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The lines between the races (before mixing) had mixes of people on both sides. The lines are only general.
Like the border line of Texas, you will find a greater mix and population of Mexicans than in N. Dakota.


adj. 1. Anthropology. Of, relating to, or being a major human racial division traditionally distinguished by physical characteristics such as very light to brown skin pigmentation and straight to wavy or curly hair, and including peoples indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, western Asia, and India. Of or relating to the Caucuses region or its peoples, languages, or cultures.
The word Caucasian applies to Europeans "whites" but it also applies to the brown face natives of the middle east (from India to Egypt [the segment of non-Negroes] )
The shapes of faces and skin thickness of Europeans and natives of the middle east Caucasians are the same. The difference is in skin and hair color of the two.
Before mixing, no Arab/Aryan had blond hair or fair skin and no European had the brown to black faces of the middle east.


I use the word Anglo Saxon a lot, but it is not the actual definition.
An·glo-Sax·on 1. A member of one of the Germanic peoples, the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes, who settled in Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries. 2. Any of the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons, who were dominant in England until the Norman Conquest of 1066. 3. See Old English. 4. A person of English ancestry.
If you put a Russian, Frenchman, German, Pollock, Dutch man, Englishman, Swede in a line up, you can not pick out one from another.
I am speaking about the "race" of all western Europeans you can not tell one from another in a line up. Most of the time I call them Anglo Saxons but I guess I should identify them as the "white" race.


There is NO difference in the physical features of Russians, Germans, Pollock, Swedes, Dutch, French, English, Slobs ... western Europeans all belong to the same physical race.
In WW2 Germany was a large population of people who came from the surrounding European countries. The Germans fought against England and yet there was British "royalty" married into the German families.
Hitler was no German. There is no such thing as a German race. Take the whole land area of western Europe and remove the present day boundary markers. If you can not tell people from another in a line up, they belong to the same physical race.
The boundaries of Europe have changed through the centuries, these lines are only drawn by political powers and have nothing to do with their physical race.

The further south you travel in Europe the more curly hair and larger % of darker people you find. The further north west you travel (I always thought) the more blond hair you find.
There is NO difference in the physical race of (unmixed) western Europeans.
Russia did have a large population of Turks who "converted to Judaism). See the Khazar web page.
Khazars / Turk maps n migration into Russia khazar.htm

To the east of the white race are the Orientals. There are some light skin Orientals like Europeans and there are some brown skin Orientals unlike any un-mixed Europeans... but Orientals have different facial features and they do not belong to the same physical race.

The Arab race is the people with in the red outline. The Arab race includes the "Aryans" ... same physical race. Same facial features, same colors.. different than "whites" different than Negroes. The stock of every Israelite in the scriptures.

The north western part of the Arab race (pink) is Turkey. This is where Noah and the boys got off the ark. Some of the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japeth settled here (Hittites) long before any such thing as an Israelite ever existed.


Negroes are all of the people south of the red outline and were a large % of the population with in southern Egypt. Their un-mixed physical features differ from Europeans or Arabs in bone structure, skin thickness and the lack of straight hair.
The Cushites (southern Egypt to northern Sudan) mixed with the Arab Israelites when they were both captives in Egypt.
When any different races mix, some descendants will take on the physical features of the contributors of both races.
Any Africans who are a mix of Israelites or other Arabs would have a segment of descendants with the facial features, skin thickness as Arabs / Whites and a segment of those Africans would have straight hair.
If they have only curly and only the physical features of Negroes, they are not the descendants of the Israelites. They could have some straight hair and skin thickness of the Israelites and still not be descendants of the Israelites. They could have come from any of the other Arabs of the middle east.

Drawing boundaries after an invasion of a land does not change the race of people. All the original native people of western Europe were the same biologically and in physical appearance. The only thing different is where they lived and what their political power called them.

As far as "Jews" being some kind of separate race, there is no such thing as a Semitic race, these Europeans do not belong to the middle east race. They are not Orientals, they are not Aryans. They are the same race biologically and in physical features as the rest of "white" Europeans.

By tracking their family trees, you can see who they came from. Converting to a cult religion does not change your race. These false Jews do not belong to a race, they are only a white European cult.