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Forensic science

The only "Jews" that can be separated as individuals from Europeans are the sects who have been inbreeding for generations and have produced a genetic defect which causes Battens disease.
Those calling themselves Jews can not be distinguished from any other European in a line up and in fact there must be tons of
marriage and birth records which prove them to be nothing but the descendants of other Europeans.

Many members of the cult calling themselves Jews will remember this guy's face as some hero (like we have been brainwashed with the faces of presidents), so the test won't work with them. I do have gobs of pictures of unknown "Jews" in a line up with Europeans and no "white" racist nor any "Jew" can pick them out from any other Europeans

If you have been watching the news, this is no test because you know part of the answers.
If you were a "white racist", pick out those in the picture you would target as non "white".
Which of these do you say is a
descendant of non Europeans.
Which woman is a descendant of the
native people of India?
Which male claimed he was a (Jew) descendant of the native Israelites of the middle east Arabs?
Which man is actually a descendant of the middle east Arabs and does not belong in this astronaut picture?

Print this picture out and these questions. Next year when the world population has forgotten these faces, give them this quiz.
It is a snap to pick out the two men who's ancestors were not descendants of Europe and it is a snap to pick the woman who is a descendant of the natives of India.
Tell them that four of the men represent a Pollock, a German, a Jew and a Russian. Other than guess
they will not be able to tell the "Jew" from any other European, but they will be able to pick out the Arab and African descendants.
There is not only an obvious difference of appearances, there is also a physical difference. While people are basically divided in 3 "races",
forensic scientist can be given a skeleton and determine if the person was a Negro, a native north American, native Eskimo, native South American, Arab, Polynesian, Negro, Oriental, western European or a mix of those category people.
The bible Israelites came from NOTHING but a composite of Hittites, Havites, Jebusites, Midianites, Moabites, Chaldeans, Canaanites, Philistines, Egyptians ... native Arabs of the middle east.
The Europeans have a physical appearance exclusive to Europeans, different than all other native people on earth and yet those who call themselves Jews
can not be picked out of the line of any other Europeans and they do not have the physical features of the native people of the middle east.
This cult is nothing other than another racist European cult claiming they are the real descendants of the Israelites when they are nothing more than a pot luck of Germans, Russians and Pollocks.
If you print this picture out, print it on a very glossy paper. Don't ask which is the "Jew" in your first question. First ask them if they have ever seen any of these people and know who they are. If they know, there can be no test.
If they do not know, they will not be able to pick out the "Jew" from the other Europeans, but they will be able to pick out the descendant of Arabs, Africans and the natives of India.
Know those who call themselves Jews are just a bastard cult of Europeans. Simply read Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 to know their true identity.



Forensic science is used to find out what people looked like with nothing but their skeletons. When we find skulls of people thousands of years, how do we know what they actually looked like?

How do we know the reconstructions really looked like the person when they were alive? The American Technique of Skull Reconstruction was developed by Dr. Clyde Snow and Ms. Betty Pat Gatliff in the 1960's. Proof of the technique's accuracy is that Betty Pat Gatliff has a success rate of 70%  identifications made from her reconstructions.

The technique is based on over 100 years of data. This data was compiled into "Tissue Depth Measurement Charts" Scientists began obtaining tissue depth measurements by inserting a needle into the face in 21  locations. Now ultrasound is used to determine the thickness of muscle and skin.

After a front and side picture of the skull they place the tissue depth markers on the twenty-one different locations on the skull. The right depth markers are selected by  the race, sex, and approximate age. The markers are  glued on to the skull.

The next time Bart Simpson is the 5th rerun, flip the channel and watch a forensic detective show. It is while what they can tell about a person from nothing but a pile of bones. These people are some smart cookies.


 In the upper right is a skull they found, the process they went through and what they projected the guy to look like. From their reconstruction this guy was identified. If people can be identified from these reconstructions then indeed they do reveal what the persons looked like in life.

Here is an reconstruction of what the average bear looked like livening in Israel at the time of Christ.

On the left is an Anglo Saxon / European calling himself a Jew. In the center is the computer generation of anthropologist and on the right is a picture of an Arab I captured of the news.

There were no blond hair, blue eye of fair skinned people in the middle east until the invasion of the Europeans.

We know the distance people live from the equator does not change their skin color because the natives of America f( from South America to North Dakota were dark as Mexicans and some of the native Americans in Canada were as black as any Africans.

We from the bounty that when people of different races mix, some offspring's are light, some are dark and some in between. All Israelites came out of the Arab tribes ( look to the links of the Israelite family trees) and yet all these "Jews" in power blend in with the rest of the Germans and no one could tell them apart.

If they were descendants of the Arab Israelites who migrated to Europe the only way their physical features would have mutated is by breeding with the rest of the Europeans. If this were the case (1) breeding with the ?Europeans would make the descendants of all those Europeans, the descendants of the Israelites and (2) many of them would have retained the physical features of the Arabs that all Israelites came from. The family of Ann Frank  look just like all other Europeans.

We hear about "Jews" coming from all over the world to live in Israel.. Giggle, giggle, yeah the allow in people from China who are European lining there, they have people from Australia who are from Europe, people from south America.. who are from Europe, people from India who came from Europe. The next time you see one of those news clips, tell me how many Aborigine or Chinese "Jews" bobbing their heads up and down like a chicken at the head bumper wall.

In the picture above is a shot of the "Jew" government. The picture below are the "Jews" in the America.

The Israelites were scattered all over the earth right? Where are your Japanese, native American, Aborigine, India, native island and Arab Jews? How come all those "Jews" in power would blend right in the government of the racist nazis?

Gee all the Israelites of the bible came from people of Iraq, Saudi Arabia,, Canaanites, Moabites, Ammoites, Egyptians, Syrians, Jebusites, Hittites .. a whole bunch of Arabs and yet those who control that land look just like a bunch of nazi face Germans?

Imagine living in your native land where you could walk to the 1800 grave of your great grandfather where you were controlled by invaders form Europe who took your homeland by murder. Imagine being forced to pay their taxes and yet your children were not allowed to go to the same schools with their children.

Imagine a nation who cries separation between church and state while the bribed politicians of that nation make the American people bed fellows in a racist and unholy religious war against the native people of the land.

If every Israelite you can trace.. ( pick any you chose ) is out of a pot luck of Arabs, then tell me why anyone calling themselves a Christian would support a racist cult of Anglo Saxon Europeans who hate Christ and Christians?