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Breeding with Europeans does not make all white

The American Indians had nothing to do with Indians. I think I saw a segment on the History or Discovery Channel where the Europeans thought they landed in India when they reached America and so they called the natives Indians..
Here when I use the word Indian, it will be to describe those of India. Pakistan was part of India until 1946. The British were being forced to give up their rule and they instigated an internal feud when they knew they were about to lose their power. In previous history Pakistan was India.
Our American media does little to show the cultures and people outside of Anglo Saxons ( except when our politicians are invading them with our military). If you have satellite tv, then you get to see what the typical people look like in other lands. Afghanistan was northern India. The people there are Arab... Anglo Saxon with no blond hair and brown/black faces.
Northern India and Iran are listed as the places where the Gypsies migrated from. If Aryans are from Iraq, then the true Aryans were a black hair brown face people (with facial features of Europeans)


Before the Europeans began invade outside of Europe, ONLY they had fair skin and blond hair.
When Europeans mix with non-Europeans this is what has always happened through out history:
Some European / non-European descendants will look like Europeans
Some European / non-European descendants will be a mix of European / non European
Some European / non-European descendants will take on the features of Non Europeans.
BUT NEVER will the descendants of Europeans and non-Europeans ALL mutate into the physical appearance of Europeans.
If whole families, generation after generation all look like Europeans, that is because they are NOT a mix of anything but Europeans.


The cult of pretend "Jews" tell us they look like the rest of the Europeans because they have been living in Europe for centuries.
Climate nor distance from the equator determines color because those in the rest of the world in the same climates and the same distance from the equator were all brown and had black hair.
They say breeding with Europeans for centuries turned them all white, but Gypsies have been in Europe before the Israelites were scattered and they have retained their dark physical features.


This is a picture of 4 Gypsy boys living in Europe who look nothing like the pale face "Jews" from Poland, Germany and Russia.. and their ancestors migrated into Europe over 2000 years ago.

In the book of Esther ( about 550 BC ) The actual Jews were in provinces of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. (See the maps of Persia and Babylon)
ESTHER 8:9 ... Mordecai commanded to the Jews , and to the lieutenants, and the deputies and rulers of the provinces which are from India to Ethiopia, an hundred twenty and seven provinces.
The Israelites were in India. Of course they would have blended right in because the physical features from Canaan to India were the same. Physical facial features of Europeans, with the exception they had brown/black faces and NO blond/fair hair.


The brown face, black hair natives of India migrated into Europe. When they lived in India they were called Indians and when they lived in Europe they were called Gypsies.
Living in Europe for centuries and mixing with Europeans has mutated SOME Gypsies into having the colors of Europeans.
Of course Europeans married and produced children with Gypsies. Some of the members of Gypsy tribes do not look like Europeans by falling into a bucket of white paint.
All the white faces in this picture are "Jews" coming to "Israel" from Europe... the ALL look like the rest of the Europeans they came from in the first place.
In the front (right bottom) is a European Gypsy (that did not get off the "Jew" plane).

The ancestors of these Gypsies hung out with the Israelites when they lived in India in the book of Esther and of course these brown face Gypsies of Europe have a far greater chance of being descendants of the Israelites, then the cult of white face Anglo Saxon... pretend Jews.

( Note: lots of these Gypsy pictures have them in traditional costumes. These are not the clothes they wear in Europe or America. The pictures of them in costume are probably at special gatherings they have. It is kind of like seeing guys in those dresses (kilts). It is not what they wear to work. The pictures are taken when they dress up for special gatherings through out the year.)

Living in Europe, breeding with Europeans
does not turn ALL your descendants white - Gypsies
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