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Don't just read this one. If you thought any one could actually 
  trace your ancestors read all 3 of these pages ... 1 2 3


After I established the fact that no one could possibly trace their heritage to the Israelites a guy said: "G-d knows our heritage"

When using the word "our" his assertion was he was an Israelite descendant. Of course God knows the heritage of all people, but it was this man (not God) who was doing the talking... that is unless these people calling themselves Jews, think they are God. I guess some of us will have to read the bible to see what God says. 

If couples only had one child, humans would have ceased to have existed thousands of years ago. In this story we will say Arnold and Edna were both born in 1700. Their offspring's then reproduced every 25 years.

 The blue represents their sons and grandsons. They had to get the girls / pink from other parents.

In 4 generations Arnold and Edna produced, 30 descendants ( 2 + 4 + 8 + 26 ) total of those 4 generations that followed.


From the time Susie Bell was born in 1800 until Arnold and Edna was born in 1700, Susie had 32 grand parents. Arnold and Edna are just one set of her grand parents. In just 9 generations we have all had 1024 grandparents.

To know what our heritage is, we have to be able to track everyone of our grand parents and see what people they came from.

People who play the family tree game just go to one set of their grandparents, but this is quite the farce. We are the total product of every one of our grand parents.

In the year 1500 AD we all had thousands of grandparents in that generation. The idea that anyone can track their heritage is quite the farce.

Until the mid 1900s there was no birth control pills. There was no women's lib. Couples created very big families, but if it were ONLY an average of 3 kids per couple.

Arnold and Edna are represented by the single pink/blue block. To make it easy let's say they just had sons (blue) sons and grandsons. All the blue in the blocks that follow are their sons and grandsons.

In just 3 generations, they would have produced 24 grandsons. These grandsons are not the exclusive product of themselves, but they share them with many other grandparents.

In that 3rd generation each grandson would have had 24 cousins. In history girls married very young. They had 5 to 8 kids by the time they were 25, but lets say the average children for mothers was 3 children by the age 25. How many grand parents will a child born in 2000 AD have?

2000 / 25 average = 80 generations to the calendar date based on the death of Christ. The number of grandparents in 80 generations is too big to even think about so let's go back 23 generations

            1975    2    parents were born
 1  ->   1950  -  4   Their first set of grand parents
 2  ->  1925  -  8
 3  ->  1900  -  16
 4  ->  1875  -  32
 5  ->  1850  -  64
 6  ->  1825  -  128
 7  ->  1800  -  256
 8  ->  1775  -  512
 9  ->  1750  -  1024
 10  ->  1725  -  2048
 11  ->  1700  -  4096
 12  ->  1675  -  8192
 13  ->  1650  -  16384
 14  ->  1625  -  32768
 15  ->  1600  -  65536
 16  ->  1575  -  131072
 17  ->  1550  -  262144
 18  ->  1525  -  524288
 19  ->  1500  -  1048576
 20  ->  1475  -  2097152
 21  ->  1450  -  4194304
 22  ->  1425  -  8388608

With the average of parents producing their children every 25 generations, a kid born in the year 2000 will have had 8,388,608 grand parents in the year 1425 AD. Remember these are not their exclusive grandparents, but grand parents they share with millions of others.

When anyone asserts they can track their heritage back 2,000 years know they are ignorant, idiots or liars.


So your grand parents have Torah's or bibles with your family records in them?

#1 You could not trace your ancestors through your grandfather because there is no way to know how many of your grandma's were fooling around.

#2  Let's say you could trace your grandmother 10  generations back to  about  1725 ... the last grandma in your link. Now to say any of the grandparents in those links were descendants of the Israelites you would have to know if grandma was a Jew by heritage or if she was just goy a convert in which none of your grandparents were descendants of the Israelites.

#3 If you could trace grandma back to 1725 AD, then there would be about 24 other grandma's between her and the time before the Israelites were scattered. Because it is impossible to find out who they were, there could be no way of knowing that the your present grandma or all those before her were descendants of the Israelites or just goy converts.

Tracing your family tree is like a chain. Unless you can verify ever link in that chain back to the very beginning, it is impossible to know where you came from. When you make a claim of some fact when you have no fact, you are a fibber, a liar, a Lemmings ... chose your own word.

Tan Books and Publishers, 1987).] Rev. Dr. L. Rumble, and Fr. Charles Carty [Charles M. Carty and L. Rumble, Bible Quizzes to a Street Preacher (Rockford, IL.: Tan Books and Publishers, 1976).] state that most people in the Middle Ages could not read, so there was no need for the Bible in the language of the common man because he could not read it if he had it. They further state that since those who could read all read Latin, there was no need to have any other translation other than the Latin Vulgate by Jerome.

No the "Jews" never had Torah's. Only royal families and very wealthy religious organizations had any kind of books. Every book written was hand copied. The "Jews" did not invent the printing press nor did they have access to any printing press when they were concocting their Talmud.

Just like "Jews" the Catholic religious leaders had the only written versions of their scriptures. They did not share these with these scriptures with the common people. Just like today, they need the people to come to them to find out what their books says, to control the cash flow.

The idea of anyone asserting they have actual documents proving their heritage back 2,500 years is an insult to an idiot. In the middle ages ( except for royals and wealthy religious organizations ) the people of the middle ages could not read nor write. The closest thing they got to ink was when they went berry picking. The closest thing they got to a quill was when they were plucking the chickens to cook and the closest they ever got to paper could only have been the corn cobs they used in the out house.

Not 1% of the population could read nor did 1% of the total population ever go to a school or even pass one in their life time. If any one actually had a document of any kind that could be verified from the year 1500 as something written by their ancestors, it would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet we have idiots and/or liars professing they have some kind of evidence that their ancestors were Israelites.


Johannes Gutenberg began building his press in 1436, and produced the first print that did not need to be hand copied. He was German, his press wooden that used the first form of movable type.

After the printing press was invented, only the rich could afford books. Though they could not read, there were those who owned books as a means of status. NO idiots you do not have any Torah's or Bibles dating back 2,500 years when the Israelites were scattered. The only thing you had until you read this was your belief based on what your daddy told you and he told you about his hearsay beliefs that were based on nothing but the blabbering of lips.

Your proof that you are a descendant of the Israelites has the same validity that Santa will slide down the chimney on Dec 25. It is the belief of a trusting child of their parents. It is a cycle of hearsay repeated over and over. The only difference in people believing they are descendants of the Israelites then believing in the tooth fairy is before they grow up, the cat is out of the bag but both parents and children who claim to be descendants of the Israelites never grow up. In spite of the facts that prove them to be deceived, they want to be something special so bad, they will fart in the face of the facts before them.


When someone is conditioned to believe a lie, most will never be deprogrammed. Those who bring the evidence of the farce are not thanked for stopping them from remaining fools, instead they lash back in out rage... put them on ignore, put your head in sand, don't confuse me with the facts.

(1) Every Israelite of the bible was a composite of Hittites, Havites, Syrians, Iraqis, Midiantes, Moabites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines, Jebusites ... Arabs and you have the physical appearance of any other European?

(2) In just 22 generations you have had 8,388,608 grand parents Ok tell us what the names of all of your grandparents was just 22 generations ( let alone 80 generations) ago.

(3)  Now give us the priceless age dated documents you have for every generation of all your ancestors back 2,500 years ago.

Other than the flapping of your own lips and the flapping lips of grandpa, what do you have other than the wind of your own blabbering lips?

You do not have any such proof at all? You don't need any proof? Of course you do not have or need any proof. Contrary to the facts that prove your farce, the brainwashed can only ignore the facts and lash out at those who present the damning evidence that prove their farce.

In the book of Ezra (about 2,500 years ago) even the Levite priest could not verify their ancestors and so they were not allowed to perform the duties of the priest. The wanna be Jews are no more descendants of the Israelites than the rest of we Europeans. We all have had thousands of grandparents and we share them with millions of others. We Europeans are all related, only some of us think they are better than the rest of us because what their ignorant / brainwashed mommy told them.

If you believe the bible is the truth, then look at these scriptural references than open your own bible and verify them. The Israelites of the bible were NOTHING other than a composite of Arabs. The Israelites were scattered into the middle east countries about 500 BC and in the prophecy it is these middle east nations the Israelites will be gathered from. Not even the actual descendants of the Israelites living in the middle east nations can track their ancestors.

When Europeans call themselves Jews, it is their assertion they are descendants of the Israelites. It is impossible for any one to track their ancestors and such assertions are but wishful thinking or blatant lies.

Don't just read this one. If you thought any one could actually 
  trace your ancestors read all 3 of these pages ... 1 2 3


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