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As for some families of "American Jews" this could only be conceived by the super silly or super stupid. This study will take a look at Elise Island and the migration of Europeans in New York and New Jersey.
Of course we can not trace all the illegitimate bastards conceived out of wedlock but we can search the marriage records of this European migration.

We have some records of people's irrigation in America over the last couple hundred years. These patterns can be examined and projected to Europe where no such records existed in the first 1700 years AD.
We can look at the poverty and follow the criminal Italian, "Jewish", Irish, European mobs, we can look at the organized prostitution, the multitude of mixed marriages and see how all nationalities and religions of Europe melted together in a big pot luck of people... that are now known as the American people.
We always hear about the Italian mobs in New York but there were also organized crime in "Jewish" Immigrants. One of the history programs revealed how the "Jews" were involved in prostitution with the Italians.

As this multitude of smorgasbord Europeans melted together, they began to expand west to Ohio, Kentucky ... California.
The physical locations where their descendants has no importance, those millions of descendants scattered across America will always carry the heritage of their grandparents of Polish, Spanish, Germans, "Jews", Russians, English...
The religions they have mutated to does not change their heredity of European mush.
Are you a descendant of "Jews", Russians, Germans, French, Polish ... you nor anyone else will ever know. Those who trace their family lines can only find evidence for a couple hundred years and this evidence requires a leap of faith.


Just like those who call themselves "Jews", on the other side of the fence are those proud that they are of some nationality. This sect would feel great shame to be "Jewish"

When I was a kid I had a friend who's family claimed to be Italian.
They (the parents) were really proud to be Italians and of course most Italians were Catholics in the 60's.
I remember some of their conversations about how the Jews did this and that... how the Jews had Christ nailed to the cross.
It was kind of a fad for people to have their family trees plotted out. It wasn't free, it cost them some bucks. There was some great excitement and expectations when they were having their family tree done.

I never noticed at the time but they dropped the subject about their family tree. I can't remember how long it took me to ask, but when I finally asked my friend what happened with the family tree search.
He told me not to ever mention it to anyone after he revealed that the little ITALIAN family had "Jewish" ancestors. ( They were also German and a blend of a bunch of other European extraction.)

They are no different than any of the rest of us. If being cross bred with a Jew any time in our family history makes us Jews, then we (the overwhelming majority of the well traveled parts of the world) are all Jews.

Begin with your bible. In the beginning there was the descendants of Abraham. Isaac was a Canaanite who married a Syrian and his grand children married Iraqis, Cannanites, Syrians, Philistines and Egyptians... such are the race / nationalities of the Israelites and their wives.

The idea that some unique clan of Israelite descendants exist from the stock of European descendants is an idea that could only be considered by those ignorant of the bible or those who are pushing a lie.


To make it simple, lets say your grand parents and sets of grandparents were born in the same year and every generation has averaged 20 years.
In 1900 Zelda was born
His parents Abe Adkins & Betty Boop, born in 1880
Abe came from Chucky Cheese and Deloris Duck
Betty came from Ed Edwards and Fran Flyer
In his very first generation of grand parents, Zelda is a descendant of 4 different families. You too are from four DIFFERENT families just at the time of your first set of grandparents.
All 4 of those grand parents were alive in the first generation of grandparents.
In the 2nd generation of grandparents Zelda had 8 sets of grandparents alive in that generation. Of course all those grand parents had 2 parents themselves ( from different families ) So Zelda was the product of 16 different families.
In the year 1500 you had hundreds of grandparents all alive in that same generation. Most likely these grandparents never knew any of the other grandparents and could never know that in the future they would share a grand child.
Every living person is from thousands of different families. The idea that anyone can trace one family line and know who they are is laughable.
2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 ... Eleven generations ago you had 2,048 grand parents alive on this earth. You are the product of every one of those families. Give the family names of all 2,048 of your grandparents who lived in the eleventh generation of your ancestors, tell me where they lived, tell me what religion they followed.
The idea that anyone can trace just one of their hundreds of families for 2,500 years is either idiotic or a blatant lie.


Once upon a time there was an elite group. They all knew they were God's special chosen people because they all examined themselves and found they all had the same special brown birth mark.
The special chosen group were hated by the rest of the world because they worked to take the money of the inferior stepping stones and boasted how they were better than every one else.
One day one of the inferior people turned his back to the mirror and saw that he too had the same birth mark of the chosen.
What is this symbolic birth mark of those who think they are God's special chosen people? It is their claim that they are a descendent of Israel / Jacob.
The modern "Jews" brown badge of honor is their butt holes they stick in the face of the world. ... Oh, look at us see how we are better than you.... our pain is greater, we are funnier, we have more talent, we suffer more than you and the only reason why God put the rest of you here on earth is to be out servants.

Unless their butt holes are square, they are no different than anyone else.


The whole "Jewish" caper must be the biggest joke of all times and if it were not for the horrors committed by the greedy mixed breed Europeans ("Jews") it might be funny.
Simply look at the physical features of the Arab Israelites of the bible, look at the archeology, the paintings, the drawings, the physical remains in anthropology... compare the fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes with the actual Israelites of the bible and see the stupid little mongrels who think themselves to be Israelites.


a) A Chinese marries a Russian
b) A Mexican marries an African
c) The child of the couple (a) marries The child of couple (b)
d) Couple (c) has their own child, what is this child?
If the child calls himself a Chinese, a Russian, a Mexican or an African, his statement is false.

If anyone is trying to prove what they are, they must list every nationality, family and race they have ever been mixed with.
This child is not any of single family line or nationality, he is a composite of every race and nationality he came from.
While we can't help our heritage, we can help ourselves from being pompous liars by claiming we are some specific people.


On top and on bottom we have two different groups. One is from the middle east. the other can be tracked to Europeans. The Europeans claim to be descendants of the natives of the middle east.

Which group is from the middle east. Can you see any different in the colors of the faces?

If you breed a great collie and a bulldog together, are the offspring's collies or bulldogs or are they mongrels?
If through the years, a bull dog is mixed with a great Dane, this pup is mixed with a collie which is mixed with a poodle, with is mixed with a mutt from the pound.... The present offspring is a 6" tall  pup with long hair, and announces that he is a great Dane, what can you do but laugh?


Poor little "Jewish" victims of the Evil Nazis

Reinhard Heydrich History Channel 1,9,2002

Here is another of our little "Jewish" victims. Heydrich was considered to be the next nazi officer to step into Hitler's place when the time came. Of course being "Jewish" did not bother the nazis when it fit their purpose. Hitler arranged things. The old girl friend of Hitler who ran the opera also had a homosexual Jew in her troop that Hitler was aware of.

Those calling themselves Jews are no different than the rest of the nazis they say nothing about their own filth. Of all of the nazi Jews, I guess Adolph Eichman is the most well known.  In the upper right our little nazi Jew speaks to the German people. Lower right Jew Heydrich poses with his little family.

The lower left is the car he was murdered in. The upper right he was striking a pose for a camera I guess. After he was murdered, a death mask was made for him and if you are lucky you will be able to find a nazi postage stamp in which this great Jew nazi was honored by the rest of the nazis... 

You see, you never know who your relatives are. Well that is not true, this European knows all about their nazi relatives. It just serves their agenda to conceal these facts.