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Here is a poor quality picture of Gypsies (looks like early 1900s ?). The detail is poor, but it appears that the boy on the bottom row, the boy in the 2nd row and one of the guys in the back row are a little darker than the rest.

If non Europeans mixed with Europeans, this would be typical. Different members and different generations fluctuating from light to dark.

There are actually some dark segments of those who call themselves Jews, but they are natives from outside of western Europe.
Where do those who call themselves Jews come from? There were a multitude scattered into the Arab nations. The middle east is where the whole thing started.
The next segment of those who call themselves Jews are Anglo Saxon Europeans.
The "Jews" going to "Israel" from the US, South America, Australia, Canada.. are nothing but the descendants of Europeans.
We are told that Jews come from New Zealand, China, Japan ... BS. Before the Europeans migrated to these lands, NONE of these places had a Torah / Bible. NONE of these people around the world ever heard of Abraham.
Other than the middle east, every other nation on the earth which use the Jew story, got it from the European cult.
When I see some of the "Jews" coming from China (who are Anglo Saxon, Europeans) I must run to the potty before I laugh so hard I pee my pants.
The browns, yellows or blacks who now have Talmud's and wear a beanie all got their "Jew" story from the Europeans who brought it to them.
The browns / blacks who got it from the middle east range from Canaan to India and Turkey to Egypt .. Northern Africa.. Cush.
All of the rest of the world pretending to have a connection to the Israelites, got their whopper from the milk face European cult of wanna-be descendants of the Israelites.
The trivial % of brown / black face people going to the land from outside the middle east are people around the world who never heard of Abraham until the Europeans came.
The whole power structure of the false Jews is based in the white face Anglo Saxon Europeans.
Their drive in South America is one of the latest funnies. Lots of them are from Spain. Just 20 years ago most of them were Catholics ( for generations ). Now the cult is there telling them they are descendants of the Israelites.. so they are trading their crosses for a beanie.

Here are a couple more Gypsies who from European and the natives of India.
The whole sect of false Jews mutated out cult of Anglo Saxon Europeans. If they would have been descendants of the natives of the middle east a great multitude of their descendants would have retained the brown / black faces of their ancestors... ( just like all other descendants of Europeans from the middle east ).

Of course I have not seen all the Europeans claiming to be descendants of the Israelites. My interest in the identity of the bible Israelites began around 1983. Since that time I have thought about the question and looked for the faces on the History Channel, the Discover Channel, Nova, footage of WW2.

I would bet my grandma's false teeth there are/were some brown face Europeans claiming to be Jews. For them I agree there is a possibility they COULD be descendants of Israelites ( or any other brown face non-Europeans). They could be but NONE of the pure whitties in their synagogues are in the realm of possibilities of being anything but descendants of Europeans.

Being BROWN / BLACK does not prove your ancestors were Israelites BUT None of your family members being BROWN / BLACK for generation after generations means they are NOT mixed with any people outside of Europe.
The fact is generation after generation, their descendants can not be told from any other European, is the fact that they are NOT a mix of the natives of the middle east... Not descendants of the Israelites, but descendants of the Druids.
Gypsies and the people of Iran have a great chance of being descendants of the Israelites. The problem is no one can ever know and those who say they do.. are liars or idiots at best. As for the European "Jews" and Casper the ghost ( or other whitties like me), our ancestors were Druids, Vikings and the like.

Living in Europe, breeding with Europeans does not turn ALL your descendants white - Gypsies 1  7  9  11  14