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One truth never negates another. If something is true, then it does not matter how many thousands of things may be true, it has no bearing on that one truth.
What is the importance of any truth? It all depends what you are trying to prove.
In the argument "Chucky Cheese raped the little girl" the prosecutor produces the
finger prints of Chucky on the fridge. He produces the sheets with Chuckie's semen and a dna match.
* Chuckie's mommy says he was home.
* Chucky said he got a gold star on his grade card.
Chucky could go on for years about all kind of things which may or may not be true, but it does not matter what kind of facts he may have about endless other things, no matter what else he has to say, it can not change the fact, those are his finger prints and that is his dna.
When caught with damning evidence against them, the subtle trickster begins endless words about all kind of other things, but none of those things can change the damning facts against them..
When I made the argument... "When different races mix, 3 things will happen and one thing will never happen".
When Europeans breed with non Europeans
* Some descendants will look like Europeans
* Some will be a mix of both races.
* Some will look like non Europeans
* BUT NEVER will all the descendants all look like one race. If they all look like one race, they are not a mix of another race.
In rebuttal he pasted a web page from a girl who wrote a book about "whole black families passing for white"
I asked him to see pictures of "those who passed for white", he had none. He has no back ground on their ancestors, he has no knowledge what their children looks like.
To make an objectionable study, you would have to ask, were these people Negroes from Africa who came to America white?
Were their ancestors black and in one generation their children started all popping out white?
Did their children start appearing white after they began to mix with Europeans?
After you got the basics, you would say
* Out of all the black family in this state, what % of their children start popping out white by random?
* Out of all black families in this state, what % of their children pop out like all the rest of the black kids in that state?
* Out of the mixed children with Europeans, what % of the times do all their children come out white, and every generation after that, all their children become white?
* In that state or in any nation on earth, when Europeans breed with non Europeans, does the white race ever wipe out the (non white) physical heritage of their descendants?
When ever doing a study, you can not take one case to determine what is going to happen to everyone else. If you want to see the forest you have to get back far enough to see all the trees.
Below is a picture of a big "Jew" opera that takes place in the Netherlands at "the synagogue of Portugal".
These are the rich "Jews" from all over Europe and from America. The Nazis also had a thing for opera. The owners of Germany's opera were in tight with Hitler. The SS were "cultured" and attended all the snob events ( just like the synagogue of Portugal).
Look at the faces in the Nazi opera's then look below at the face of these "Jews"
These "Jews" or Nazis, no different, a bunch of Anglo Saxons basing their supremacist ideology on mythology.

In the lower right of this picture is a Negro and a native of the middle east.

All the rich women in this picture claim they are descendants of the Israelites... Every Israelite was a native of the middle east, they were nothing but Arabs and a pinch of Africans... and yet look at the faces of these counterfeit "Jews".

When Europeans mix with non Europeans

* Some descendants will look like Europeans
* Some descendants will be a mix.
* Some descendants will look like non-Europeans
BUT NEVER will all descendants mutate into one particular race. If they are all one race, then they were NEVER a mix of another race.

Time does not matter. The majority does not wipe out the minority race. Europeans do not turn all their descendants into Europeans nor are all European descendants turned into non Europeans when mixing.
I have pictures of European, non European descendants after, 20 years, 200 years or 2,000 years.
This Negro boy is the son of this European woman (who bred with a Negro). Being a descendant of a European never turned him white.

After 200 years, this black woman is the mix of a white European (Thomas Jefferson) and a black woman. Being a descendant of a European did not turn this woman into a European.
It does not matter if it is a European male, it does not matter if it is a European female, when they produce children with non Europeans, their descendants will always be a mix of both races.

Below (top middle) is a picture of a Egyptian coffin. The outside was painted to look like the person. The other two pictures at the top are painted pictures in the pyramids.
There are thousands and thousands of pictures in the pyramids and there were NO blond hair, blue eye or fair skin Egyptians before the invasion of the Europeans.

Below ( bottom and middle row) are pictures of the natives of Egypt today. After the invasion of Europeans, the native people are a mix of Arabs, Negroes and Anglo Saxons.

The Europeans invaded Egypt over 2000 years ago and began to mix with the natives of the land.
The invading Europeans did not take these brown face girls home to mom. They raped them or hired them and left them to have the children on their own.
It is just like Vietnam today, thousands of little bastard American children who never knew who their fathers were.
The Europeans came and left. They would have been like a pack of dogs taking anything that they wanted.
In the pyramids before the Europeans infested their land, there were NO blond hair, no blue eye Egyptians.
The pictures in the middle and bottom rows are the faces of the natives of the middle east today.
After 2000 years the masses of Arabs never wiped out the physical features of the European descendants (because they were the majority), but there are tens of thousands of natives of the middle east who retain the physical appearance of their European grandfathers who invaded the middle east 2000 years ago.

Look at the pictures of those calling themselves "Jews" in Europe in the 1940's. If they would have been the descendants of the middle east, they would not have all looked like all the rest of the Europeans.
If they were descendants of the middle east, the European "Jews" would have been a mix of both races, just like Egypt which is a pot luck of Negroes, Arabs and Anglo Saxons ... as opposed to the European "Jews" who are NOTING BUT the descendants of Europeans.

They claim to be the descendants of the Arab / African mix of Israelites, but they do not have the faces of the middle east. They call themselves "Jews" and yet they are nothing but of the same stock as the Nazis.