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The girl in the top middle is Ann Frank and here family are all the people below. Note no one could pick them out from any other European or Germans in a line up.

The other girl is a descendant of the people outside of Europe. The original picture was in color but I converted it to gray scale to make a comparison of "Jews" and native people of the middle east.

At the tower of Babel God scattered people out of the middle east into all corners of the world.

Anthropologist and archeologist find civilizations all over the world that existed in the same time period that the events of the old testament took place. When God scattered people into all corners of the earth it did not take decades or centuries.

God didn't have to wait for Europeans to bring people from Europe to the Americas, those people were here when the Europeans got off the boat.

Near the end of the Old Testament, most of the Israelites were already living outside of Israel. The most Israelites at the time of Christ, lived in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Most of the "corners" of the earth were the middle east nations and in the prophecy of the return of those Israelites, it is those named middle east nations they will be gathered from.

It didn't take God centuries to scatter the people from Babel into all islands and continents of the world nor did it take him centuries to scatter the Israelites. Most of them were scattered in the end of the old testament.

If God scattered Israelites into Canada at the end of the old testament, where were the "Jews" following "Judaism" when the Europeans got here? Where were the Jews following Judaism from North America to the tip of South America?

No, there is no record of God scattering the Israelites outside of the middle east and that is where prophecy says they will be gathered from.

Europeans have a different physical feature than non Europeans. Europeans are not the descendants of the Israelites. When the British ( Anglo Saxon / Europeans) took their prisoners to Australia, they did not encounter any native people involved in Judaism.


There were no native people who looked like Jerry Springer when the British got to Australia. This is a great place for an anthropology study. Look at the picture of the old guy and the young girl in the upper right. Travel hundreds of miles into the out back, and these are the typical faces you will see. 

The British prison population (Europeans) lived in the populated areas. They lived there for centuries. Go to the cities and take lots of pictures of those calling themselves Aborigines. Every here (Except for the talk show idiot) is from Australia. Note the range of faces. 

While they have a wide range of faces from the original blacks of the out back to the cross bred, make note that there are no such pictures of native Europeans. Europeans are different than the native people of the middle east and all other people on earth.

NO physical descendant of the Israelites looked like these Anglo Saxon Europeans. The skin color of the unpolluted natives of the middle east and all other people on earth ranged from brown to black. This physical feature is exclusive to non Europeans.

If God scattered the Israelites into Europe, how come  those who call themselves Jews look just like the rest of the Europeans? If God scattered the Israelites into all corners of the earth at the end of the old testament, show us the records of the Aborigines who were practicing Judaism when the British arrived in Australia with their prisoner ships.

Look at the Aborigines. The Europeans have been poking them for centuries. The Aborigine descendants still range from brown to black and even those mixed descendants can be told from Europeans ... so tell me, if those Europeans calling themselves Jews are descendants of the Israelites, why can't you tell them from any other European?