on December 20, 1860, the state seceded from the Union. Jefferson Davis president of the Confederate States (1861-1865). It lasted about 6 years.
1. A member of a confederacy; an ally.
2. One who assists in a plot; an accomplice.
3. Confederate. A supporter of the American Confederacy.
(1) You can not be a member or ally of any group that fights against something, when no group exist.
(2) You can not assist a non existent government.
(3) You can not support a non existent government
Any person who was a confederate in 1860 was not a confederate one year before that. Any one who was a confederate in 1865 was not a confederate one year after that.

The tribe of Judah in effect seceded from the united union of Israel and became a confederate nation.
Anyone who was loyal to the agenda/cause of the confederate state was a "Jew". Anyone born there or living there was a Jew, by the virtue of being under the control of that separate government.

Of course some living there did not share the same goals. Some living there had opposing agendas, but as in all governments, you go along with the politicians or are imprisoned, beaten or killed.
No "Confederates" existed before the nation of America split.
No "Confederates" existed after the southern king/nation failed.
No "Jews" existed before the nation split.
No "Jews" existed after the southern kingdom failed.
Yes there are people identified as Jews in the English text.
Yes that word Jew comes from 7 different Hebrew words with 7 different meanings.
NO, none of those meanings, mean descendants of Jacob.
Yes those meanings, mean loyalist, residence or native of the kingdom of Judah.
No, no Jews exist today. Like dinosaurs the only thing left of them are their rotten bones.
Yes, there are people who call themselves Jews today and they have NO more connection with the dead political group of the past than people calling themselves Spartans has to do with Spartans or people walking around wearing a confederate hat has any connection with confederates.
Some of the Confederates worshipped the God of Abraham and kept some of the laws given to the Israelites, but the laws of God were not given to the Confederates. The reason the Confederates kept the religious laws is because they followed the religion of their ancestors.

The reason why some of the "Jews" followed the laws of Moses is because they followed the religion given to their ancestors.
God gave the laws of Judaism to the Israelites, not the Jews, not the Confederates.

When they (who came under the word translated to Jew" existed, they were comprised of a fraction of the Israelites, gentiles, pagans ... anyone and every one living in the land area of the kingdom of Judah.

No Jews existed when the Israelites received the laws of God. Jews did not come into existence until over 800 years after Moses and they ceased to exist when the kingdom of Judah failed.
Spartans, Jews, dinosaurs and confederates all have the same thing in common. They did exist but today their rotten bones exist.


As for the Europeans calling themselves Jews, they have no physical connection to anyone in the middle east and no one on earth follows the laws given to the Israelites.
As for any actual descendant of the Israelites who exist today, not one of them are "Jews"


Scalawags an identity given to southerners who supported the north in the period of the civil war.
Southerners who were still loyal to the Confederacy, called the Southerners turn coats, scalawags.
There are 11,700 web pages in Google's search engine with the word scalawag. I would guess that 10,000 of them have nothing about any people of the civil war. I have British movie where people were called scalawags. I have heard people called that in my life time (though I never knew where the word came from).
The point is, after a title or identity is established, it will continued to be given/taken by endless numbers of people that have no connection to the original group who's identify it took.
Anyone to use the bible identification of Jew is as childish as kids in a play putting on a costume and pretending to be dinosaurs.
Every time I see a segment with goofy people bobbing their heads up and down like chickens at the wall... calling themselves Jews, I think of kids in costumes jumping up and down pretending to be dinosaurs.

There is not one living "Jew" living today no more than there are scalawags, Spartans or dinosaurs.

The word translated to "Jew" is never used once to identify the descendants of Judah in the English bible.
All references with Hebrew words to the tribe of Judah here

The Hebrew words translated to descendants of Jacob are NEVER the same words translated to the word Jew.
These are the Hebrew words translated to the descendants of Israel

These are the 7 Hebrew words that the English word Jew comes from

On this page I took every verse in the English bible with the word Jew and pasted it in a file. Next I replaced the word Jew with the original Hebrew word. I then placed the actual Hebrew definitions at the bottom of the page and made the original Hebrew word a hot link. Read any verse, left click on the original word and you will be taken to Strong's Hebrew definition. After you refresh your memory of the actual meaning, right, left click on back and you are right back where you left off.