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Being a small % does not turn you white

European Gypsies
The migratory nature Gypsies makes estimating the numbers a hard job. Estimates of the
total Gypsy population range from 2,000,000 to 5,000,000.
Large numbers live in the Czech and Slovak republics, Hungary, Yugoslavia and neighboring countries, Bulgaria, and Romania.
Gypsy: also spelled GYPSY,
any member of a *DARK* Caucasoid people originating in northern India (Pakistan) / India
Gypsies / Rom (meaning "man" or "husband")
The Gypsy equivalent to
goyim = gadje ( non-Gyspy) meaning "bumpkin," "yokel," or "barbarian").


Here is how the marriage thing works ...
Boy of any race or religion sees 2 girls. One girl is beautiful turns him on sexually and the other girl repulses him.
Regardless of race, religion, nationality... boy picks the girl who is physically attractive to him.
Girl sees boy she is attracted to by appearance, his position or his wealth.
When they both find an attraction that brings them together.. out pops their offspring's
Living in Europe for 2,000 years does not turn anyone white.
Tens of thousands of Europeans married Gypsies and yet all the descendants of those Gypsies have not ALL turned white.

A people do not lose their appearance because they are a small % of the population (because the Gypsies were a smaller % { 2,000,000 to 5,000,000} than those who call themselves Jews... and yet a multitude of European Gypsies are as brown / black as the native Indians who migrated there over 2,000 years ago.

Those who call themselves "Jews" in "Israel", America, Canada, England, Germany, Russia, Poland, Australia.. The "Jews" of Europe look like those below and yet there are Gypsies in/from Europe who still look like those above.
Some Gypsies have fair skin and blond hair. A great number of them are still brown to black. Living in Europe turns SOME descendants into having the colors of Europeans and SOME descendants will always retain their non European appearance.

Of course the two Gypsies on top would not have had to wear a yellow star so the Germans would know they were not native to Germany, Holland or Poland.

Only the cult of pretend "Jews" would have needed identifying markers to identify them, because they were NOTHING BUT natives of Europe who can be tied to the rest of the Germans, Russians and Pollocks through birth and marriage records.

Living in Europe, breeding with Europeans
does not turn ALL your descendants white - Gypsies
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