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Death Camps: One thing that makes one wonder is how they were sent to the prison camps "to be executed" but we keep hearing them tell how they were in the camps for two or three years and some of them even told how they were in two or three prison camps.

NBC Dateline June 9, 2002 - Hitler's Nazi Jews?
Those calling themselves Jews know they had thousands of their relatives in the Nazi Army. This program just put it in the faces of people that I have been talking about for years.
One good thing about Yahoo Archives is you can go back to see what someone has said. You will find my words about the "Jews" in Hitler's Nazi army long before this program was put together or before this guy wrote his book.

In this program they put on like they were only in the Nazi Army a couple years and then were yanked out. It is a nice crock but that is all it is. They were in the military of the Germans until there was no more Nazi Army.

If being a Jew is supposed to be a descendant of the Israelites, then anyone who says someone is part Jew, is an idiot or a liar. If one is a descendant of the Israelites he could not be part descendant, he either IS or IS NOT a descendant of the Israelites.
In the Torah the Israelites were NOTHING but a pot luck of people created out of the Israelites who came from the Arabs and Israelites who spread the seed of Israel into EVERY ARAB NATION / TRIBE AROUND THEM.

I just read one post of a guy making excuses... He said these nazi Jews had Jewish relatives but that was a long time ago? Well If they are a descendant, then no amount of time can change that status. 


A male goy / gentile marries a female goy. The male "converts to Judaism", they have a family. Three generations later a great grandson finds out grandpa was a "Jew" and now that grand child is a descendant of the Israelites, right Jethro? 

As far as being descendants of the Israelites... when someone " finds out their ancestors were Jewish", the only thing they have found out is they had ancestors in a cult claiming to be descendants of the Israelites when they had NO possible evidence.. They might be Lemmings by heritage, but they are not Jewish by heritage.

As I said you can't tell a "Jew" from any other German, Russian or European because that is all that cult is. Look at the picture below and determine for yourself which one of these guys are supposed to be Jews.

Here are some more proud little "Jews" goose stepping in the nazi army. You can't tell any "Jew" from any other European because that is all they were / are ... a racist cult of Europeans claiming to be "the real Israelites". (Mischlinge part Jew? ). If being a Jew is following the religion of the Israelites, there is not one Jew on earth. If being a Jew is being a physical descendant of the Israelites, there can be no part Jew and anyone who claims they can track their ancestors to the Israelites is one idiot or bald face liar.

The rest of the Germans / nazis shared the same ancestors of the cult of false Jews.  All "Jews" were common Europeans who had been sucked into a cult of brainwashed idiots.

How many nazi Jews... The author writing the book on Jews in the nazi army, found out his mother was a descendant of these calling themselves Jews... ONLY AFTER RESEARCHING SOME FAMILY HISTORY.

Puffing themselves up by association

When people become important, note how the Blight cult adds them to their famous Jews list. Madam not-so-bright, Evils, Einstein. ( of course Einstein was an atheist so if he was right there could be no such thing as a Jew )
It is like becoming a member in the Mormon church, once you are in, they find links to your ancestors you never had any idea of.

In this guy's book he found about 150,000 "Jews" in the nazi army.
When they were drafting them in the army

* No one was doing any family tree search
* Those Germans who had any knowledge of the false Jew cult members of their family trees kept their shame concealed.



Do you know all of your grandparents who have existed? You have had 4 grand parents, 8 great grandparents, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 ... just 9 generations ago you had 2,048 grandparents on earth who actually lived in the same time period as all of that generation of your grandparents lived. Around the year 1700, every German alive in 1940 had about 2,048 grandparents alive in the year 1700.

There are of records of Europeans, their inventions and all kinds of info about Europeans before Christ. By the account of the tower of Babel, people would have been scattered into Europe about 3000 BC.
The Israelites were scattered about 300 BC. If we start from the time of Christ until 1940, that would be 1940 years.

In 1940, how many grandparents did EVERY German have around the year 1390 AD?
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8388608
In 1000 AD every German ( like everyone else on earth) had millions of grandparents.

It is impossible to know or ever find out who their grandparents BUT YOU KNOW these are shared grandparents, they share those grandparents with millions of other people today.
In 1940 Germany no one knew who their ancestors were and like today, no one ever thought about such things.
When finding these "Jewish" nazis, no nazi could track their ancestors, those who knew they had relatives in a couple generations ( is the greatest time most people can track their relatives ) in the Blight cult kept it under the lid.

In the cult members calling themselves "Jews", we know they are keeping their mouths shut about their nazi relatives in the Nazi military.
We know all of those good little "Jewish" women who slept with the nazis during WW2 are not telling anyone about the fathers of their children.

Out of the population of Germany most women, children or the old people never served in the army (until the final 8 months). The male soldiers may have made up 1/4th of the population, so what ever amount of "Jewish" nazi soldiers that could be documented would have to be multiplied by 4 ( or the number found ) to guess at the amount of nazi Jews.
Each German had a multitude of grandparents, so to know who their ancestors were, they would have to be tracked through every set of grandparents through every generation.
Year 1390 AD, every one living in Germany ... Generation 22 Grandparents 8,388,608
What is the name of all of your grandparents that existed in 1390? It would virtually impossible that every German did not have Blight cult members in their ancestors.

Remember, having "Jewish" ancestors does not mean you are a descendant of the Israelites. It only means you had ancestors who belonged to a cult claiming to be descendants of the Israelites. ( All bible Jews were Arabs if the bible is true and if it is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite ).

In the fake Jew identity, all of your grandparents could be Jews and you would not be a descendant of the Israelites. Say some Eskimos started a cult and called themselves the Levites. With no reason or no evidence of any links to the Levites, they assert they are the descendants of the Levites.
If all 4 of Eddy Eskimo's grandparents call themselves Levites, that does not make Eddy a Levite, unless he chooses to make himself one of the cult members, in which case Eddy becomes a fool or a liar, not a Levite.
The German nazi "Jews" having "Jew" grandparents, were not Jews at all. Their grandparents were fools or liars, Jimmy German who did not join the cult, just decided not to be a fool or a liar.

The number of Germans who share the SAME ancestors as the Blight cult, can be multiplied by the number of British, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Swiss, Italian, Polish, Russians who also share the SAME ancestors with the Blight cult of false Jews.
Those calling themselves "Jews" have No different heritage than any other Europeans, they are just brainwashed, fools or blatant liars.

Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8,388,608
Tell me the names of all of your grandparents who lived from 1940 to 1390 then tell me the names of every other grandparent of every other German who lived from 1940 to 1390.
If it is possible, give me your proofs. If it is impossible and you assert that you are descendants of the Israelites or that you have any different heritage than any other European ...
If it is impossible and you assert it to be a fact ( you are different / you are a descendant of the Israelites ) to state what it is impossible for you to prove, you are one idiot.
Year 1915 Generation 1 Grandparents 4
Year 1890 Generation 2 Grandparents 8
Year 1865 Generation 3 Grandparents 16
Year 1840 Generation 4 Grandparents 32
Year 1815 Generation 5 Grandparents 64
Year 1790 Generation 6 Grandparents 128
Year 1765 Generation 7 Grandparents 256
Year 1740 Generation 8 Grandparents 512
Year 1715 Generation 9 Grandparents 1024
Year 1690 Generation 10 Grandparents 2048
Year 1665 Generation 11 Grandparents 4096
Year 1640 Generation 12 Grandparents 8192
Year 1615 Generation 13 Grandparents 16384
Year 1590 Generation 14 Grandparents 32768
Year 1565 Generation 15 Grandparents 65536
Year 1540 Generation 16 Grandparents 131072
Year 1515 Generation 17 Grandparents 262144
Year 1490 Generation 18 Grandparents 524288
Year 1465 Generation 19 Grandparents 1048576
Year 1440 Generation 20 Grandparents 2097152
Year 1415 Generation 21 Grandparents 4194304
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8388608
So tell me the name of every grandparent of every European from 1940 to 1390 AD?
The overwhelming odds are that every nazi shared ancestors with the false Jew cult members and the fact is those who assert they are descendants of the Israelites or that they are of a different heritage than any other European, is ignorant, brainwashed, a fool or a Blatant liar

It is impossible for anyone on earth to know who their ancestors were for the last 2,500 years.

By the scriptures we do know that we can track the Israelites to their parents and grandparents... and we know we can trace their heritage to Hittites, Havites, Iraqis, Canaanites, Jebusites, Moabites, Ammoites, Amoirtes, Egyptians, Syrians... ARABS !

By anthropology and archeology we know there were no blond hair, fair skin or blue eye people in the middle east, all Israelites were a composite of those Arabs identified by the scriptures... and yet we have this cult of Europeans who call themselves "Jews".

Those who called themselves Jews through out Europe were just brainwashed, ignorant, idiots or liars. The rest of the Europeans who found they had "Jews" in their family trees, did not have descendants of the Israelites in their family trees, they just had brainwashed Lemmings, idiots or liars in their family trees.

(See the page on the anthropology study of the Bounty). Here is what we know and can prove:

(1) Living any distance from the equator does not change a people's physical appearance.  People who live at the extreme locations from the equator are dark brown to black. Fair skin and blond hair is a physical feature unique to Europeans (before they traveled to other lands and began to breed with the native people). When Europeans marry people of the Middle East, the native Americans, Africans... When Europeans produce children with people of  different physical features.

(2) Some of the children will be a mix of both races (3) Some of the offspring's will look like the Europeans (4) Some of the offspring's will look like the dark skin, black hair ancestors - Africans, Arabs, Native Americans .... (5) but if all the members of that family have the physical features of every other European, that family can not be the descendants of the native people with different physical features.

Now simply look at the pictures of those Europeans calling themselves Jews and know they are NOTHING but a pack of imposter Europeans !

"Race map" Compare the native people of Europe with those of India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Africa... compare native Europeans with the native people of the middle east.


Above is a "race map". Look at the pages here that give the exact verses which give the families that ALL Israelites came out of Ammorites, Amorites, Syrians, Chaldeans/Iraqis, Philistines, Jebusites, Moabites, Midianites, Canaanites, Lebanese ( Sidon/Zidon) Egyptians... 

How is it that EVERY ISRAELITE OF THE BIBLE was a descendant of the Arabs of the middle east and yet this cult of Europeans are all blond hair, blue, eye, fair skin... Anglo Saxons / Aryans? Other than their BS, the cult calling themselves "Jews" are NOT descendants of the Israelites. They are brainwashed Lemmings who belong to a racist cult. Racist? Yes "If you are not one of them, you are inferior, you were just put on earth to serve them".

You can sure tell the native people of the middle east from the Germans, but you can NOT tell the "Jew" nazis from any other German because the cult calling themselves Jews were nothing but Euro Babelites in the first place.  Tell me, which of the nazi soldiers below is a "Jew" if you can tell them apart ?

Any Jew with forged papers could pass through any check point with out any problem because they were nothing but a cult of Europeans in the first place. The picture below is different. There are 5 of the "Jew" nazi soldiers and another old guy who is a descendant of the middle east native people instead of of the Europeans. How hard is it for you to pick out this native of the middle east from the Europeans in this line up?

Here the proud little "Jews" are having their pictures taken in their nazi uniforms.


Below is one proud little "Jewish" family having their picture taken of their little nazi son in his nazi uniform? Decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals... good little nazi "Jews".

"The revelation that Germans of Jewish blood served Hitler must come as a profound shock." I don't know about a shock but it sure is a crock. There is NO such thing as German blood. Even Hitler was not a native born German. The Germans were just a composite of the people of Europe, Russians, Dutch... in some WW2 films I have seen where the British Royal family was married into the Germans.

Living in Germany did not give them any kind of blood and there is NO such thing as Jewish blood. These cult members are just ordinary Europeans from the same ancestors and who were marrying each other as far back as recorded history.

In older things I have read, the numbers of nazi "Jews" were not great, but as people keep on looking into this, the numbers keep on multiplying. Here they said there were tens of thousands of "Jews" in the nazi Army.. If you have looked at the study on family trees, you know how people are linked together with thousands of others through our grandparents. If they look, the problem will be trying to find out which of the nazi soldiers was not related.

Bryan Mark Rigg is the author of this book "Hitler's Jewish soldiers". I know he is a lot better writer than I. It would be worth reading if you read more than web pages. "he has served as a volunteer in the Israeli Army... Ooops

"Rigg ran across records indicating that his mother's family tree included"

Like Duh, anyone who as examined the family tree studies can project that almost every European can track their heritage to  "Jews", Italians, Germans, French ... a whole pot luck of people. We are all linked together through our ancestors... and each of us have had millions of grandparents who we can NEVER begin to know about.

IF the bible is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite. If the bible is true, by the bible we can prove every Israelite was a composite of Ammorites, Hittites, Iraqis, Philistines, Syrians, Cananites, Jebusites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Egyptians... Arabs.

This cult of false "Jews" are nothing but Europeans. They have no different blood than the rest of us. The only difference between us is they have been brainwashed into believe they (Aryan Europeans) are "the real Israelites".

Author Riggs on the bottom right

One of the "Jews" was the same as our 5 star generals in the nazi Army. When the problem of being "Jews" came up, they were not booted out as in one account here. They were in the nazi army until the end of the war. In one segment of this program, they told how those of "Jewish" heritage only needed to apply for an exempt status.. In this joke Hitler was in on it. They would simply sign up for an exempt status and after it was processed this status would exempt them from "being Jews". It really makes one giggle until their belly hurts.

They told how one nazi Jew got 3 medals.. probably deserved it for killing a bunch of American and British soldiers, I guess ? They also reported after the war, these nazi "Jews" chose to stay in Germany ... their homeland instead of going to Palestine to rob and murder those poor people. 

The only thing different in the cult calling themselves Jews and the rest of the Europeans is that they have been sucked into a cult and have been brainwashed beyond common sense.

 Hmmm I wonder how many of those "Jews" in the synagogues are the children / grandchildren of the nazi soldiers. On other the History channel, one of the topics I have made note of is about the German soldiers and the "Jewish" women that they took to the sack. I suppose any of the women that were not real ugly in the prison camps were quite handy to the nazis. If they were lucky maybe even a Jew nazi took them to bed in the prison camps?

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