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When I quote the scriptures when I confront these pretend "Jews" the first thing they say is you do not have a Hebrew bible, so I then say ok, here is the verse. You tell me what it states in your Hebrew version of the bible. The con is it is false because it is the English version, BUT when I ask them what it states in their version, they shut up like a clam.

If an English speaking person can learn Hebrew, the meaning of the Hebrew words are given in English in order to learn the Hebrew in the first place. Those who call themselves Jews publish and sell the bible (Torah) in English versions. If it can not be translated into English, then their publications are a crock.

Of course Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Aramaic or any language can be translated into other languages. To translate is not to replace words of one language for words of another but to put that meaning into the meaning of the other language. If it is NOT possible to translate Hebrew into other languages then millions of ignorant "Jews" have been ripped off paying to learn Hebrew over the centuries.

When they argue, "This is what the text really says" and give you their rendition of the meaning, they are telling you what it means in your language. They establish the fact the meaning in your language.

i.e. I can not pronounce or read a word of Hebrew, but I read Exodus where Moses called on God and God parted the Red Sea. Though I can not read a word of Hebrew I can get the very same information they can by reading the English version.

All the information of the bible has been translated into Russian, German, Polish, English, French ... by "Jews" and people of the world. When these "Jews" or others translate to other languages, they give the information in the Hebrew into those other languages.

If it can be translated, if it has been translated, once it is translated it is a joke for anyone to go back and re-translate it a million times more through every century. Moses called on God and God parted the Red Sea ... the information of the bible has already been translated and no one needs these asses to tell us what it really means in Hebrew. If it has been translated into our language by "Jews" and others, we already have the meaning of the Hebrew in front of our face. If it can not be translated, these asses can not tell us what it really means and it is impossible for them to learn because for them to learn what it means in Hebrew, it would have to be explained in their language.

Lets look at the blabbis who call themselves Jews. Note of the extensive studies they are involved in learning Hebrew. Then look at their own "history" of all the conflicts they have had because the "Hebrew" BSERS can not agree what the Hebrew means themselves.

One of the latest giggles I have read is about a Mezuzah they hang on their door. Because they could not agree among themselves if it is to be hung horizontally or vertically they hang it at an angle. If you just learn the letters / words in 5 verses of the bible where they get this Mezuzah from.. if this is all the Hebrew you learn all your life, you will see they do not translate meanings or words they just concoct their own lies.

One of the absurdities I noted about all that "Jew" Hebrew study was an observation from the History channel.

According to this account, the Hebrew language was almost lost among the "Jews" and much of the text the "Jews" now interpret from Hebrews, was commissioned by a king of Egypt. It was this Egyptian king who had the bible text transcribed... but the originals it was transcribed from was GREEK NOT HEBREW.. and so now the blabbis must go through very intensive studies to learn the Hebrew text.. that CAME ONLY FROM TEXT COPIES IN GREEK !!!

 I have heard preachers teach that the word ( sin ) means to miss the mark in Greek. I hope that this is not what God meant because I was never very good at throwing darts.

Did men who translated into the English bibles translate Greek the into the Greek meaning or into the English meaning?

Because we read, write and speak English, we understand English. Who but a fool with a limited vocabulary would assert that he could teach others the Greek, Latin or Hebrew meaning of the Bible?

The next time your blabbi or preacher tells you that you must know some foreign language to understand the scriptures, Xerox a copy of some of that language, stick it in their face. If they have to look up stuff, if they can not read it immediately, know they are full of themselves.

If we are interested in the meaning of sin in English instead of Latin, Hebrew or Greek, Webster gives us the definitions of English words.


Who needs to revise the word of God into his own personal meaning?

Few men have studied a foreign language and those who claim to understand Greek or Hebrew words have received their information from hearsay, articles they have read and particle information they have heard others repeat.

I have traveled a bit and have observed that if you hear a joke in one part of the country, you can travel 20 miles or 2,000 miles and find that joke has been there. Is the house of God a place to repeat hearsay?

Words, signs and symbols are used to communicate ideas / information.

TIME AND LOCATION These means of communication are dependent on the time and place they are used.

* At one time it was a popular expression to stick your thumb up in the air to mean " A-OK ".

* If you worked on a construction site you would find it to mean to a crane operator to raise the boom in the air.

* If you saw a thumb in the air while driving down the road, you would probably recognize it to mean " How about a ride? BECOMING A TRANSLATOR French is one of the less difficult languages to learn and if you took two years of classes ( approximately 480 class hours ), read all of the literature assigned to you, practiced your French writing, practiced with a tape recorder on a regular basis, received a B average and had many hours speaking to a French speaking person; you might pass as a French interpreter?

Though French is one of the easier languages to learn we may consider the idiomatic verb.

Faire: In English means , to make or to do.

Faire: The same word in French has one and one third pages of different possible meanings.

The assumption that one can learn twenty five OR 2000 words and understand the meaning of a foreign language could only be considered by someone totally ignorant of the meaning of translation.

TRANSLATION = RENDER THE MEANINGS FROM ONE LANGUAGE TO ANOTHER. If you wished to explain to a Mexican how to arrive at a certain destination, would you send him directions in Chinese?

By knowing all of the meanings of a word and the context that it is in, one can begin the process of translation.

After the meaning has been translated, any one totally ignorant about foreign symbols, or text can read and understand the meaning .i.e. if some translator took some squiggly lines of some language and told you the word in that context was the English word donkey, there would be NO need for you to see those squiggly lines or pronounce them.

What purpose would it serve for the bible translators to give directions to the English speaking people in Latin, Hebrew or Greek?

If scholars who made a life study out of translation could not render these foreign words into English, who is that fart smeller telling you have to learn from his translations?

The whole bible is about 1500 pages. It has been translated over an over for 2000 years by scholars who have spent their lives doing it as an occupation... and yet the fart smeller beside tells you have got to understand the Hebrew to understand the scriptures?

Didn't these scholars already render the meaning from the Latin, Greek and Hebrew into English?

So when Bullwinkel gives you the magic language BS, pick out a favorite scripture of the bible...

GENESIS 1:12` And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

You read the text in English word for word, then ask hem what that verse means to a guy who has studied Hebrews... then stupid, see if he can tell you what that means in Hebrew with out explaining to you in English.

It is not education or translation of these blabbis / preacher that explains "what the bible means in the original text". It is them being so full of themselves and try to make their Lemmings they are of importance. With out them and their magical interpretations you remain stupid. What the "bible really means", well that is a musical "truth" just go to your own "bible college" or find the book of some modern "translator" and pick your own "truth".

MEANINGS / NOT WORDS Translation is not the replacement of words from one language to another, so finding out what an original word really means is a joke.

Translation is to render the original meaning from one language to another.

IF it is possible to translate these original languages into English ( or what ever your language is ) It has already been done ten million times before your magic mouth was ever born.

If the Torah / Bible you have is a farce, then wipe with it and have your magic mouth blab to you the "REAL meaning of the original text" .. Well, Duh, that is probably what you do any way/ You might read some of it some times, but if your magic man says some verse means something, he is right and the translation is in error.

I guess what the original text really means depends on which magic mouth you are supporting with the collection plates.***

To begin to understand how difficult it is to translate from one language to another, wade through this abstract practice.

Letters, symbols and numbers are the tools different societies have used to record information. The symbols used to make the words are not relative. If our ancestors would have used different characters " &0-4 " pronounced buffbuff", it could have had the same meaning as ( tree ).

It is granted that the words in other languages have several meanings (like English.) Dog: in years past "an ugly man or woman", "an animal", "a scoundrel".

The meaning of the word depends on the context that it is contained in.

The idea of going back to find out what some bible word means in the original language could only be considered by those ignorant of the process of translation or liars.




"What an honor. Oh by the way did you hear our Jewish scholars found an error in the translation about certain acts? Moses really goofed on this one hee hee. ... A joke here? Well that is what all the never ending "translations" are about. Just get your own translators and make the bible state what ever fits your agenda.

After about sixteen years of extensive study you may qualify as a Bible translator. There will always be show offs, but what kind of man would use his position in the to make it his stage?

If that original is some magical language that can not be translated into English, then he who tells you that you have to understand that language to understand of the bible is making a fool out of you. The guy has to use your English words to tell you what some word means in some other foreign language... Duh Jethro, u is not to mart.

The only asses who push the translation bs are

* Those who make money by selling Hebrew studies.

* Mr look at me.. c how mart I am, don't you wish you could be like me

* And those who want to make their Lemmings believe that they are necessary to understand the scriptures.. and they are making money at that post.

If it is not possible to translate any of these text into English, the BSER beside you can't do it.

If it is possible to translate the meanings of these text into your language, it has already been done before that fart smeller was ever born.

You don't need the advice of the mouth or his education to understand the scriptures which have ALREADY BEEN TRANSLATED into your language.

The magic mouth needs his Lemmings to remain ignorant or stupid in order that he keep the respect of fools and his pockets packed with their money.



The cult of pretend "Jews" do not have the Hebrew text of Moses. Most of the Hebrew text they have was written by Blabbis who translated it from Greek or Latin.

The Israelites began losing the language of Hebrews long before Christ. In one passage of the Torah, it is written how the Israelite children could no longer speak Hebrew because they had become such a pot luck of children from all the Arabs around them.

Nehe 13:24 And their children spoke half in the speech of Ashdod, and could not speak in the Jews' language, but according to the language of each people.

At the time of Christ the Romans ruled Egypt. The major language of educated Egyptians (as the rest of the Roman Empire) was Latin or Greek. The text of the Torah was also Latin or Greek.

The Egyptian Athanasius, the head of Christian church selected the books of the bible that is used by Christians today. Yes your bible and your Torah came out of Latin and Greek AND it came out of Egypt.

Why learn Hebrew when this Hebrew is only a translation out of the Greek and Latin.

Translate means to render from one language to another. If it can be translated, the Torah / Bible has already been translated 100,000 times in the last 2000 years, but we never cease to encounter endless fart smellers who must tell us how ignorant we are because we does not take his translation.

Hey all the text of Greek, Hebrew and Latin have already been translated into our language, no one needs the latest bull shitter to tell us what it really means.



Was the Hebrew language a language that was spoken by the Havites, Hivites, Jebusites, Canaanites... the natives of Canaan or was the Hebrew language, a language that Abraham brought with him?

If the Hebrew language was the native language of Abraham's people, then Hebrew is an ancient language of the Iraqis / Chaldeans.

Gen 10:31 states that Shem's descendants were given their tongues... well if it was not the thing that wiggles in your mouth, the tongues were a language, but after that in Gen 11:1 it states the whole world was of one language.

After this in Gen 11:26 We find that Terah ( Abraham's father ) lived 70 years and fathered Abraham. At the tower of Babel people were made to speak in many tongues / languages.

Abraham's Hebrew language would have been a language of the ancient Iraqi people.

Many of the Hebrew people never spoke Hebrews and most of their descendants were not Israelites. With in a couple hundred years, every people is found mixing with everyone else. All the Arabs were a big crock pot of relatives.



The Kings' Magic Language
When people debate about religion, there are always those who will say, you have to study this magic language to understand "what it really means".

After they have taken some classes in Bullwinkels' course of Mr. Know It All, they begin to type and reveal their smarts to we lowly dunces.
If you are talking bible, Hebrew is the magic language. In our public forms they are expounding their smarts to the rest of us as they type.
Note how the English words Bathsheba becomes Bathsheva the word Moses is changed, the word Hebrew is changed....
To impress us they must use different spellings of all these bible words that are not in our bibles... but wait a minute,
these English characters nor these spellings are in Hebrews either. Their magic language is a language that comes neither from Hebrew nor English, it is the magic spellings and magic words are the exclusive language of Bullwinkels school of Bullology.

Let's say you speak the English language and someone from China asks you what is meant by "Miss goodie two shoes", or any phrase or any paragraph in the English language, does he have to know all phrases, the meanings of the English language to understand any single phrase or paragraph?
After someone has taken one of these "Hebrew" classes, look out. They are like kids in a junior high French class... getting ready to impress you with all them thar cool words. Nah, nah, na nah, nah me speak word u don't know, ain't I a mart feller.
The bible or any large religious books have thousands of ideas or chunks of information in them. Some times the information about a certain thing is peppered in different places in that book.
When we are discussing, debating or trying to figure out what some bit of info has to say, we do not need to know what the whole language means. We do not need to know what every phrase in that language states. We do not need to know what every word in that language means.
When we are investigating a module of ideas or information that is in the context of the part we are trying to understand.

"Jew" bs: When discussing Bathsheba
One of Bullwinkels students replies : Actually no Bathsheva had been the (divorced) wife of HaChiti.
I guess HaChiti is supposed to be Uriah to the rest of we tupid people who have taken Bullwinkels' courses on Hebrew. If you read a page of one of these goofs, it will be packed with such non Hebrew / non English words you must laugh.
These Lemmings are so full of themselves they need an laxative to relive themselves of themselves.
In this example let's say we are discussing or debating the events of Uriah and David. When this Hebrew smart "Jew" responded she told me how I needed to understand Hebrews first and she stated that Uriah was divorced from Bathsheba. Let's see:
2_SAMUEL 11:3 one said, Is not this Bathsheba the wife of Uriah the Hittite?
2_SAMUEL 11:8 David said to Uriah, Go down to thy house
2_SAMUEL 11:10 David said to Uriah why then didst you not go to yours house?
Bathsheba was living in the house of Uriah.
David tried to get Uriah to go lay with his wife.
2_SAMUEL 11:11 Uriah said shall I go into mine house, to lie with my wife?

After David had Uriah put in the front of the battle and with drew all the support so he would be killed ...
2_SAMUEL 11:17 and Uriah the Hittite died also.
2_SAMUEL 11:26 the wife of Uriah heard that Uriah her husband was dead

2_SAMUEL 12:9 you hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife to be thy wife
2_SAMUEL 12:10 you ( David) hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife.
2_SAMUEL 12:24 David comforted Bathsheba his wife.

#1 Where does it state that Bathsheba was divorced from Uriah?
#2 Why would David want a divorced man to go bed with the woman he wanted to marry?
#3 If Bathsheba was divorced from Uriah, why was she living in his house?
#4 There was no law of God or the land to keep David from marrying Bathsheba.
#5 If Uriah was divorced, then how was Uriah "her (Bathshebas') husband)
#6 If Uriah was divorced from Bathsheba, why did David need to have him killed so he could "make Uriah's wife, his wife"?


I asked her which verse or what Hebrew words translates into divorce ( no reply ). Her post were packed of those bastard words ( English characters) which were neither English or Hebrews.)
All the information about Uriah and Bathsheba is less than one page, so wBullwinkelse only need to know the meaning of Hebrew words / phrases contained in the context of the topic of our study.
When running the translation through the Hebrew dictionary, the word divorce, put away or no such thing exists.

Ok so we have our Bullwinkel scholars of the school and da knows stuff we uns can only dream about, right?
If Bser has all of this education and understanding from smart school, instead of expounding what these words mean ( virtue of their education) how come their only response is how ignorant we are?

In the fart smeller con, the fart smeller uses two types of the same trick, either you are ignorant or they are educated. By either method they are superior to you.
The response to the issue or question of the scriptures is not addressed, but the response is how they is marter than u and because they is marter, that means they are right and you are wrong.

Right or wrong has nothing to do with the evidence of the scriptures, but the truth is what ever they declare, because you are inferior to them.
The Hebrew language is actually an ancient language of the native people of Iraq. If any English person has the ability to learn what the Hebrew words mean to them ( English speaking people ) then they can explain what it means to other English speaking people in their own language..
Ever note how they must use Hebrews, but when they are telling you what it really means, they are using your English words? ( except in the bastard words they concoct, neither Hebrew nor English ).

Oh yeah.... and how come there are gobs of people who go to the same smart schools and they have disputes and endless debates of what these Hebrew  scriptures "really mean"?

You do not need to know all words in a foreign language to understand information in one page or one paragraph. When studying any topic, you need only understand the words / phrases in that text.

The next time some fart smeller uses the ( I am right because I am educated and you are ignorant ) trick, your response is... yes you are right. You have all of this education, I am just a dummy. Now that we have that topic settled, let's get back to the topic we started with.
Instead of the topic of how inferior I am, by virtue of your superior education expound to us what the Hebrew words or phrases of this text means.
We do not need to know all the Hebrew words or phrases that are no where in this text. Our study is only about a few paragraphs. Tell us what you learned in your smart school about the meanings of words or phrases in this context that we-uns are ignorant of... and provide the source of what you say.

If I had been exposed in some bs and I had no legitimate rebuttal, one of my options would be using the turd, Nah, nah, na nah, nah me speak word u don't know, ain't me mart. Me is right and u is wrong cause I is educated.
If / When I have info that others are not aware of and we are in some disagreement, I do not need to expound how I am right because of my superior / their inferior knowledge. If I have actual info / reasons as to why something is true, I need only reveal my source of information to prove my point.

If someone actually has some kind of knowledge to prove some point, telling you that they have some kind of education does not prove any thing about that issue. If they have some kind of proofs, they will simply present those proofs. Where they went to school or how long only indicates they were filled full of a bunch of information. If they have specific information about the point being made, that is the ONLY thing they have to offer

* God parted the Red Sea.

* David killed Goliath .

*  Jacob wrestled with the angel of God.

I can't read one letter of Hebrew, Latin, Arabic or Greek. Which of the above things are not true, because I can not read these languages? When we discuss or debate bible issues we attempt to prove some issue. Because some fart smeller has studied foreign languages that does not give them an ounce more of information of the events that took place in the scriptures. 

There have been thousands of other foreign language scholars who studied all of their lives, long before these puffed up bsers were ever born. If these scholars were as educated as these blow hearts think they are, the scriptures have already been rendered into English and most European languages/ The world does not need to hear the voices of these bull shitters who are only full of themselves.



A Hebrew is simply the descent of the man Eber by the bible dictionaries. Eber had hundreds of children who were not Israelites nor were their descendants.


Was the Hebrew language a language that was spoken by the Havites, Hivites, Jebusites, Canaanites... the natives of Canaan or was the Hebrew language, a language that Abraham brought with him?

If the Hebrew language was the native language of Abraham's people, then Hebrew is an ancient language of the Iraqis / Chaldeans.

Gen 10:31 states that Shem's descendants were given their tongues... well if it was not the thing that wiggles in your mouth, the tongues were a language, but after that in Gen 11:1 it states the whole world was of one language.

After this in Gen 11:26 We find that Terah ( Abraham's father ) lived 70 years and fathered Abraham. At the tower of Babel people were made to speak in many tongues / languages.

Abraham's Hebrew language would have been a language of the ancient Iraqi people.

I had to giggle when a guy told me that the Jews were descendants because they spoke Hebrews.

1  If one calling themselves a Jew does not speak Hebrews, does that mean they are not a descendant of the Israelites?

2  If I say Shalom, Bagel and goy what tribe of the Israelites does that make me?

3  If Arabs / Palestinians speak Hebrew are they Israelites and are they going to be given their land back?

Imagine that, after 3 years of high school French, you can speak French and become a Frenchman or after learning more Spanish than most "Jews" can speak Hebrew, one can become a Spaniard.


Yiddish, Ebonics or learning a few phrases of some language are junior high tactics used to make one special or separate from other people. When you hear them on live chat impressing each other, you can visualize little children in adult bodies speaking their secret codes and little inside secrets that is unique to their little gang. No Israelites ever spoke "Yiddish" it was concocted by the European cult. No different than Ebonics it was a goofy attempt to make themselves different than the rest of the Europeans they all came from in the first place.

Their childish show to make themselves special from the rest of us is like junior high kids speaking pig Latin to impress each other.

Egg roll, chop sticks, Ah so ... by learning a couple of phrases in Chinese you can become a China man.

More about the farce of translation here