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The asqueekingvoice ( a guy on the internet) story of why "European Jews are white".
In the scriptures
all Israelites started out with natives of the middle east, ancient Iraqis, Syrians, Canaanites, Egyptians...
By the remains of skeletons from that period of time and by then ancient paintings, we know there were no milk face Europeans or blond hair.
Later these Arab Israelite families encountered Negroes ( probably when they were in Egypt... just a guess).
The Israelites were a pot luck of Arabs and a pinch of Negroes.
When I asked him how come you can't tell a European "Jew" from any other Russian, he explains, the Israelites descendants mutated into having the physical appearance of Europeans
because they were a minority and by mixing with Europeans for centuries, now their descendants all have the physical features of Europeans.
His assertion is
a 100% brown Arab / black Negro congregation migrated to Europe, they mixed with Europeans and now the 100% brown Arab / black Negro descendants are 100% milk face Europeans.


The mixture of the top 3 races, wiped out the African and Arab features and made them all look like Europeans (bottom couple)

It is my assertion
when a new species (or race) is introduced, the present majority does not mutate the minority into looking like them, but the minority contaminates the majority population and the native population becomes a greater mix of the new species / race that has infiltrated them.

The MORE time that passes, the MORE the infiltrating species will pop up in the native species / race.

Time does not decrease the physical features of the miniority new species.
The more time, the larger population
of physical features of the infiltrating species

We can look at Japan, the Islands of the world or Viet Nam.
When Europeans first came to the Polynesian Islands there were no fair skin, no blond hair, no blue eye Polynesians.
We can look at Japan before the American soldiers held it and bred with the natives.
We can look at Vietnam before the invasion of Europeans and now.


#1 Examine the % of people with Anglo Saxon features before Europeans infested their lands.
#2 Go back 10 years after the European infestation and see the % of people with Anglo Saxon features.
#3 10 years, 20, years, 30 years... 50 years


The European population that infested these lands were only a drop in the bucket compared to the non Europeans.
Unlike the "Jew" assertion, most of the population of Anglo Saxons (who mixed in other races) were
only there in short duration's, while in the "Jew" story they and their ancestors have been in Europe for centuries.

We know the Anglo Saxon population was a very small % and most left Japan, the Polynesian Islands and Viet Nam.

Here is what we also know.

#4 After these native people had mixed with a new species / race, as more time goes on, the native people of that race do not wipe out the race of the small % of the outside race, but the opposite.
After a small % of a new race / species infiltrates a large population of a different race / specie ...
that larger race becomes a higher concentration of the infesting race as time goes on.


"You can't compare the Jews with your examples because this has taken over a period of 2000 years, while your examples have taken place over a few hundred years.
Of course I can use examples that have taken place over a couple hundred years, because we can make our observation of what happens.
The trend is always the same. The MORE time, the greater the mix. If the Arabs and Africans from the middle east mixed with the Europeans 2,000 years ago, the 1940's Germany, Russia and Poland would look like Egypt.
If you want to compare what happens in an Anglo Saxon / Arab mix in a period of 2,000 years, that is easy.
Look through hundreds of
pictures in the Pyramids. You see no blond hair or blue eye Egyptians. Their appearance before the influx of Europeans were brown face Arabs / Black face Negroes.
The Romans invaded Egypt centuries before Christ. Look at the population of Egyptians today. There are tens of thousands of Egyptian with the physical features of Europeans.
Look at hundreds of early pictures of Syrians, Iraqis, Saudi Arabians ... dark brown / black face native people. Watch the news and look at the faces of the people in all these Arab countries today and see them plastered with European faces.
If the cult of Europe were actually descendants of the original Arab and African Israelites, in WW2, when they filmed all those "European Jews" they would have been plastered with Negro and Arab faces... Just like the Arab nations are plastered with European faces.

You can make your observation over a period of 200 years or you can make your observation over a period of 2,000 years. The trend is a constant. 

When a minority species / races mixes with a native majority race.
The majority does not deplete the minority race
The majority race becomes a larger concentration
of the minority race as time goes on

Here are the faces of the minority invading European's descendants (IN THE MIDDLE EAST) today after the invasion of Europeans 2,000 years ago. While Arabs range from brown to black faces, they also have tens of thousands of descendants with white European faces, from ancestors who invaded their land 2000 years ago.

If the "Jews" of Europe would have came from the natives of the middle east, they would as many brown Arab / black Negroes faces in WW2 as the Arabs have white / Anglo Saxon faces, but they were NOTHING but a pot luck of Europeans, no different than the rest of the Europeans they came from.