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Gypsies vs "Jews" in prison camps

On top are pictures of "Jews" in the prison camps at the end of WW2. Note in the hours I have watched WW2 footage, they only show the "Jews" in those camps and no one else.

In the middle I pasted some Gypsies from Europe to make a comparison in skin color. On the bottom are more "Jews" from another TV program. All my prison camp pictures come from film shot during WW2. If there were still pictures the quality would be lots better. You don't have to see the detail of their faces to note the self proclaiming "Jews" and the rest of the Europeans are from the same pot.

On the top left is a dark Gypsy, on the top right is a light Gypsy

On the bottom left is a dark "Jew" on the bottom right is a light "Jew". According to the scriptures we can track the ancestors of the Israelites to be ancient Iraqis, Syrians, Hittites, Philistines, Canaanites, Cushites, Egyptians... Arabs.. and yet these "Jews" have the same colors as the rest of the Europeans while thousands of other European Arabs, Africans and Gypsies remain brown / black? Give me a break.
Living in Europe, breeding with Europeans
does not turn ALL your descendants white - Gypsies
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