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Encarta encyclopedia.
Beards generally begins to grow during puberty. The amount of facial hair varies among the peoples of the world.
In Caucasian peoples the beard is usually very heavy, whereas among the Native North Americans it is markedly thin.
Early Egyptians, however, usually shaved their beards. Of course we have all seen the pictures of ancient Egyptians in the pyramids.
Native Americans could get rid of what little beards they had because it was nothing more than peach fuzz.


Columbus came to the Americas in 1492. A colony of Europeans came on the MayFlower in 1620. ... Say Europeans were in the Americas around 1600.
Photography began to evolve in the 1800s ... portable cameras (big bellows cameras that used glass plates) were used. This book of pictures of native Americans gives a date after 1860 . 1600 to 1860 = 260 years from the time the Europeans were living among the native Americans, before they began to take pictures.
I was showing the book to a friend.. page after page there were nothing but dark faces and black hair.. making my case that no fair hair native Americans existed until after the pollution of Europeans.. then I turned and there was a picture of a guy with a big blond mustache.
The friend giggled and said.. look at that blond hair. I read the caption and it told how the Fox Indians had fought against the French.

Who was taking these pictures? The single blond hair guy in the picture well may have been the photographer, who had one of the natives squeeze the bulb.

Here is what I could find about the picture with out any assumptions..

The ONLY person with blond hair was the ONLY person to have facial hair.
He did NOT have a beard, but he had a well trimmed (thick) mustache typical of Europeans. In the hundreds of pictures I have seen I have never seen a native American with a thick well trimmed mustache.
Was this "Indian" actually a Frenchman or the photographer dressed up to have his picture taken?

If dressing up like an Indian, makes one a native American, then Einstein was actually a native American. Here is a picture he posed for while on vacation.

The native American picture book is chock full of pictures and every one of them were black face, black hair people... except the old gray hair men.
People in different parts of the world have different physical features. They are not caused by climate, they are caused by a different heredity.

Native Americans not only did not have fair skin, they did not have thick beards or mustaches.
If you wanna make your own observation go to the library and look through several books on native Americans.. pictures taken before the 1900s.

PBS had a program about reservations. The present day "Indians" have a great mix of Europeans in them. One of them commented that there was only a small fraction of them who were still full blooded. They had a shot of kids playing and one of them was a toe head like Dennis the Menace.

Look at today's population of India. Of course they have some people with European features but the great majority are still brown / black. Why? because of their great population compared to Iran, the Europeans mixed is smaller fractions.
IF the Europeans were Aryans... Aryans came from Iran and India, then Europeans would have a big mix of brown, black and white, but that is contrary to the facts.

The yellow area represents what I will call the Arab race. They do not have the wide noses, thick lips or tight curly hair of Africans. They do not have the fair skin, blue eyes or blond hair of the Europeans. "God made Adam in his own image"? Go to Iraq, find the ancient skeletons from 6000 years ago. The Arab race is the race of God.
When I mention that the Aryans were from the stock of Iran and India, I am told... but there are lots of fair skin Iranians.
Of course there and there are lots of fair skin native Americans.. except they are neither Iranians nor native Americans, but they are a mix with Europeans.
Before mingling with Europeans the Iranians were just like the  native Americans in the period of early photography. These are not a drawing they are pre 1900 pictures of native Americans. I did give them the clothes. Go to the library to see the originals.

The faces of the original Aryans and native Americans before the European mutations. How idiotic was it for the Nazis to claim they were a pure breed of Aryans (India & Iran), it is as idiotic as Anglo Saxon "Jews" claiming they are the descendants of the Israelites.