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The '6 million Jew's killed' was told before 1945, so they came up with these numbers between 1940 and 1945.
America, Russia, Britain one of these militaries would have ceased these records when they went into the prison camps.
None of the Allies countries were going through millions of names and tracking their ancestors to see if the dead were Polish, Jehovah Witnesses, Jews, Catholics or Sodomites.
For 'Jews' to look at these records they would have to sent some paper work to the allied governments and got a copy of these records and they would have to had the records and researched millions of them BEFORE the time they began to spout '6 million Jews' killed.
So what 'Jew" organization got access of these prison records in the first place? Let's see if we can get them to reply to some questions in public.

Out of all the dead, what % of them died of natural causes and how would they possibly know this?

In order to assert there were '6 million Jews' killed they would have to have a list of 6 million names and be able to track every one of them to some 'Jew' family. Can they do that?

On the History Channel they had a segment about a couple of "Jews" trying to find some one's name in the prison camp death directory.
* The Germans kept no death certificates.
Their records of the deceased did not identify them as Jews, French, Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals .... the records ONLY had 3 fields of information.

The records they kept had this format

* Any prisoner witnesses in those camps could not believed, after all if you or some one you knew were put in one of those camps you would be outraged and would concoct endless BS to enhance their stories.
* Any guards in those camps could not be believed. They would trivialize and would be blatant liars just like the prisoners.
* The ONLY written records are those of the prison guards.

When the 'Jews' research what happened, they have NOTHING but the records of the guards.
These records were kept in a book with only these fields. No one was identified by race, why they were put in the camps... NOTHING but these 3 fields.

#1 Who has the original hand written books of the Germans who recorded the deaths.
#2 Who has examined all of those names and documented the identity of the millions of names in those books?
#3 If they look at family names and say these are 'Jews' by these family names, then can we look at the rosters of the Nazi military, find the same family names and determine there were 10 million 'Jews' in the Nazi military?

Explain how anyone got their hands on these manifest, who got their hands on them, when they did it and show us how they tracked 15 million dead people to their relatives.
They would not automatically read through the manifest and the first 6 million would all be 'Jews'. They would have to read through 15 million names (pick your own number) and track every one of them to their relatives.

Explain who did this?

There has NEVER been any official research of the death manifests by any unbiased government organization.
There has NEVER been any detective search and verification of the identity every person who died in those camps.
Show a big pile of shoes and tell us they were all Jew shoes.. and you know that by smelling the shoes right?

There is NO way to know which of those prisoners died of natural causes.
The numbers are concocted by nothing other than the blabberings of this religious cult who could not have possibly tracked those millions of dead people.
The proof is simple, they say 6 million, fine, then
#1 Produce the 6 million names
#2 Give the addresses where they lived before they were taken into those camps.
#3 And provide your documentation for EVERY ONE OF THEM !

Let's see if they can produce the facts or if they have nothing but pure concoctions of their own blabbering lips !

#4  Using the same resources, look at the rosters of the German military and tell us how many Nazi soldiers / officers were 'Jews'? 

For one "Jew" to be killed they would have to be a descendant of the Israelites or one who followed Judaism. Not one person has followed the laws of Moses for 2,000 years and not one of these Europeans have any facts linking them to the Israelites (but there are mountains of marriage and birth records linking them to the families of the rest of the Europeans). For one Jew to be killed they would first have to be Jews. See how many you can find who kept the laws of Moses or who could link his ancestors to the Israelites.

Holocaust means total destruction (usually by fire). There was no total destruction of any one. No such thing as a Holocaust, but there were 40 million more Christians killed than those who called themselves Jews (including our American soldiers).

While NONE of those killed (calling themselves Jews) followed Judaism or had any connection to the Israelites, there were a multitude of their own brothers, cousins, uncles and fathers who served in the Nazi military as soldiers and top officers. (See the page on "Jews in Hitler's Army" that was a segment on Date Line N.B.C.

Series of questions about the "Holocaust" Go to the first page and begin. At the very bottom of each page, click on next to continue.