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Joshua descendants of Ephraim ( Mother the Egyptian Asenath).

Of all the sons of the 12 princes of Israel, this Egyptian son (Ephraim) was given the blessing by Jacob.

The father of Ephraim was Jacob ... Deut 26:5 And you shall speak and say before the Lord your God, A wandering Aramean was my father, and he went down into Egypt, and ... became there a nation , great, mighty, and populous.

The word Aramean is Syrian in translations. Joseph the Aramean/Syrian is the son of a Syrian (Rachel Gen 30:24, daughter of Laban the Syrian Gen 15:20), His father Jacob/Israel was the son of a Syrian. His great grandfather was a Chaldean (ancient Iraqi) and his great grandparents (Abraham and Sarah) were ancient Iraqis.

Joshua was selected by God to take over Moses' leader ship before they crossed the Jordan river.

The only two Israelites ( who were not born after they left Egypt) who were allowed to cross over the Jordan were Joshua and Caleb)

NUMBERS 32:12 None of the other Israelites that left Egypt except Caleb and JOSHUA the son of NUN: for they have wholly followed the Lord.

Caleb is also a descendant of Egyptian, his wife too was a Syrian... I Chro 7:14 Aramitess (Syrian)

Israel / Jacob son of a Syrian and a descendant of ancient Iraqis.

Joseph son of another Syrian and Iraqis

Joseph ... wife = Asenath the Egyptian Gen 41:45

Ephraim.. native born Egyptian son of an Egyptian mother, Syrians and ancient Iraqi grandparents.

Ephraim Iraqi/Syrian/Egyptian receives the blessings of Israel ... Gen Gen 48:12-20 Ephraim is selected above to be given the blessings of Israel.

Deut 1:34-36 NONE of the Israelites except Caleb and Joshua (of those who left from Egypt) will enter the promise land. (Both descendants of Joseph (coat of many colors)

Joshua grandson of Egyptian Asenath, Syrians and ancient Iraqis (Chaldeans) is chosen to carry the mantel of Abraham.

All of your bible heroes are Arabs, not the European descendants of Druids calling themselves Jews.