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The cult of Europeans now in that land, calling themselves Israelis are in control of the government, but they are not the descendants of the Israelites (debunk this farce with the family tree series)
Today there are the cult members who call themselves Jews living here in America and they claim they are descendants of the Israelites. For argument's sake, let's say that is a fact.
Does the identity of their family heritage stop them from being Americans?
Does the identity of their family heritage stop them from being Mexicans, Germans, Russians.
Nationality is attributed by government and has NOTHING to do with your family heritage. The descendants of Israel had multiple nationalities. The only time they had an Israelite nationality was when they controlled Israel in the old testament.

Abraham was a Chaldean
Abdon (Judge of Israel) was an  Amalekite Judges 12:13
If living in the land under the control of the American government, makes any "Jews" American citizens, then indeed Isaac was a Canaanite.
The "Jews" who lived (and still live) in Germany were as much German as any other German. The History Channel had segments of "Jews" on film before WW2 bragging what great Germans they were right. I don't know how "great" they were but indeed they were Germans.
Moses was an Egyptian Exod 2:19
Peter (apostle of Christ) and his brother Andrew were Canaanites. Matt 10:4
Exek 16:45 Speaking to the Israelites: Your mother was a Hittite and your father was an Amorite... and of course this is a fact.
The fathers and mothers of all Israelites were Chaldeans, Syrians, Hittites, Havites, Jebusites, Moabites, Midianites, Canaanites, Philistines, Egyptians, Amalekites, Ammoites ... a pot luck of Arabs.
The Israelites were nothing other than a family who was the descendants of the man Israel and those family members were nothing more or less than a composite of every Arab tribe / nation that the original Chaldean / Syrian Israelites produced every Israelite in the bible from.


Nationality has nothing to do with religion, ancestors or your family.

What we now call Texas has been 3 different nations, Mexico ( when the Mexicans owned it ), Texas (when that land area was a nation of Texas ) and America ( now that Texas is part of America )

What a land area is called depends on what political power controls it/ In the time period when that area changed from the nation of Mexico to nation of Texas to America, multitudes of the same people lived there. It has no bearing on their ancestors, their religion or their family line.

The "Jews" in Germany were more German than Hitler, because Hitler actually came from another country.

The only thing that made one a Canaanite, was because that is where they lived. If a Canaanite was born/ lived in Egypt or Syria, they would have been an Egyptian or Syrian instead of a Canaanite.

At the time period of Isaac and the 12 princes of Israel there was no such thing as a nation of Israel, that would not exist until 430 years after the death of the 12 princes of Israelites. Isaac himself was a native born Canaanite, no different than any other Canaanite. By the accounts of the scriptures everyone came from what we now call Iraq and after the flood all descendants migrated from the ark (Turkey) through out the middle east. ( Those scattered out of the middle east into Europe - Anglo Saxons are the Babelites... such as the cult of false Jews )

Moses is identified as an Egyptian. He was a native born Egyptian and all Israelites at that period of time were Egyptians by nationality. Moses never stepped one foot in the land that would become a nation of Israel. If something is the property of a nation, it belongs to that nation. If one is native born of a nation, that is their nationality. The African slaves of America were Americans (with out rights) as the descendants of Israel were Egyptians.

Israel-ites, the children of Israel, the sons of Israel meant only that these were descendants of the man Israelites. Israelite was like Jones, Smith ... it is only a family name. They were called Israelites before any nation of Israel ever existed.

The 12 princes were Syrians by nationality, out of 4 different Syrian mothers.

Your religion or your family tree has nothing to do with your nationality. The cult of false Jews are Germans, Russians, Polish... by nationality, depending on what nation they live in.

The Israelites were still Israelites (of the family of Israel) when they were in Egypt, Syria or Moab (Jordan). Your heritage does not change your nationality and your nationality does not change your ancestors or your religion.

While there are millions of Muslims who are Egyptians, Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians... their religion or nationality does not change who their ancestors are. While there are millions of cult members calling themselves Jews, it does not change the fact that their European ancestors could have been the Druids and not the Israelites.

*  The same land area may be many different nations, depending on which political power controls it.

*  One's race, religion or family tree has nothing to do with their nationality.

*  No matter which political power gives the same land area a different name, no matter what it is called, it is the same place .. Mexico, Texas, America, same place under different political control, same people and their descendants... just a different name.

Ur or Iraq is the same place by any name and the people as a whole are the descendants of those hanging out there when Abraham played there as a child.

Nationality is nothing more than what an area is called by the political power that controls it.