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Here is the situation. It is WWII. The Nazis are looking for Jews, but the Jews have forged papers so they must pick them out by looking at them. One person in their investigation is a native of the middle east. How hard it is to pick the native of the middle east from the Europeans?.

After you have found the easy one to tell from the rest of the Germans, now your task is to pick the Jews out from any other European. You might know who a couple of these people are because they are famous, but the "Jews" can't pick out the "Jews" from any other European. The "White Supremacists"  can't pick a "Jew" out from any other European because that is who they actually are.

They talk about the "hooked nose Jews", ok pick them out from any other European if they are different. If I tell you which are the "Jews" you have missed the point. You don't get brownie points. This is only a self test for anyone who actually thought the "Jews" are anything other than a pot luck of Anglo Saxon Europeans. You can check your guesses here at the bottom of this page. Before you check yourself, jot down your answers. Picture numbers start at the top and are counted from left to right in each row.


What we know from anthropology studies or simple observation is when Europeans produce children with brown (or black) non Europeans, (1) Some descendants will look like Europeans (2) Some descendants will be a mix of Europeans and non Europeans (3) Some of the descendants will take on the features of their non European side of the family BUT (4) NEVER will all of the descendants ALL take on the exclusive physical features of Europeans.

All Israelites came from brown face Arabs then a mix of black face Negroes. Begin to watch all of the  WWII footage you can, and show me the dark brown faces of Arabs or the black faces of Negroes in those Europeans who called themselves "Jews". 

In the top picture we have a man of European descent and the other is a native of middle east descent. Which is the European? Could you tell him from any other European with out the beanie? How hard is it to pick out a native of the middle east from the European?

In this picture the adults are  "Jews" who claim to be descendants of the middle east Israelites. One of the boys is their son and the other is a native of the middle east. How hard is it to pick out the actual boy from the middle east from their European son?

If they are actually descendants of the native Israelites of the middle east, how come you can not pick the "Jews" out of a line up of any other German, Russian or Pollock?


The cult calling themselves Jews use the excuse that they all turned white by breeding with Europeans for centuries. Gypsies originally came from India. They had Caucasian brown/black faces like the rest of the Arabs and yet living in Europe for 2,000 years breeding with Europeans did not turn all their descendants white.
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