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If you can tell a "Jew" from any other European, which of these girls are "Jews"? All you "white supremacist" you say "Jews" have a big nose, ok which of these girls are "Jews"?

In the early pictures of native Europeans there are no faces of Arabs, Philippine  or Indians. In the isolated areas of these non Europeans, there no milk face native people.

Here are women from Europe, an Arab girl, A girl from the Philippines and a girl from India.

Which 3 girls are not natives of Europe?

Europeans have unique physical Europeans that non Europeans do not have. The bible Israelites were descendants of non Europeans. By anthropology we know the ancient people of the middle east have the same physical features as today's (unpolluted) native Arabs.

Please explain why those who call themselves Jews do not look like the native people of the middle east, but they look just like the rest of the Europeans? 

In the pre WW2 films there are no pictures of "Jews" who looked like Arabs, Native Americans, Polynesians, Aborigines or anything but other Europeans.

Let me see, all Israelites were a composite of Chaldeans, Syrians, Hittites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Philistines, Zideons, Egyptians... Arabs. The ancient paintings (before the European invasions) and the skulls of those people are the same as those the world calls Arabs.

The Israelites "were scattered into all corners of the world", when they got to Europe they all turned into Europeans, right? Ok, then how come all those who migrated to Austria did not mutate into Aborigines? How come those "Jews" in Australia look just like the rest of the Europeans?

If God scattered the Israelites into all the corners of the world in a time period before Christ, how come there were no people there who knew anything about Judaism until the Europeans came?

On this bridal show they covered the wedding of kids from Sweden and the Philippines.


Which one is a native from Europe (Sweden) and which is a native from the Philippines?

It is as easy to tell the European from the non European as it is easy to tell the boy from the girl. It is a snap to tell European "Jews" from the native people of the middle east. You can not tell these "Jews" from any other Europeans ... Oh yeah look at the marriage and birth records of these "Jews" back through history and know they are nothing but Europeans who's ancestors were sucked into the cult of false "Jews".

1 Here is a pictures of "Jews" in a prison camp at the end of WW2
2 Below them is a picture I captured off TV of Palestinians in the streets.
3 An ancient statue to the right.
4 An ancient wall painting on the bottom.
5 The skull is that of a murder victim who was identified after forensic scientist reconstructed the face to look like the person when they were alive.
The skulls of today's native Iraqis are the same as those found from ancient times.
* Look at the faces of the "Jews" and 1000 hours of film taken in Germany before, during and after WW2.
1a How many of the rest of the "Jews" have the same physical appearance?
1b How many of the rest of those "Jews" look like the faces of these Palestinians?
1c In the "Jew" picture, which one of them is a German soldier (who does not claim to be a "Jew"?

* Look at the faces of these Palestinians.
2a How many "Jews" or any other people living in western Europe looked like these native people of the middle east?

* Look at every ancient painting of the native people of the middle east (before the invasions of the Europeans)
4a What % of the faces are painted using white or pink paint?
4b What % of the faces are painted with brown or black paint?
4c What % of the paintings were of people with light brown or blond hair?
4d What % of the paintings were of people with black hair?
4e What % of the paintings reflected the colors of these Europeans calling themselves Jews?