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The Mutiny on the Bounty

Until many years later, I always thought the account of the Mutiny on the bounty was a fictional novel.

It was a great movie, but it is a great case for an anthropology study. Those on the ship were Anglo Saxon / Aryan Europeans and the women they took from them were Island girls... so what did their pups look like?

Descendants of the Bounty

1 Dark descendant looks like the native people of the islands.
2 Dark descendant looks like the native people
3 Light skin European (you can only see part of the back of his face)
4 Light pink skin European appearance
5 Little toe headed boy with European appearance
6 Dark kids, with the physical appearance of the native people.
7 Dark descendant looks like native people of the islands.
8 Dark kid you can see the side of his face.
9 Old man, looks like any other European old man.
10 Dark lady, like the native people of the Islands.
You can go to the web pages and see the complete pictures or find your own.

These are descendants of the crew of the Mutiny on the Bounty. All the men on the ship were "white" Europeans and all the women were native women of the Islands of dark brown people... no blond hair, no blue eyes.

This study in anthropology will produce a perfect model for the study of the dark brown/black Arab/Israelites with no blond hair or blue eyes.

11) On the morning of April 28th, 1789, twelve crewmembers staged the mutiny ( About 200 years)

12) about 22 people found their way back and it is their descendants who live on Pitcairn today.
Norfolk boasts about 1000 Bounty descendants today, about half its population

If half of it's population is 1000, then the total descendants are 2000
It appears that in about 200 years, out of the 12 men (and women) came 2000 descendants.

2000/12 = 166.67 descendants each couple average.

166.67/200 = .83335 kid increase per year, average

After seeing the descendants it hit me that this is a perfect model to study what would happen to any descendants of the Arab Israelites who migrated into Europe.

IF they would have kept to their selves, ALL of them would have retained the physical appearance of their Arab ancestors, but IF they cross bred with the Europeans
SOME of the descendants would pop out with the European appearance and SOME of the descendants would pop out with the physical appearance of the Arab ancestors.

Look at the descendants of the mix of the English and native women of the Islands. See how

Look at the old films of those claiming to be descendants of the middle east to those claiming to be descendants of the Israelites.. who lived in Europe.

Where are the dark brown Arab faces popping up IF indeed they are descendants of the Israelites?


Does a colder climate make skin color turn pink like the Europeans?

No, many tribes of North American Native people were just as dark as any Arabs.

The Lama jocks in South America have not been turned to the colors of Europeans, nor have the Eskimos... and hundreds of other people around the world.

Climate does not change skin color, hair or eye color... but breeding with outsiders does just that.

One of my pups bought me a book on the photography of native Americans. You will be able to find it at your public library I figure. ( Native American Portraits - bu Nancy Hathaway, native American portraits from 1862 to 1918 )

On page 61 is a picture of the Fox Indians, there you will see a guy with a blond mustache. The part the author left out was this guy was something other than just a Fox Indian. You can read endless accounts about the pioneers taking native Americans. Let's say the boys got off the Mayflower in 1500 and the photography of native Americans got started around 1850. That is about 350 years for the Europeans to mix with the native Americans.

How much mixing could be done in that time? Well, just look at the mixed race of Europeans and Africans and see the millions of the mixed descendants that exist today. If you look through this book (remember they had 350 years to mix at that time) take note of the skin color.

When you study a people, you want to see them in a setting where they have not mixed with outsiders. In the early development of photography we can people who mixed the least amount. Begin at the tip of South America and travel to the Eskimos to the furthers point north. Look at the earliest photographs of these people and know, that the distance from the equator has NOTHING to do with the color of a people. There were NO blond hair, no blue eye or NO fair skin people in the Americas from the extreme south to the extreme north.

People of all parts of the world had black hair and there is red hair in those native people but there was no brown or blond hair anywhere on earth except in the Europeans. When the remains of blond people were found in China, the Chinese were amazed to see such creatures. In the anthropology study of those people they found #1 a weave that was from Europe and #2 the hair their garments was made of, was made from sheep that only existed in western Europe.

Look at all the earliest photographs of people in the middle east, who lived in isolated areas (where few or no Europeans had mixed), look at the earliest photographs of those people that exists and KNOW THERE WERE NO BLOND HAIR, FAIR SKIN OR BLUE EYE NATIVE PEOPLE OF THE MIDDLE EAST, Africa, the Islands or the earth... UNTIL the Europeans came to their native lands. FAIR SKIN, BROWN HAIR, BLOND HAIR, BLUE EYES is a physical feature exclusive to the native people of Europe.

Any people in any part of the world who have these physical features are Europeans or they are a mix of Europeans. If you look at those who call themselves Jews, you will observe that you can not tell them apart from any other Europeans in a line up, but if you create a line up of ( unpolluted) natives of the middle east, those who call themselves Jews and other Europeans, you can easily pick out actual descendants of the middle east from Europeans.

IF any of these Europeans were actually descendants of the native people of the middle east, in order to lose the physical features of their ancestors as they have they would have to mixed in a ratio of (guess, find some qualified breeders of animals to get a guess-ta-matiion) hundreds of ordinary Europeans to one of them. What ever the actual average is lets take an easy number of 10.

Say some of the Israelites did make it to Europe around the time of Christ. When their children began to marry the children of the Europeans, the descendants of the Israelites would have had a European heritage and the children of the Europeans would have had an Israelite heritage. With in 500 years there would have been millions of Europeans ( Christians, Catholics, atheist and just ordinary drunks or people without religion) who were descendants of the Israelites.

They like to use the word "Jew" as some magical word that changes meanings to fit their agenda, but IF the word does not mean Israelite, it is worthless to those who hold the bible to be true. There is NO  SUCH THING AS BEING PART ISRAELITE. An Israelite is a descendant of the man Israel. You either are or you are not a descendant of the Israelite.

In order for these "Jews" to take on the physical features of the Europeans, they would have to bred a high ratio of ordinary Europeans, and when they did that they would have made all the descendants of millions of Europeans as much of a descendant of the Israelites as any of them. They who call themselves "Jews" are no more a descendant of the Israelites than any atheist, Christian, drunk or Catholic European. NO one on earth has a shred of evidence of their heritage to the Israelites and those who call themselves Jews ( making that assertion ) are only brainwashed Lemmings or liars.

In the study of the Bounty, when there was a 50 / 50 mix of Europeans and Island girls their offspring's were about a mix of descendants between European and Islanders. That means ALL of those descendants are both descendants of Europeans and descendants of Islanders. In order to wipe out all traces of their Island heredity, let's see a mix of 90% Europeans would still yield about 10% of the descendants with the physical features of the Islanders. When that was done that would mean 90% of all the Europeans they mixed with, would produce descendants of the Islanders.

I do not have any actual data and do not have the background to process it, but the picture is easy to see by those who can not paint at all. IF any of this sect ever did actually come from the middle east, the fact that they themselves look just like any other European is the fact that their mix factor makes ALL THE DESCENDANTS OF THOSE non "Jews" as much the descendants of the Israelites as any bagel eater... and then of course those calling themselves "Jews" have NOTHING but what their mommy told them as to reasons they believe they are the descendants of the Israelites.

The event of 1948 does not fit the prophecy of the Israelites (see that page). The Israelites will be gathered from all nations of the earth ( but specifically named Arab nations ). The event of 1948 took place over a period of about 150 years, after the Europeans began to make their plans to take over the land of the native people. If God scattered all over the world, If all the Israelites of the bible were of middle east descendant, how come those who now control the land look like a pot full of Europeans? 95% of all those in that land now are descendants of Europeans who have moved there beginning in the 1800s.

If any of the descendants ever did make it to Europe, by today almost all descendants of the Israelites are Christians, Catholics, atheist, drunks and people who believe but do not partake in any religion. Those calling themselves "Jews" could not be 1/1000th of the Israelite descendants and they have NOTHING to do with following the religion of the Israelites (see the pages on Judaism). These people are only Israelites in their fantasy.


The travel film I saw was in black and white.

The true anthropology study would have to take place between the time they landed on the island and at the very time the people from the outside came in contact with them again.

When they were free to leave the island again and when outsiders (Europeans) could come in and mingle with them.

When the outsiders came in with them again, there would have been a higher saturation of European genes in their pool.

The accurate study would be taken at the very time when outsiders ascended on the Island.

When I looked at the film in the 1950s, it looked like there were lots more dark members.?


One writes

As we now know there are genes passed on only from mothers to daughters and conversely by fathers to sons. It would be interesting to know if any genetic studies have carried on the Bounty bloodlines.


Sounds like the Babelsees argument to be a Jew, one must have a Jewish mother. ( The rebuttal to this is found  will be included on another page.  )

Since I got cable, I have been watching every thing I can find on the history channel, the travel channels and detective channels which use forensic science and anthropology.

One of the first arguments I was able to debunk was blond hair people found in the deserts.

One of the detective accounts blew the lid off this in a case where a woman with coal black hair came up missing and less than 20 years later (16 years if my memory is right) someone found a skeleton of a blond hair woman in a logging area.

With forensic science they had determined this woman was never buried and by examining her "blond" hair they found she was the woman with the coal black hair.

Exposure to the elements had bleached the black hair to blond.

* The daughter receives her genes through her mother? and 

* The son receives his genes through his father?

Hmmm how come I see all these day time smut talk shows and see white women who have black daughters?

How come I see white sons with black fathers?

If this theory was a fact then all mixed race black/whites would have ALL the males of the same physical features/race and ALL the girls with the same physical features/race... but this can be exposed as a farce in a flash.

NO, children do not share the same genes with the parent of the same sex. Children take part of their dna from each parent.

In another detective program a girl had came up missing, but her blood had never been tested. Later they found some blood but they could not prove it belonged to the missing girl.

To determine the blood type of the daughter, the detectives took blood samples from BOTH of her parents and determined the blood belonged to their daughter.

The case of the never found body ended in a conviction of the suspected killer.

Oh yes and gender means nothing, because parents of the opposite gender do pass genetic defects to their children of either sex..

Children receive part of their genes / dna from BOTH of their parents.


With out looking I think the European invasions began a couple hundred years B.C. If you go to areas of Arab nations out of the big cities where Europeans have little reason to go, the Arabs still retain the physical features as they did 2,500 years ago.

Assuming some of the Israelites did go to Europe, when they swung on their grape vine to Europe they all looked like the native people they ALL came from when they left the middle east.

If they did not mix with the other Europeans, they would still look like the rest of the native people of the middle east... what happened?

#1 IF these people actually were descendants of the middle east, they would take on the physical appearance of their ancestors.

#2 If they kept themselves pure, they would ALL look like Arabs (instead of looking like Europeans as they actually do)

#3 If they mixed, there would STILL be members with Arab physical features popping up like dandelions. That is contrary to the facts.

#4 IF their physical features were mutated by breeding with Europeans, then the seed of Europeans were going into them and their seed would be going into the Europeans.

In this case, the present day descendants are no more descendants of the Israelites than any of the rest of the Russians, Dutch, Germans or Pollocks.


By studying the people isolated on the Island for many generations we can see in the mix marriages of English / Europeans and native women of the islands, in every generation out comes black hair dark skin people like their ancestors from the Islands AND fair skin, blond hair descendants that appear like the rest of the Europeans.

The old films from Europe are very poor in quality. Maybe I will find some better ones.

* All the kids on the bottom are supposed to be Jews.

* Every Jew of the bible came from Arabs.

* In all the films I have ever seen of "Jews" in Europe, why don't I see the dark brown faces and coal black hair?

* If it is because "Jews" have mixed with the Arab Israelites, then about half of them would retain the physical features of their Arab ancestors and the rest would have the physical features they received from the European cross breeding.

BUT when we look at pictures of the "Jews" in Europe, there are no Arab faces. The next time you see any history films of European "Jews" compare the physical features of the "Jews" in the 1920s, 30s and 40's with the physical appearance of the Arab people.

Do you think it is because the people in Israel are near the equator and when they move to Europe, the climate changes their physical appearance?

* The Arabs who lived in the area of Israel, Syria and Iraq are no further south than the state of Georgia.. and yet (except for Africans) the people of Georgia do not mutate into dark brown complexions and black hair.

Do you think if the two brown face girls with black hair moved up into Europe and lived there for about 2000 years, they would lose their dark brown skin and black hair?


Well one of the little brown girls is an Iraqi and the other is a little Eskimo girl who is almost completely covered most of the year.

The Eskimos have lived in the Arctic circle for well over 2000 years. They were there before the Vikings set foot in Canada.

... But a hot sunny climate has nothing to do with changing people's complexion in a few thousand years. An Eskimo's body that is kept covered up, is as dark brown as their face.

See the little European kids at the bottom? These are the kind of kids Hitler, the KKK and such would want to be the stock of their superior race... Hey that is exactly what this European sect is doing now.

They have a free ticket to bring all the Russians in who will climb on the air plane.

Hitler may be dead but the racist live on, they just use God to justify their racism... except they are impostors.

The bible Jews and bible Israelites were ALL Arabs !

#1 If the "Jews" were actually descendants of the Arabs (as every Israelite was) then about half of them would have the physical features of their Arab ancestors... they do not. They are NOT the descendants of the Arab Israelites.

#2 The farce that physical features (from predominately black hair and dark brown skin) is a trait that is lost when people move from a hot climate is exposed in the fact that the native Americans living from Florida to Canada always had brown to black skin and black hair and that even the Eskimos who keep covered up and live in the Arctic, retain black hair and brown skin.

The only reason those who call themselves Jews do not have the physical appearance of the bible Jews is because they are NOT the descendants of the bible Jews.

While the Jews were only part of three tribes of the Israelites, the rest of the bible Jews were composed of NON Israelites... but all bible Jews ( Israelite or Non Israelite ) were Arabs ... Hittites, Jebusites, Moabites, Syrians, Canaanites ... and the whole list again.


At the tower of Babel those people were scatted into Europe, the Americas and around the world. Those who were scattered into Africa are the first recorded in the bible to be back in the middle east.

While no one seems to have noticed the scriptures, there were other people taken into slavery by Pharaoh. When they split from Egypt, these were the "strangers" who traveled with the Israelites. 

NUMBERS 12:1 And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

Miriam is the first racist recorded in history. Numbers 12:15, God was not buying the racist garbage of Miriam and gave her leprosy. If Moses did not plead with God she would have kept it. 

It was about 500 years from the time of Babel until the Africans were brought back into the picture and are found breeding with the Israelites. (Read about Solomon and make up your own mind).

Another cult of European racist like the pretend "Jews" is Christian Identity and the like. They tell us the Europeans were the real Israelites? Well an Israelite is a descendant of the man Israel, and all them thar Aryan Israelites have been poking those black women since the beginning of time... and when one of those black women has a child, out pops a descendant of the man Israel... thank you Mr. Aryan, you have just created another black Israelite.

Here is grandpa Jefferson ( hmmm any relation to George Jefferson Hee hee) Well they traced his dna to a lot of black people. In the upper right is one of his letters about the affair.

Understand what is going on in the group shot. The descendants in the group shot are the descendants of both  Jeffy's wife and his bed maker. Of course all the descendants of he and his wife would be white. There were two women, so throw out half of the white people. What is left is the amount of blacks and whites from the mixed union of a European and a black woman.

What you must note is that the union of two people of different physical appearance does not create all European looking people. There is a mix of both, so how come half of all those people calling themselves Jews do not look like the original native people of the middle east?

To the bottom right is one of Jefferson's descendants. What is wrong with her, don't she know she is supposed to look like a European?

That is what these pretend "Jews" think the world is stupid enough to believe. They are descendants of the native people of the middle east and when they got into Europe they all fell into a bucket of paint and came out looking like all the rest of the Europeans. 


How many of those who call themselves Jews are Anglo Saxon / Aryans who were scattered out of the middle east from the tower of Babel Before the first Israelite was ever born.

That we do not know, but we do know the specific nations God said he would gather them from and they are only the Arab nations.

If you have already read the pages on the family trees of the Israelites, you know every Israelite was a composite of Syrians, Hittites, Iraqis, Canaanites, Egyptians, Saudis, Moabites... a whole bunch of Arabs. If you have not yet read these pages, suspect me to be a liar until you read them and make your mind up by the scriptures I provide.

IF YOU GET THE HISTORY CHANNEL ... If you have / when you have seen these scriptures in your own bibles that prove every Israelite to be a composite of Arabs, watch the History channel and look at all of those "Jews" in the films about WW2. Look at the faces of those "Jews" and explain to yourself why they do not look like Arabs ( which all Israelites came from ), but why do European "Jews" all look just like all other Europeans instead of the Arabs all Israelites came from? .. IF they are indeed the descendants of the Israelites ?