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Tribal membership


Today I read endless messages about "Jews" bragging about the thousands of people from other religions converting to "Judaism". IF any part of them were actually descendants of the Israelites, the thousands of conversions would only mean a smaller % of them were actually "Jews" with each conversion.

All religions love to tell about the masses of people converting to "their true religion". There are also thousands of "Jews" converting to Islam, thousands of "Jews" converting to Christianity every year. so IF any segment of them were actually descendants of the Israelites, there are multitudes of them flocking to other religions. When their children grow up in those other religions and marry their members, that means all of the children produced with those Christians, Muslims, Buddhist ... would be descendants of the Israelites ... Christian, Muslim, Buddhist ... Israelites.

Which Tribe?

The cult of "Jews" is no different than any other white supremacist group. They are always trying to make themselves the upper crust.
To those who say the "white race" are the true descendants of the Israelites, I would ask :
#1 When a black man produces a child with a white woman, that child is a descendant of the white woman. If she is a descendant of the Israelites, how come that pup is not a descendant of the Israelites?
#2 When a black woman produces a child with a white man.. if that white man is a descendant of the Israelites, then why isn't that pup a descendant of the Israelites?
There is no such thing as being a part Israelite. Either you are or are not a descendant of the Israelites.

Tribal ship through the Father

We never cease to hear the "Jews" say one is a "Jew" if the mother is a "Jew". One of the last bits of BS one of them told me was: Tribal ship is passed through the father. Speaking to the Israelites:
EZEKIEL 16:3 Thus saith the Lord God to Jerusalem; Your birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan; thy father was an Amorite, and thy mother an Hittite.
#3 Gee none of the Israelites being spoken about could belong to any tribe of the Israelites, right?
#4 Ok so when a "Jewish" woman marries a gentile man, NONE of her children will belong to any tribe of the Israelites, right? NO matter how they have tried to stop them, these "Jewish" daughters are marrying the inferior goys. Look at your own little synagogues. Look at every member you have who's father, grandfather or grandfather was a goy... NONE of those members belong to any tribe by the "tribal membership" concoction. Oh and if you are buying this line of BS then all those members would be bastards or mamazers, right?

#5 How many  "Jews" ancestors "converted to Judaism"? ... and through the following generations, the line of Lemmings puffed up by their own BS have blabbed how they are descendants of some tribe of the Israelites?

A man converts to Judaism and marries a gentile woman from Sweden.
#6 What tribe of the Israelites will the children of all such marriages be from?

How many blabbering  Lemmings call themselves Jews, believing they are the descendants of the Israelites, when some where in their family history their grandparents just converted to this religion?

Being bald does not make one a Chinaman because some Chinese are bald. There are millions of bald men who are not Chinese. Being a "Jew" does not make one a descendant of the Israelites because some men were Israelites ... while other "Jews" were / are not descendants of the Israelites.

Samy Davis married a woman from Sweden. He converted to "Judaism" so what tribe of the Israelites does that make either  of them? NONE !  Now count the millions of people who have converted to this religion in the last 2,000 years and know how idiotic it would be for any to assert they are a descendant of the Israelites because their grandparents followed "Judaism"

Wait until you begin to examine the number of grandparents you have had and know anyone saying they are a descendant of the Israelites is an ignoramus, an idiot or just a plain old bald face liar. 

The old tribal membership goes out the window when we find those identified as Israelites in the bible and we find the fathers of those Israelites were non Israelite men. In one nice example the Israelites who were named were the children of an Egyptian slave given to an Israelite girl as a husband by the owner of the Egyptian.

If anyone uses the MALE REQUIREMENT for tribal membership, in the last 2000 years we have had hundreds of grandmothers. Of course no one could actually know who their ancestors, but if they could track all those grandma's it is impossible to know which grandma's were in the sack with other men, so indeed it would be impossible for anyone to actually know their grandpa's actually were.