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This picture was taken from too far away to get any details. At the top are Gypsies in the concentration camp in WW2.
The picture on the bottom is some plump women "Jews" I snapped from the History Channel.

The old 8mm film has poor grain, they took it from too far away and the years has not been kind to the film. The early color also becomes tinted after time.

The top picture is an old man (Gypsy) and his kid or grand kid ( I guess).

The picture on the bottom is an old man I put with a kid ( both supposed to be Jews) to make the comparison.

The top left are two Gypsy women. It looks like one of the DP camps after ww2? In the back ground are a couple European men. I cut their heads off when I cropped the picture, but they appeared to be wealthy (just guessing from the riding pants the rich used to wear).
On the right of these Gypsies is Anne Frank and below is her "Jewish family.

By the picture of these two Gypsy women and the young Gypsy kid on the previous page, you can see that living in Europe for centuries did not turn all the immigrants from India white.
No where in the world has any people from the middle east ever migrated and all turned white. This bs comes only from the cult of Europeans who call themselves "Jews".

The 3 guys on the horses are Gypsies. Note the guy on the right has reddish hair... NOT a trait from the people of India. Unlike all the "Jews" who fell into a bucket of paint and all came out looking like Europeans, other Arabs, Africans and natives of India retained their complexion through out the centuries.

The guy in the back ground is the head "Jew" on the weekly beg-a-thon which begs Christians to give "Jews" their money.