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Family trees

You have 2 parents and both of them have 2 parents ( or you have 4 grand parents) 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 ...

As you go back through history it would appear there were more people on earth at the time of Noah than today?

If each of the blocks represents 2 sets of grandparents, you will see your grandparents (blue) keep getting larger and larger, until the line in green, then they become less and less until only Noah and wife are reached.

The row at it's widest point here keeps adding 2 more to it's width for every new generation.

A generation is the time it takes a person to be born and regenerate or produce their own child... let's say 25 years

Let's say a kid is born in the year 2,000 and they are going to track their grandparents back 9 generations. 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 grand parents.

25 year generation x 9 generations = 225 years

The year 2,000 - 225 years = 1775

In the year 1775, you did not just have one set of grand parents but you had 1,024 grand parents. To know who you came from you would not need to be able to track one set of grandparents, but you would have to be able to track ALL OF THEM ! How many of these "Jews" and Hitler are from the same family ?

Now we have those who think they are "Jews" who assert they can track their ancestors (not for a mere 225 years but ) for 2,500 years? Give me a break Jethro, they are not that stupid... No, they are not stupid, they have just been brainwashed.

Now the next little problem they have is those grand parents are not just their grand parents, but they share them with millions of other Europeans... so explain how they are any more "Jewish" than any other European?

Have them produce an age dated document back for just 225 years, in which they can prove the identity of all 1,024 of their great grandparents.

If anyone had an actual document that was just 200 years old, it would be worth gobs of money. If anyone had a document that was 2000 years old, it would be worth millions... and to hear this brainwashed cult, you would think they all had actual evidence of their heritage for 2,500 years.

Ok Mr. "Jew" begin with producing your age dated documents for the last 225 years, let's see if we should send you a bagel or a wiener.

As we look through Europe and see the marriage records of "Jews" and other Europeans... As we hear them talk about how they married a non "Jew" Dutch, German, Russian, Pollock spouse, begin to consider the ramifications of these unions.

Oh, looky here an evil nazi officer and he just happens to be a Jew?