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The Discovery channel did a forensic reconstruction of the physical appearance of the "Jews" people living in Israel.

On the left is a European calling himself a Jew. In the middle is the forensic reconstruction and on the right is a picture of an Arab I captured on TV.

Below are pictures from the cold case detective show. The skull they found had missing parts. (1) The pink is all they had to work with. (2) is a forensic scientist. (3) is a tech guy who works in parts manufacturing. He had nothing to do with forensic science, but the manufacture of mechanical parts using computer graphics and a process of layer construction.

They were afraid to use conventional means of reconstruction with this skull because of losing dna, so they put the skull in a bucket and took it to this tech department.


The actual remaining parts of the skull they had was put in a cat scan to begin. Remember big chunks of the skull was missing. The computer processed the image and then began to cut thin layers of paper. They said the paper was about like butchers paper. Hundreds of layers of paper cut by the laser were stacked on top of each other.

Image (4) is the paper reconstruction of the skull. While you have been conditioned to think of 3 races, there are many. By examining the original skull they could determine the race.

Beyond physical appearance another example of the differences in Arabs and non Arabs (we are told) that Sadam has been trying to develop a "camel disease" ... that is a disease that only affects non Arabs. The only way this could even be considered is the fact that Arabs have a different physical make up than others. Of course sets of people in all parts of the world have different physical characters than those natives of other parts of the world.

After they determine the race, they glue depth markers on the skull and then fill in a clay skin to the depth (5) then add eye balls and hair (6) 


They took pictures of the reconstruction (8) a black and white poster (9) is the actual picture of the girl in black and white and (7) was an actual color picture of the girl the skull belonged to.

(8) was the reconstruction of what the girl looked like in life and it was made from a partial broken skull.

What we learn in class today children is by watching detective shows on forensic science #1 We know there is a physical difference between multiple races beyond visual appearance #2 we can know what native people looked like from their skulls and #3 there are other physical differences in genetics to tell people apart.

By the bible we know Israelites started out with a composite of Arabs with a pinch of Africans and we know native Anglo Saxon Europeans are neither Negroes nor Arabs.

We also know breeding with Europeans did not turn any Israelites who migrated into Europeans who's descendants were mutated into Europeans.

We know when Europeans breed with non Europeans, some of their offspring's will look like Europeans, some will be a mix and some will look like non Europeans. If their offspring's look like all the rest of the Europeans, they were nothing but Europeans in the first place.

Another plane load of the millions of "Jews" just landing in Palestine to displace the native Arabs and force them on (in the future) reservations or prison camps.