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Every mother of the 12 princes were NON descendants of Abraham, NON descendants of Isaac, NON descendants of Jacob. ( Unless they were poking their own sister), the mothers of 12 princes of Israel were Goyim / gentiles / Arab girls. Ruben is recorded poking his father's concubine, The wife of Simeon was a Canaanite, The two mothers of the tribe of Judah were Canaanites, the tribe of Joseph was out of an Egyptian, the mother of the sons of Moses was an Midianite (Midianites = ancestors of today's Saudi Arabians) ... and on and on.
Every thing I say is backed up by the verses in my web pages. Not my verses but you need only look at my references and look at your own bible to see if they are there.
I know there are gobs of web pages, so if you want me to show you, send a post to After you are in the group, simply send your post challenging me or asking me where I get this information.

Me mart, me speaky Hebrew

The next time you are in chat, and someone full of themselves tells you about your need to read Hebrew, tell them to click on this link and read these words to you. Don't tell them the verse, but you can find it in 2 Samuel 17:25
If they can really read Hebrew they won't need to know what verse it is. If you tell them what the verse is, they can look at it and pretend to read the Hebrew words.
Here is what they will see if they just click on the link above.

In this Hebrew text is a word translated to English as the word Israelite. If you can't read these words yourself, you need not play the magic Hebrew game.
The word Israelite in the Hebrew text 5 times. The word Israel is found in the Hebrew text many times more.
An Israelite is anyone when
both parents were Israelites, the father was an Israelite or the mother was an Israelite.
Israelite = Strong's Ref. # 3478
Romanized Yisra'el, Pronounced yis-raw-ale'
From HSN8280 and HSN0410; he will rule as God; Jisrael,
a symbolical name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity:
Israelite = Strong's Ref. # 3481
Romanized Yisr'eliy, Pronounced yis-reh-ay-lee'
patronymically from HSN3478;
a Jisreelite or descendant of Jisrael:
Israelite = Strong's Ref. # 2475
Romanized Israelites, Pronounced is-rah-ale-ee'-tace
from GSN2474; an "Israelite", i.e.
descendant of Israel

Jewish version

7) And Pharaoh sent, and, behold, there was not one of the
cattle of
the people of Israel dead. And the heart of Pharaoh
was hardened, and he did not let the people go.
There is no need for marriage, to be an Israelite. Judah had 5 sons. Two of the sons were killed and one of the sons of the Canaanite wife became a prince in the tribes of the Israelites.
Two of the sons of Judah were bastards / mamazers and of course their descendants were major players in the tribes of the Israelites.
If marriage is required to be an Israelite, then David could not have been an Israelite because he is a descendant of the bastard Pharez.
One's mother is not a requirement to be an Israelite. If this were so, there would be no such things as Israelites, because none of the Israelites married Jews / Israelites.
II Sam 17:25 And Absalom made Amasa captain of the host instead of Joab: which Amasa was a man's son, whose name was Ithra an
Jisrael, a symbolical name of Jacob; also of his posterity
Webster: pos·ter·i·ty (p¼-stµr-t) n. 1. Future generations. 2. All of a person's descendants.
Every descendant Jacob ever had or will have is his posterity. Now all you need to do is to (1) look in the scriptures of all those records of the Israelites breeding with every Arab around them (2) Then do a family tree study or a population growth study and know that millions of middle east Arabs are Israelites.

Israelites are simply the descendants of Israel

In the year 2000, we are told the earth is 6,000 years old according by the bible, but according to my bible men lived on earth for over 7,000 before the flood, so the earth would be over 10,000 years old in the year 2,000 AD.

 Thousands of years before the first Israelite existed, only gentiles walked the earth.

Gentiles Only & God was a goy

Gentile = is not what one is, but what one is not. A gentile is simply anyone who is not a descendant of the Israelites.
By the translation of the word "goy" on "Jew" web sites, it appears that God is a goy. Oh yeah and for thousands of years no such thing as an Israelite existed on earth. It was gentiles Only. These are the life spans of God's goys before the flood.
1-Adam 930
2-Canian 910
3-Enoch 365
4-Enos 905
5-Jared 962
6-Lamech 777
7-Mahalaleel 895
8-Methuselah 969
9-Seth 912
10-Noah 950
8,575 years total
To figure out how many years there was from Adam until the time Noah got off the Ark, you can not simply add the total years they were alive.
In some cases it appears they ranged from 50 to 105 years when they produced their kids. There is no way to know, so let's say they all produced the next generation on this list when they were 100.
Because we are not going past Noah, his total years are added.
8,575 - 900 = 7,675 at the time Noah died and there was only gentiles on earth in the first 7,000 years of bible history.

In this period of bible history every on earth lived between Iraq and Iran. There was no such thing as an Israelite, only native people of Ur / Iraq, only goys / gentiles existed on earth.
If you then begin with Shem and follow his descendants through all the generations before the first Israelite on earth ever existed, it appears that we gentiles existed on earth from 9,000 to 10,000 years before any Israelites.

God did not create any such thing as a race of Israelites or some kind of people called Israelites.

If your mom was an African and your dad was a China man, you could not claim that you were a China man.

If your own son (African/China man) produced his children with a German, that grandchild could not claim to be a China man.

We are not a race or descendant of any one of our grandparents but we are a composite of Every Ancestor we ever had. In this sample case this grandchild would be African, China man and German.

There was no such thing as an Israelite in the beginning, just a bunch of Hittites, Chaldeans, Syrians, Canaanites, Philistines, Egyptians ... Arabs.

All any Israelite ever was, is a composite of the Arab ancestors that they all came from.

Israelites are NOTHING but a composite of Arabs, you are who and what you came from and the Israelites came from Arabs and NOTHING else.

Gentiles walked the earth at least 8,000 years on earth before the fart of the first Israelite and God made his covenants with gentiles before the first Israelite popped out between the legs of a mama goy.
Every Israelite ever to exist came out of the wombs /loins of Hittites, Canaanites, Havites, Jebusites, Syrians, Zidionions, Philistines .. Every Israelite on earth is the descendants of these Arabs of the scriptures.


Gen 11:31 Abraham and Sarah are Chaldeans from Ur ( Iraq by today's map)
Gen 25:20 Rebekah is the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian.
Gen 25:20 Laban is Rebekah's Syrian brother and the Syrian father of Leah and Rachel
Gen 25:26 Jacob or Israel is the son of the Syrian mother and the Chaldean / Iraqi grandparents Abraham and Sarah.
Gen 29:15 Laban the Syrian is the father of Leah and Rachel
Gen 29:24 Zilpah, Leah's Syrian handmaid.
Gen 29:29 Bilhah, Syrian handmaid of Rachel

The first Israelites on earth were the descendants of Abraham and Sarah the Chaldeans and Bethuel, Rebekah, Laban, Leah, Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah the Syrians. After the first Israelites were born, they then produced their families with Canaanites and Egyptians in the book of Genesis. From there they married Ammoites, Amorites, Amalakites, Jebusites, Moabites, Midianites, Philistines, Jebusites, Hittites ... and on and on. The Israelites married and produced their children with every Arab people around them. 

The 12 tribes of the Israelites

The first Israelites to exist = Asher 30:13 (f), Benjamin 35:18 (m), Dan 30:06 (j), Gad 30:11 (e), Issachar 30:18 (g), Joseph 30:24 (i), Judah 29:35 (d), Levi 29:34 (c), Naphtali 30:08 (l), Reuben 29:32 (a), Simeon 29:33 (b), Zebulun 30:20 (h).

An Israelite is nothing more or less than a physical descendant of the man Israel. Every traceable Israelite found in the bible is a physical descendant of the man Israel / Jacob and the word Israelite is NOT used to mean any thing else. For the block heads who wish to debate this issue, continue. We have all had thousands of grandparents. You have as much a chance to be an Israelite as any other people who came out of Europe.

Tribes OF Israel = IsraelITES
GENESIS 49:16 Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.
Children OF Israel = IsraelITES
EXODUS 28:21 And the stones shall be with the names of the children of Israel, twelve, according to their names, like the engravings of a signet; every one with his name shall they be according to the twelve tribes.

Tribe of = physical descendants <> Children of = physical descendants.


DanITE, BenjamITE, LevITE ... TishbITE, these are the first names of the males that is given to their descendants and the affix ITE simply means of or from.
People were named after places or some ancestor. If there is a person's name on the front of ITE, that means that the person with that name is a physical descendant of that ancestor. That is all a tribe is in the bible and NOTHING ELSE.

If this family identification was used today, my kids and grand kids would be BudITES.
The children of Israel who were from or of any family line was an X-ITE of that tribe. They were X-ITES of their mothers as well, but lesbians or women's lib did not exist and the name of the male parent was pasted on the descendants.

AbiezrITE, AbiezrITES, AdullamITE, AgagITE, AhiramITES, AhohITE, AmalekITE, AmalekITES, Ammonitess, AmorITE, AmorITES, AmramITES, AnethothITE, ApharsachITES, ApharsathchITES, ApharsITES, ArbathITE, ArbITE, ArchevITES, ArchITE, ArdITES, ArelITES, AreopagITE, ArkITE, ArodITES, ArvadITE, AshbelITES, AshdodITES, AshdothITES, AsherITES, AshurITES, AsrielITES, AvITES, BachrITES, BarhumITE, BeerothITE, BeerothITES, BelaITES, BenjamITE, BenjamITES, BeriITES, BerITES, BethelITE, BethlehemITE, BethshemITE, BuzITE, CanaanITE, CanaanITES, Carmelitess, CarmITES, CherethITES, DanITES, DehavITES, DinaITES, EdomITES, EkronITES, ElamITES, ElkoshITE, ElonITES, EphraimITE, EphraimITES, EphrathITE, EphrathITES, EranITES, ErITES, EshkalonITES, EznITE, EzrahITE, GadITE, GazathITES, GazITES, GershonITES, GeshurITES, GezrITES, GibeonITES, GiblITES, GileadITE, GileadITES, GilonITE, GirgashITES, GirgasITE, GittITE, GunITES, HaggITES, HamathITE, HamulITES, HanochITES, HararITE, HarodITE, HeberITES, HebronITES, HelekITES, HepherITES, HermonITES, HezronITES, HittITES, HivITES, HorITES, HoronITE, HuphamITES, HushathITE, IshmaelITES, IshmeelITES, IthrITE, IzeharITES, JachinITES, JahleelITES, JahzeelITES, JairITE, JaminITES, JashubITES, JebusITE, JebusITES, JeezerITES, JerahmeelITES, JesuITES, JezerITES, JezreelITE, Jezreelitess, JimnITES, KadmonITES, KenezITE, KenITE, KenITES, KenizzITES, KohathITES, KorathITES, KorhITES, LevITE, LevITES, LibnITES, MaachathITE, MaachathITES, MachirITES, MahlITES, MalchielITES, MaonITES, MeholathITE, MerarITES, MidianITE, MidianITES, MoabITES, Moabitess, MorasthITE, MushITES, NaamathITE, NaamITES, NazarITE, NehelamITE, NemuelITES, NetophathITE, NinevITES, OznITES, PalluITES, PaltITE, PelethITES, PerizzITE, PerizzITES, PharzITES, PirathonITE, PunITES, RechabITES, ReubenITES, SardITES, SepharvITES, ShaalbonITE, ShaulITES, ShechemITES, ShelanITES, ShemidaITES, ShillemITES, ShilonITE, ShimITES, ShimronITES, ShuhamITES, ShuhITE, ShunammITE, ShunITES, ShuphamITES, ShuthalhITES, SimeonITES, SinITE, SusanchITES, TachmonITE, TahanITES, TarpelITES, TekoITE, TekoITES, TemanITE, TimnITE, TishbITE, TolaITES, UzzielITES, ZarhITES, ZebulonITE, ZebulunITES, ZemarITE, ZephonITES, ZiphITES

The house of Israel, the House of Judah or Israelite... everyone in the entire bible with these identities are the physical descendants of the man Israel / Jacob. An Israelite is nothing more or nothing less than a descendant of the man Israel.

Every child produced by every Israelite with every Arab around them was / is a descendant of the man Israel.. Israelite. All Israelites in the bible were from a composite of Arabs and those Israelites produced children with every Arab around them and spread the seed of Israel into every Arab nation. By the scriptures we find the Israelites were scattered into the Arab nations and by the prophecy of the scriptures we find that the multitude of Israelites will be gathered out of the Arab nations.

Do not let the cult of false Europeans steal your heritage. If you are a native Arab of the middle east consider taking on e-mail addresses / Yahoo identities such as. Muslim_israelite0001, Iraqi-Israelite, Syrian-Israelite, Egyptian-Israelite ... In the prophecy of the scriptures it is ONLY the Arab nations specifically identified in which the Israelites will be gathered when God returns to live on the mountain .. you ( the Arabs ) are the only people on earth who can be that multitude.

It does not matter what religion they may follow, it does not change the fact that they are the Israelites.. descendant of the man Israel, descendants of Isaac and descendants of Abraham. No one can be a descendant of Israel with out being a descendant of Isaac and Abraham. If an Israelite produced a child with a Syrian, a Canaanite or an Egyptian, that child is an Israelite ... descendant of the man Israel ... seed of Abraham.

God did not give Israel to those "who converted" to Judaism, he gave it to the seed of Abraham .... Now look to your own scriptures and know the Israelites.. the seed of Abraham were / are the Arabs ! 

The Arabs were not the descendants of Ishmael, but millions of the Arabs were / are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Some of the Israelites were descendants of Ishmael. The Edomites were produced by Esau marrying two daughters of Ishmael, Israelites took the Edomites (including Solomon) and of course the Israelite children produced with the Edomites would be descendants of Esau.